The Kirk Legacy 3.4

Okay 🙂 I’m back after a small break. I was just really busy with work and the past few weekends. Made me super tired and I spent a lot of free time napping haha. But, this is my relaxing weekend and i’m getting as much simming done as possible! I started out with getting this chapter out since I”ve favorite this project for the past few months over my two other ones.

Plus, I need to do some hardcore plot planning to the point where it will make sense haha. I know what I want to happen, just can’t figure out the transitions scenes into it. But, just to let you guys know this might be the last chapter for awhile since I’m going to focus on my rainbowcy after this because it needs much needed love. Hope you don’t mind! ‘

Oh, and in regards to the Kirk legacy family, turns out Leon has a girlfriend now! (Thank you Nraa mod lol). Her name is Sofia Carlton from Twinbrook, and I have a hunch that she might be pregnant haha. I updated the family tree by adding her name, still have to get a picture. Other than that, I think we’re good to go.

This chapter is pretty much dialogue, just a heads up and also……

NOTE: PROFANITY MAY BE USED. Please be advised. (most likely) 





Diary Entry #18:

When our plan finally touched down in Bridgeport it was still another three hour drive until we reached Twinbrook. Unfortunately, now that its the start of winter here in Simerica, it took even longer since we had to be extra careful on the snowy covered, country roads. We first dropped off An, at his student housing apartment and helped him get his things in. Then it was off to my parents-err my house to get covered in hugs and kisses from my parents. As much as I disagreed with my dad, I did miss him. Hate to admit it, but I am daddy’s little girl. I just couldn’t wait to tell him everything and my mom too. Even though I was dead tired, I was still giddy with all the experiences I have to  share. 

We walked into the house and shut the door, it was quiet and lightly lit. Parents must be sleeping I thought, so then I can talk to them tomorrow. Cale was unimpressed and went straight to bed. I looked around and was taking in the scent of being home. I forgot how much I did miss it, but yet I loved being away too. That’s when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I turned to see if Cale forgot something, but instead it was my dad staring at me with surprise. 

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-36

“Dad! What are you doing up?” I smiled and ran up to him, pulling it in for a hug

“Haha well you’re mother is a light sleeper and woke me up because she heard doors shutting. I had to check it out, being the man of the house you know.” He chuckled

 “Haha you do too much dad. I missed you guys so much. Its been too long.”

“Me and your mom missed you too. Its a little too quiet around here with just us. Oh, and Mimi missed you too. She’s a little too sassy for us to handle. She needs her mom.”

“Oh my gosh, Mimi! I bet she’s so big now!” I smiled big

That’s when I saw a red tail flip around out of the corner of my eyes. 

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-40 Screenshot-42

That’s when I looked down to see my now, adult cat twirl her tail around with all of her sass. Dad was not kidding haha, she’s still as stubborn and sassy as ever. That’s why we’re perfect for each other, and probably why Cale picked her out for me. I missed her too. I could of used her company when Cale was being a huge dick. She would of understood. 

“And how’s my little Mimi. Did you miss your momma? Mommy sure missed you. If only I could you with me.” I petted her softly

She jumped into my arms and practically demanded I carry her around everywhere. Such a diva, but that’s why I love her.  That’s when my mom came down the stairs to see why all the lights were on and what the commotion was all about. 

Screenshot-44 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-48

“Oh honey I’m so glad you’re finally home! I missed you so much!” my mom ran down the stairs and gave me a big hug

“Haha I missed you too mom. I hope dad didn’t drive you too crazy.” I laughed

“Oh stop, you know me and you’re dad don’t drive each other crazy! We spent a lot of quality time with each other and visited your siblings you seem to have forgotten about. Oh, by the way your brother has a girlfriend! She’s just his type and I think she might be pregnant, how exciting is that? You might be an aunt already! Oh, and you’re aunt Delia finally married her long time boyfriend. Lots has been going on with you gone.”

“Haha wow, surprised Leon found himself a girl. I was convinced he looked too douchey.”

“Hey, don’ t say that about your brother. Be nice Ashlynn.” She shook her finger

“You’re only saying that because he’s your only son haha, you’re baby.” I teased

“Well go sit with your dad and catch up while I make coffee for us.”

