The Kirk Legacy 3.4

Okay ūüôā I’m back after a small break. I was just really busy with work and the past few weekends. Made me super tired and I spent a lot of free time napping haha. But, this is my relaxing weekend and i’m getting as much simming done as possible! I started out with getting this chapter out since I”ve favorite this project for the past few months over my two other ones.

Plus, I need to do some hardcore plot planning to the point where it will make sense haha. I know what I want to happen, just can’t figure out the transitions scenes into it. But, just to let you guys know this might be the last chapter for awhile since I’m going to focus on my rainbowcy after this because it needs much needed love. Hope you don’t mind! ‘

Oh, and in regards to the Kirk legacy family, turns out Leon has a girlfriend now! (Thank you Nraa mod lol). Her name is Sofia Carlton from Twinbrook, and I have a hunch that she might be pregnant haha. I updated the family tree by adding her name, still have to get a picture. Other than that, I think we’re good to go.

This chapter is pretty much dialogue, just a heads up and also……

NOTE: PROFANITY MAY BE USED. Please be advised. (most likely) 





Diary Entry #18:

When our plan finally touched down in Bridgeport it was still another three hour drive until we reached Twinbrook.¬†Unfortunately, now that its the start of winter here in Simerica, it took even longer since we had to be extra careful on the snowy covered, country roads. We first dropped off¬†An, at his student housing apartment and helped him get his things in. Then it was off to my parents-err my house to get covered in hugs and kisses from my parents. As much as I disagreed with my dad, I did miss him. Hate to admit it, but I am daddy’s little girl. I just couldn’t wait to tell him everything and my mom too. Even though I was dead tired, I was still giddy with all the experiences I have to ¬†share.¬†

We walked into the house and shut the door, it was quiet and lightly lit. Parents must be sleeping I thought, so then I can talk to them tomorrow. Cale was unimpressed and went straight to bed. I looked around and was taking in the scent of being home. I forgot how much I did miss it, but yet I loved being away too. That’s when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I turned to see if Cale forgot something, but instead it was my dad staring at me with surprise.¬†

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-36

“Dad! What are you doing up?” I smiled and ran up to him, pulling it in for a hug

“Haha well you’re mother is a light sleeper and woke me up because she heard doors shutting. I had to check it out, being the man of the house you know.” He chuckled

¬†“Haha you do too much dad. I missed you guys so much. Its been too long.”

“Me and your mom missed you too. Its a little too quiet around here with just us. Oh, and Mimi missed you too. She’s a little too sassy for us to handle. She needs her mom.”

“Oh my gosh, Mimi! I bet she’s so big now!” I smiled big

That’s when I saw a red tail flip around out of the corner of my eyes.¬†

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-42

That’s when I looked down to see my now, adult cat twirl her tail around with all of her sass. Dad was not kidding haha, she’s still as stubborn and sassy as ever. That’s why we’re perfect for each other, and probably why Cale picked her out for me. I missed her too. I could of used her company when Cale was being a huge dick. She would of understood.¬†

“And how’s my little Mimi. Did you miss your momma? Mommy sure missed you. If only I could you with me.” I petted her softly

She jumped into my arms and practically demanded I carry her around everywhere. Such a diva, but that’s why I love her. ¬†That’s when my mom came down the stairs to see why all the lights were on and what the commotion was all about.¬†

Screenshot-44 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-48

“Oh honey I’m so glad you’re finally home! I missed you so much!” my mom ran down the stairs and gave me a big hug

“Haha I missed you too mom. I hope dad didn’t drive you too crazy.” I laughed

“Oh stop, you know me and you’re dad don’t drive each other crazy! We spent a lot of quality time with each other and visited your siblings you seem to have forgotten about. Oh, by the way your brother has a girlfriend! She’s just his type and I think she might be pregnant, how exciting is that? You might be an aunt already! Oh, and you’re aunt Delia finally married her long time boyfriend. Lots has been going on with you gone.”

“Haha wow, surprised Leon found himself a girl. I was convinced he looked too douchey.”

“Hey, don’ t say that about your brother. Be nice Ashlynn.” She shook her finger

“You’re only saying that because he’s your only son haha, you’re baby.” I teased

“Well go sit with your dad and catch up while I make coffee for us.”

