All downloads will be uploaded as .sim files from now on. I noticed that this method is preferred and am happy to change the file type. They were previously uploaded as sims3pack files (which the ones on the ts3 site still are) . I will try to upload to the sims 3 website (when my sims 3 launcher allows it) but all files will be uploaded to Here I’m going to link the download, but if you want the sims 3 website, let me know and I’ll try to upload the sims.  Most sims will contain at least one item of Custom Content since I have eye and skin defaults. I will link those. If you have a questions about where to find CC just ask, I will try my best to remember and link you to the right place. Or you can refer to my tumblr, for a list of CC used under the downloads tab.

Terms of Use:  I have decided to become more laid back about this. I realized that I was sounding a little unrealistic. Basically all I want is credit where it is needed. If you use a sim I have created, please just give proper credit. I really don’t care what else you do. Please and thank you. It would be greatly appreciated. 

If you have any other questions, please just ask. I will try my best to answer. Also, if there is a sim you want that isn’t listed, you can request one. I will put legacy family members and other characters up for download, as well as any pets.

Defaults I use:

Aikea Guinea Default Replacement Skintones (Barbie Versions, bodies, child-toddler, and faces) found at Club Crimsyn HERE

Freckled Madness: Papercat by Miss Skitty HERE

Spectator: An Escand Eye Edit by Simtzu HERE    (Decided to get new ones, but if you liked the old ones you can still download them there)

Converted Coholics V2 Eyes of Shady by Moonskin93 found HERE

Sliders I Use:

Pointed Ears by CmarNYC at modthesims HERE

Generation 1

Bethany Kirk v.2 (ts3 site)

Bethany Kirk v.3 (ts3 site // )

Adan Shallow (ts3 site //

Delia Shallow (

Joshua Shallow (

Taryn Shallow ( site)

Generation Two

David Hertz ( site)

Daniel Sanford ( site)

Nadine Sanford ( (you will need the freckled skin listed above)

Robert (Robbie) Sanford ( site)

Leon Shallow (

Ashlynn Shallow ( (you will need the freckled skin listed above)

Violet Shallow ( // ts3 site) (need freckled skin listed above)

Jade Shallow (

Generation Three

Cale Gaffney (


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