Leon having a girlfriend and potential child? Sad to say, but that’s scary to think about. But, hopefully this puts him on the right track. He really is a sweet guy, but like I said comes off douchey and girls don’t like that haha. Hope his girlfriend treats him right too, he deserves that. It was good to hear about the family after being away so long, and I could tell my dad was happy to have me back and couldn’t wait to discuss all that happened. He was already sitting on his “throne of knowledge”, or the sofa. That’s where he thought was a good time to pound some kind of ideology into you. Only our dad I swear. 

“So what are you going do for the rest of the time you’re going to be home now?” my dad asked

At first I didn’t say anything because I was really sure how to start or even answer his question. I sat and pondered for bit but then he broke in again.

“Not trying to put you on the spot, or give you the idea that there is one right answer. Its just now that you’ve experienced something that big, how has that shaped what you want to do in life or for the time being?”

Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52

“Ohhhh! I see. Well, I definitely want to go back as soon as possible. I learned a lot about the people that live there, their traditions and lifestyles. Also, our guide, his name is An Li who is from the country and from the same area told us of the political issues that the people are facing and what could potentially happen. Those people need outside help and someone to give them a voice. I want to be that person. You have no idea how much they appreciated us coming to help them. I taught them better and healthier cooking and gardening methods, and the boys helped them with the heavy labor. They were so grateful I could see it in their eyes. Right now, big political schemers are moving in and going to turn the area into white collar society. Something that will hurt these people greatly, and drive them out of their home. Its not right dad.” I explained

“Sounds like you did learn a lot while being over there. I’m very impressed. I wasn’t sure how serious you two would take this trip but I’m glad grandma’s money went to good fortune. She would be proud of you.” he smiled

 Screenshot-53 Screenshot-55

“Well experiencing all of this kinda reminds me of you dad. Reminds me of how you were relentless in helping out mom with her situation regardless of the outcome or what did happen to you. I mean, you took bullets for mom and were in a coma. You did all of that for one person you loved. Not many men can say they did that. That’s how I feel. I have to do this no matter what it takes or happens. Knowing that I made a difference for someone or paved the road towards a change is what matters.”

“You’re going to make you’re old man blush jeez haha. But, thank you sweetie. I’m glad that I did something right as a parent, though I’m not the most graceful one. It makes me happy knowing I passed down something valuable to you. This makes me feel much better about everything. The unknown is finally out of the clear, and I have to say I fully support what you want to do. If you need to keep going back, again and again you do so. Me and your mom will support you. “

“Awe thanks daddy, that means a lot.” I smiled, feeling my eyes starting to tear up

It was the best news any daughter could hear, her dad supporting her on her choices. He doesn’t give himself enough credit sometimes, but he really is a great dad and husband. I can only hope I find the same in a man when that time comes for me. This was the type of homecoming I was hoping for. 

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-58

Diary Entry #19:

The next few weeks Cale and I have slowly been settling into our lives we once lived before we went on our trip. It was hard to adjust at first, but we managed. It was just hard because my parents both worked full time and me and Cale just lugged around the house. Shifting cultures is harder than you think. Us, who live in Simerica don’t seem to appreciate good ole’ family time  or put forth a lot of effort like  the people I met of Simchina. Really makes you wonder how that came to be. Guess we’re just naturally lazier and too in-tuned with technology.

But,  I talked to my dad about going back again and ways of how we could fund another trip. We’re going through the university again, but it still costs money to go. My dad said he’s help out as much as possible and so would mom. He gave us the “okay” to go again and be gone for another year. I figured they would want me to stay home for awhile before jet-setting again so quick. I couldn’t wait to tell Cale the good news! 

“Cale I have great news!” I cheered

“Oh yeah, and what’s that Ms. Excitable?” he teased

 “Soooo I was talking with my dad about planning another trip through the university since we loved the work we did there so much, and I want to go back as soon as possible and he told me he would help fund us, and he doesn’t care how soon we leave again! Isn’t that great news? He’s finally on our side. Though, he did say he’d prefer us to stay home longer, but its not a big issue.”

Screenshot-59 Screenshot-60 Screenshot-61

“He really said that huh?”