Leon having a girlfriend and potential child? Sad to say, but that’s scary to think about. But, hopefully this puts him on the right track. He really is a sweet guy, but like I said comes off douchey and girls don’t like that haha. Hope his girlfriend treats him right too, he deserves that. It was good to hear about the family after being away so long, and I could tell my dad was happy to have me back and couldn’t wait to discuss all that happened. He was already sitting on his “throne of knowledge”, or the sofa. That’s where he thought was a good time to pound some kind of ideology into you. Only our dad I swear.¬†

“So what are you going do for the rest of the time you’re going to be home now?” my dad asked

At first I didn’t say anything because I was really sure how to start or even answer his question. I sat and pondered for bit but then he broke in again.

“Not trying to put you on the spot, or give you the idea that there is one right answer. Its just now that you’ve experienced something that big, how has that shaped what you want to do in life or for the time being?”

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52

“Ohhhh! I see. Well, I definitely want to go back as soon as possible. I learned a lot about the people that live there, their traditions and lifestyles. Also, our guide, his name is An Li who is from the country and from the same area told us of the political issues that the people are facing and what could potentially happen. Those people need outside help and someone to give them a voice. I want to be that person. You have no idea how much they appreciated us coming to help them. I taught them better and healthier cooking and gardening methods, and the boys helped them with the heavy labor. They were so grateful I could see it in their eyes. Right now, big political schemers are moving in and going to turn the area into white collar society. Something that will hurt these people greatly, and drive them out of their home. Its not right dad.” I explained

“Sounds like you did learn a lot while being over there. I’m very impressed. I wasn’t sure how serious you two would take this trip but I’m glad grandma’s money went to good fortune. She would be proud of you.” he smiled

 Screenshot-53 Screenshot-55

“Well experiencing all of this kinda reminds me of you dad. Reminds me of how you were relentless in helping out mom with her situation regardless of the outcome or what did happen to you. I mean, you took bullets for mom and were in a coma. You did all of that for one person you loved. Not many men can say they did that. That’s how I feel. I have to do this no matter what it takes or happens. Knowing that I made a difference for someone or paved the road towards a change is what matters.”

“You’re going to make you’re old man blush jeez haha. But, thank you sweetie. I’m glad that I did something right as a parent, though I’m not the most graceful one. It makes me happy knowing I passed down something valuable to you. This makes me feel much better about everything. The unknown is finally out of the clear, and I have to say I fully support what you want to do. If you need to keep going back, again and again you do so. Me and your mom will support you. “

“Awe thanks daddy, that means a lot.” I smiled, feeling my eyes starting to tear up

It was the best news any daughter could hear, her dad supporting her on her choices. He doesn’t give himself enough credit sometimes, but he really is a great dad and husband. I can only hope I find the same in a man when that time comes for me. This was the type of homecoming I was hoping for.¬†

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-58

Diary Entry #19:

The next few weeks Cale and I have slowly been settling into our lives we once lived before we went on our trip. It was hard to adjust at first, but we managed. It was just hard because my parents both worked full time and me and Cale just lugged around the house. Shifting cultures is harder than you think. Us, who live in Simerica don’t seem to appreciate good ole’ family time ¬†or put forth a lot of effort like ¬†the people I met of Simchina. Really makes you wonder how that came to be. Guess we’re just naturally lazier and too in-tuned with technology.

But, ¬†I talked to my dad about going back again and ways of how we could fund another trip. We’re going through the university again, but it still costs money to go. My dad said he’s help out as much as possible and so would mom. He gave us the “okay” to go again and be gone for another year. I figured they would want me to stay home for awhile before jet-setting again so quick. I couldn’t wait to tell Cale the good news!¬†

“Cale I have great news!” I cheered

“Oh yeah, and what’s that Ms. Excitable?” he teased

¬†“Soooo I was talking with my dad about planning another trip through the university since we loved the work we did there so much, and I want to go back as soon as possible and he told me he would help fund us, and he doesn’t care how soon we leave again! Isn’t that great news? He’s finally on our side. Though, he did say he’d prefer us to stay home longer, but its not a big issue.”

Screenshot-59 Screenshot-60 Screenshot-61

“He really said that huh?”

