Update #2

Hey guys 🙂 I thought I would let everyone know that I am doing extremely well. My surgical healing is going better than expected, but still a long recovery. About three weeks ago I got rid of the machine I was attached to for healing my wound, and since been backing it with gauze and tape. Its truly amazing to see the healing process, the wound is closer to being fully healed, but another few weeks I imagine.

I returned back to school about two weeks ago, so been very busy catching up on the month and half I missed, but I seem to find plenty of time to sim still? Haha I’m finding it hard to get into college mode now. But, I’m confident I can pass this semester like I wanted to. Will just be very busy.

I also am supposed to start chemo this coming week. Good thing is I won’t have to lose my hair this time. Seems like a small victory in my eyes. But, my chemo will be spread out among 6 months roughly. I wanted to let you know that an update for this legacy is coming soon! I just wrote the next chapter for it and plan on (hopefully) writing two more chapters of it so I can just play and write then.

Thank you for the support 🙂 Greatly appreciated.


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