“Yes! Aren’t you excited!?” I smiled big

This is where I should’ve known something was wrong, but I was too naive once again. What was about to happen next wasn’t what I was expecting by any means. Far from what I thought his answer would by. He first just stood there staring at me, taking in the words I just said. I was a little concerned, but I figured he was just taking in everything. 

“I mean, that’s great and all but I was kinda enjoying our time being at home again. I sure did miss my own bed and own surroundings. That’s definitely great that your dad is in full support, don’t get me wrong, its just I don’t know how much I want to go back right away. I kinda just want to stay here and see how things go. I was more homesick than expected when I was there. Plus, being away from home seemed to be very stressful for our relationship. I want us to be the way we were before we left. I miss the Ashlynn I knew.” he paused  and waited for me to answer

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66

This is where it all went downhill from there. I was very confused. What did he mean by the Ashlynn he used to know? I’m still the same woman he has met, been with and left with? Now, he doesn’t want to go back? Was this his idea from the beginning? Now, he’s going back on his word? I couldn’t help but frown right in front of him. I was so disappointed.  I’m the same fucking person. He is acting delusional. I tried to stay cool and collected, but I could feel myself starting to unleash. 

“I’m a little confused…isn’t this what you wanted? I mean you’re the one that brought this idea to me in the first place and convinced me of going along with you? Now you’re changing your mind? That doesn’t make sense Cale.”

Screenshot-67 Screenshot-68 Screenshot-70

“What? No, Ashlynn I’m not changing my mind, I’m just holding off for a bit. Plus, you didn’t ask me if I wanted to go back anyway, so its natural you should be confused. Its okay.”

“No, it sounds like you’re changing your mind and making excuses.  I wan an explanation. I don’t understand.”I gritted through my teeth

“I just want me and you to enjoy being home finally, and not have any strains on our relationship. I didn’t like all the arguments we had and I miss loving you effortlessly. While we were there, I felt like I had to compete for your love and attention. I think it took away from the experience for me. I just want to hunker down at home for now. Maybe get a job or take some classes and see how that goes first before deciding whether to go back. You know?” he said so coolly

I couldn’t help but scrunch up my face in disgust. It all sounded like lies and excuses, and how selfish of him!? Only caring about how he feels. What about those people we were helping, the whole goal of the mission? That mission was for him to profess his love for me the whole time. I might sound heartless, but it isn’t all about you Cale. One of  his biggest problems. Such a hypocrite. I couldn’t believe the filth I was hearing come out of his mouth. 

“Well maybe I should just invite An with again the since I know he would want to and isn’t concerned with his own problems. Unlike some people, he cares about what other people are going through. Not about himself.”

Screenshot-71 Screenshot-72 Screenshot-74 Screenshot-76

I know I probably shouldn’t of said that. It was wrong, but it was what I was thinking and Cale deserved to  know the truth. Even if it let the bad parts of us come out in the end and started a whole new intense argument. It was something that needed to be resolved if we wanted to move forward. We both had things we needed to get off of our chests. 

“Excuse me? Of course you’d bring him up. An this, and An that. Christ Ashlynn what are  you in love with him too?! he complained


“I shouldn’t of let you two get so close I guess. Since he’s you’re new area of focus. Why don’t you call him so you two can have a good ole’ time together.”

Did I just hear him say the word let? Hell no. He does NOT own me and I can be friends with whoever the HELL I WANT TO. If  I didn’t think twice before I spoke my hand would be slapping him across the face right then and there. 

“LET me? Excuse me? You do NOT let me do anything. You don’t own me and I can be friends with whoever I want to be. Don’t flatter yourself  Cale. You aren’t  the boss of me and stop being a jealous pig. Get over yourself.” I argued

“It wouldn’t be such a problem if he was a woman! But, he’s a guy! Women and men cannot be friends unless there is sexual attraction so damn right I’m jealous and I have right to be.” he spat

“I don’t know what your fucking problem is with me and other guys but it needs to stop. I like meeting new people and making new friends and some of them might, oh shocker, be male. Cale get a fucking grip.”

Screenshot-78 Screenshot-79 Screenshot-81

“So what you’re just going to leave me in the dust?! Thanks a lot Ash, I really feel the fucking love. Some girlfriend you are.”