“Yes! Aren’t you excited!?” I smiled big

This is where I should’ve known something was wrong, but I was too naive once again. What was about to happen next wasn’t what I was expecting by any means. Far from what I thought his answer would by. He first just stood there staring at me, taking in the words I just said. I was a little concerned, but I figured he was just taking in everything.¬†

“I mean, that’s great and all but I was kinda enjoying our time being at home again. I sure did miss my own bed and own surroundings. That’s definitely great that your dad is in full support, don’t get me wrong, its just I don’t know how much I want to go back right away. I kinda just want to stay here and see how things go. I was more homesick than expected when I was there. Plus, being away from home seemed to be very stressful for our relationship. I want us to be the way we were before we left. I miss the Ashlynn I knew.” he paused ¬†and waited for me to answer

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66

This is where it all went downhill from there. I was very confused. What did he mean by the Ashlynn he used to know? I’m still the same woman he has met, been with and left with? Now, he doesn’t want to go back? Was this his idea from the beginning? Now, he’s going back on his word? I couldn’t help but frown right in front of him. I was so disappointed. ¬†I’m the same fucking person. He is acting delusional. I tried to stay cool and collected, but I could feel myself starting to unleash.¬†

“I’m a little confused…isn’t this what you wanted? I mean you’re the one that brought this idea to me in the first place and convinced me of going along with you? Now you’re changing your mind? That doesn’t make sense Cale.”

Screenshot-67 Screenshot-68 Screenshot-70

“What? No, Ashlynn I’m not changing my mind, I’m just holding off for a bit. Plus, you didn’t ask me if I wanted to go back anyway, so its natural you should be confused. Its okay.”

“No, it sounds like you’re changing your mind and making excuses. ¬†I wan an explanation. I don’t understand.”I gritted through my teeth

“I just want me and you to enjoy being home finally, and not have any strains on our relationship. I didn’t like all the arguments we had and I miss loving you effortlessly. While we were there, I felt like I had to compete for your love and attention. I think it took away from the experience for me. I just want to hunker down at home for now. Maybe get a job or take some classes and see how that goes first before deciding whether to go back. You know?” he said so coolly

I couldn’t help but scrunch up my face in disgust. It all sounded like lies and excuses, and how selfish of him!? Only caring about how he feels. What about those people we were helping, the whole goal of the mission? That mission was for him to profess his love for me the whole time. I might sound heartless, but it isn’t all about you Cale. One of ¬†his biggest problems. Such a hypocrite. I couldn’t believe the filth I was hearing come out of his mouth.¬†

“Well maybe I should just invite An with again the since I know he would want to and isn’t concerned with his own problems. Unlike some people, he cares about what other people are going through. Not about himself.”

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-76

I know I probably shouldn’t of said that. It was wrong, but it was what I was thinking and Cale deserved to ¬†know the truth. Even if it let the bad parts of us come out in the end and started a whole new intense argument. It was something that needed to be resolved if we wanted to move forward. We both had things we needed to get off of our chests.¬†

“Excuse me? Of course you’d bring him up. An this, and An that. Christ Ashlynn what are ¬†you in love with him too?! he complained


“I shouldn’t of let you two get so close I guess. Since he’s you’re new area of focus. Why don’t you call him so you two can have a good ole’ time together.”

Did I just hear him say the word let? Hell no. He does NOT own me and I can be friends with whoever the HELL I WANT TO. If ¬†I didn’t think twice before I spoke my hand would be slapping him across the face right then and there.¬†

“LET me? Excuse me? You do NOT let me do anything. You don’t own me and I can be friends with whoever I want to be. Don’t flatter yourself ¬†Cale. You aren’t ¬†the boss of me and stop being a jealous pig. Get over yourself.” I argued

“It wouldn’t be such a problem if he was a woman! But, he’s a guy! Women and men cannot be friends unless there is sexual attraction so damn right I’m jealous and I have right to be.” he spat

“I don’t know what your fucking problem is with me and other guys but it needs to stop. I like meeting new people and making new friends and some of them might, oh shocker, be male. Cale get a fucking grip.”

Screenshot-78 Screenshot-79 Screenshot-81

“So what you’re just going to leave me in the dust?! Thanks a lot Ash, I really feel the fucking love. Some girlfriend you are.”

