I also post another legacy on wordpress, its a Rainbowcy. A rainbowcy is is when you take “berry sims”, or brightly, colored sims of the rainbow (yellow, orange, purple, etc) and you have a regular legacy with them. They mate with other berry sims as well. You also give them berry names or delicious names if you will that are associated with the color they are. It usually goes 10 generations, each generation being a new color. So if I start with a white berry sims, as many do, then the next color will be purple. That’s who they’ll mate with and have mixed children if you will. (not in a derogatory way of any means)

Mine is the Moscato Legacy, which is relatively new since my last rainbowcy couldn’t be saved due to computer issues. I love making berry sims and writing about them. Its a fun change from the regular sims. My foundress is Meringue Moscato. She is a yellow berry sim. I randomize the order of colors, and that’s what I rolled. I’m keeping the next color a secret to make it more fun 🙂 I just have the introduction published, but an update is on its way!



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