After his last few remarks, that’s when I found my resolve and snapped and did a complete 360. I couldn’t take this anymore. This isn’t us anymore. This is the complete opposite of what we were and staying at home wouldn’t fix it. There were too many underlying issues that we need to deal with. I didn’t want this to happen, but it was only a matter of time. Better now, then later. 

“Yeah? Well if that’s how you feel, you can just leave. Just leave for good Cale. Obviously  I’m not your dream girl and you can’t handle the way I am. I need someone who can and that’s not you. So just leave and be thankful for all me and my family had done for you. Just. Fucking. Leave.” I let out a big sigh, feeling myself draining from this argument

After I told him, he paused and I just stared at him, waiting for a reaction. That’s when he cowered in shock that I said that to him. I guess he had a fairy-tail ending for us, and it just shattered. I really didn’t care anymore. I felt immense relief and just wanted to slouch my shoulders for once. I haven’t felt this way since before we left for our trip. Being with him was exhausting and more like a job. It felt good to let go of him. 


Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3

His face quickly turned into scared and surprised into good riddance. I really didn’t care. I just wanted him to get his shit and leave. Didn’t care where he went or what happened to him. I was done for good. He said some things like “your loss” and “fine”, but whatever. He had to go, and I had to call An and tell him the good news instead. 

“Hello, yes An? This is Ashlynn I was wondering  that if you have time you could come over to my house? I can email you the address. I need to talk about taking another trip through the university and I wanted you to come with me again since we had such a great time…….Tomorrow? That sounds great! Thank you so much!”

Screenshot-84 Screenshot-85

Diary Entry #20:

The next day, An came over mid-morning so we could talk. To be honest I slept great, and felt like a new person the next morning. Its been a long time since I slept alone, and I enjoyed every hour of it. No strings and no attachments for once. It was good to be single and feel free. Should of done that a long time ago. 

“I’m so glad you came over! and through the snow ha.” I chuckled

“It was not a problem. Something seemed kinda wrong and I felt a sense of urgency in your voice over the phone.” He replied, his eyes full of worry

Oh great. Try hiding your feelings as best Ash. Don’t need to explain the whole ordeal to him. 

Screenshot-4 Screenshot-5 Screenshot-6

“Well, the thing is I did some talking with my parents about my experience and thoughts from the journey and my dad is now in full support of what I’m doing. This made me so happy that I already want to go back as soon as possible. My dad said that as long as i do it through the university, he’d help with part of the funding and its something I feel that I need to do and I know I told you that. I don’t care how long it takes, I just need to be there to make a difference.”

“Oh really? I’m glad you feel so strongly about it. In past times, the people couldn’t bare or handle it. Happy to see its sparked interest in you.”


“Now, I’m not sure how soon we can go again, but I’ll try as soon as possible. As I mentioned when we left, things were heating up in the area between current government and rebels. The university usually doesn’t want to put students in harm’s way due to liabilities, but I will try I promise. Otherwise…we could always just go by ourselves without a sponsor, though that’s very risky and expensive.” he explained

That’s when I noticed his eyes went from hopeful to almost devious looking when he mentioned just going and the risk involved. Made it seem like he almost wanted to just go, but he knew that it wasn’t a good idea, and liked that. Definitely a different side of An I’ve seen or sensed from before. 

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-9

“Now, will you please tell me what’s wrong. I can see it in your eyes and sense it with your body language.”

“What? Nooo  there’s nothing wrong An. I’m perfectly fine. Everything is great since coming home.” I exaggerated

Guess there’s no fooling him. Oh well, better he know now then later right? 

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-14

“Ashylnn,  please just tell me. I don’t want to pry, but I consider you my friend and if something is wrong I want to know and try to fix it.” he softly pleaded

“Ehh alright. Nothing gets past you does it? Too people smart for you’re own good.” I playfully complained

“I guess, then again I don’t think women are good at hiding their feelings.”

“Good point. Wellllll, here’s the deal. Cale  and I broke up last night. We are no longer involved and he will not be accompanying me on anything. I am done with him and his foolish way of thinking. He had too many underlying issues that he needed to work out before he could be fully committed to me. I’m not sad about it, I just know that it might change things and I don’t know if I’m ready for those changes yet. My mind says I’m ready, but I’m not sure how I will feel a week from now so I’m letting you know because mood swings might happen and it is not your fault.”