After his last few remarks, that’s when I found my resolve and snapped and did a complete 360. I couldn’t take this anymore. This isn’t us anymore. This is the complete opposite of what we were and staying at home wouldn’t fix it. There were too many underlying issues that we need to deal with. I didn’t want this to happen, but it was only a matter of time. Better now, then later.¬†

“Yeah? Well if that’s how you feel, you can just leave. Just leave for good Cale. Obviously ¬†I’m not your dream girl and you can’t handle the way I am. I need someone who can and that’s not you. So just leave and be thankful for all me and my family had done for you. Just. Fucking. Leave.” I let out a big sigh, feeling myself draining from this argument

After I told him, he paused and I just stared at him, waiting for a reaction. That’s when he cowered in shock that I said that to him. I guess he had a fairy-tail ending for us, and it just shattered. I really didn’t care anymore. I felt immense relief and just wanted to slouch my shoulders for once. I haven’t felt this way since before we left for our trip. Being with him was exhausting and more like a job. It felt good to let go of him.¬†


Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3

His face quickly turned into scared and surprised into good riddance. I really didn’t care. I just wanted him to get his shit and leave. Didn’t care where he went or what happened to him. I was done for good. He said some things like “your loss” and “fine”, but whatever. He had to go, and I had to call An and tell him the good news instead.¬†

“Hello, yes An? This is Ashlynn I was wondering ¬†that if you have time you could come over to my house? I can email you the address. I need to talk about taking another trip through the university and I wanted you to come with me again since we had such a great time…….Tomorrow? That sounds great! Thank you so much!”

Screenshot-84 Screenshot-85

Diary Entry #20:

The next day, An came over mid-morning so we could talk. To be honest I slept great, and felt like a new person the next morning. Its been a long time since I slept alone, and I enjoyed every hour of it. No strings and no attachments for once. It was good to be single and feel free. Should of done that a long time ago. 

“I’m so glad you came over! and through the snow ha.” I chuckled

“It was not a problem. Something seemed kinda wrong and I felt a sense of urgency in your voice over the phone.” He replied, his eyes full of worry

Oh great. Try hiding your feelings as best Ash. Don’t need to explain the whole ordeal to him.¬†

Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6

“Well, the thing is I did some talking with my parents about my experience and thoughts from the journey and my dad is now in full support of what I’m doing. This made me so happy that I already want to go back as soon as possible. My dad said that as long as i do it through the university, he’d help with part of the funding and its something I feel that I need to do and I know I told you that. I don’t care how long it takes, I just need to be there to make a difference.”

“Oh really? I’m glad you feel so strongly about it. In past times, the people couldn’t bare or handle it. Happy to see its sparked interest in you.”


“Now, I’m not sure how soon we can go again, but I’ll try as soon as possible. As I mentioned when we left, things were heating up in the area between current government and rebels. The university usually doesn’t want to put students in harm’s way due to liabilities, but I will try I promise. Otherwise…we could always just go by ourselves without a sponsor, though that’s very risky and expensive.” he explained

That’s when I noticed his eyes went from hopeful to almost devious looking when he mentioned just going and the risk involved. Made it seem like he almost wanted to just go, but he knew that it wasn’t a good idea, and liked that. Definitely a different side of An I’ve seen or sensed from before.¬†

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-9

“Now, will you please tell me what’s wrong. I can see it in your eyes and sense it with your body language.”

“What? Nooo ¬†there’s nothing wrong An. I’m perfectly fine. Everything is great since coming home.” I exaggerated

Guess there’s no fooling him. Oh well, better he know now then later right?¬†

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-14

“Ashylnn, ¬†please just tell me. I don’t want to pry, but I consider you my friend and if something is wrong I want to know and try to fix it.” he softly pleaded

“Ehh alright. Nothing gets past you does it? Too people smart for you’re own good.” I playfully complained

“I guess, then again I don’t think women are good at hiding their feelings.”

“Good point. Wellllll, here’s the deal. Cale ¬†and I broke up last night. We are no longer involved and he will not be accompanying me on anything. I am done with him and his foolish way of thinking. He had too many underlying issues that he needed to work out before he could be fully committed to me. I’m not sad about it, I just know that it might change things and I don’t know if I’m ready for those changes yet. My mind says I’m ready, but I’m not sure how I will feel a week from now so I’m letting you know because mood swings might happen and it is not your fault.”

An Li provided by simnights from tumblr.

Alright, that’s it ūüôā I hope you enjoyed this update. I hope it was surprising or expected, either way I’m happy to get it out! I think now I can finally dive into the plotty part of this legacy. I just hope it goes as smooth as I want it to. Like I said, I have to plan out the rest of these chapters and figure out how I want things to go. Until then, hope you post soon!


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