An Li provided by simnights from tumblr.

Alright, that’s it 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this update. I hope it was surprising or expected, either way I’m happy to get it out! I think now I can finally dive into the plotty part of this legacy. I just hope it goes as smooth as I want it to. Like I said, I have to plan out the rest of these chapters and figure out how I want things to go. Until then, hope you post soon!


The Kirk Legacy 2.4B

Okay 🙂 I’m  back from my parents, and sadly its my last day of Spring Break 😦

We’re going to celebrate with Part Two of 2.4 though! Yayyyy its finally here! I hope you enjoy it, and as I mentioned it is a little bit longer than Part One.

NOTE: Strong Language May Be Used. Use to your own Discretion.

Screenshot-123Screenshot-42Screenshot-43Diary Entry #19:

After the park outing with Nadine, I did some thinking. Well, actually a lot of thinking. But, I’m not sure if I’m in the right state of mind about what I want to do, and I thought I’d call Dave and see what he thinks. I’ve been so busy in my personal life, the only time I ever see him is at work now. It will be nice to see him outside of work, and we can catch up. Scratch that, I know Dave doesn’t have anything happening. All he does is fuck any chick he sees and then finds another one. So, he’s going to hear about my life mainly.

“Hey Davey! What’s up man?” I over-exaggerated my voice


“We’re going to make that nickname work somehow haha even if you don’t like it. Anyway, I thought we should catch up since its been awhile, and I wanted your opinion on something.”


“Alright, great! See you in a few.” I ended

Screenshot-47Screenshot-46It didn’t take him long to get over, I suggested we go somewhere but he said nahh its fine. I think he secretly loves my mom or something. I think he likes that she’s cheery and nice, because he seems to like to come over here. When he came through the door it was weird not seeing him in a uniform. That’s how accustomed we’ve become to our friendship.

Screenshot-48“So what’s up?” he asked

Screenshot-49“Oh not too much, just thought its been awhile since we actually done something outside of work, you know?” I admitted

“Oh I know right? I almost forgot how homey it feels here haha.”

Screenshot-50Screenshot-52“No, you just love my mom and her cooking haha.”

“Hey now! Its not my fault she’s a great person and makes amazing dishes that any man would love! Don’t be hatin’.” he defended

Screenshot-56Screenshot-57“Haha sure, sure. Whatever you say.” I chuckled

“Its true!”

“I believe you, but I really just wanted your thoughts….or rather advice on something since I’m a little unsure about the whole thing.”

“Oh? You want advice from me? That’s new.” smirked

“I’m being serious.” my face stayed emotinonless

Screenshot-58Screenshot-59“Oh sorry man. Just thought I’d lighten up the mood.”

“I was thinking…no. I really want to…want to take Nadine out.” I slowly said, feeling my face start to flush

“Out as in….a date?” he asked with an unsure expression

“Uhh…well, yeah.”

“Josh! Are you crazy!? You can’t do that!”

“I can’t?” I asked

“NO! She is a victim that you happened to help by housing her here, and helping her move on in her life…doesn’t that seem a little wrong?” he explained

Screenshot-60Screenshot-61“Err…well I sorta thought about that.”

“Oh did you now? Because it doesn’t sound like it. I don’t know how you exactly feel about her, but it doesn’t seem like the best road to take.”

“Yeah, I thought that but, if you don’t do take a chance you’ll never know. Besides I’ve gotten to really know here these past few months since she’s lived here, and I just developed feelings for her.” I shyly admitted

“Oh. I can’t stop you if you do, but I honestly don’t think its a good idea. This is going to sound bad, but I think she has a lot of baggage you still don’t know about, and what you do know about, might come back to haunt you. I don’t want you to deal with any bullshit.” he said

I could tell he meant it sincerely, and is concerned about the whole situation. But, I really do disagree with what he thinks. I’m not sure why, its probably because my ego and personality is getting in the way of rational thinking.

Screenshot-62“Hmm, you may have a point. I won’t lie. But, I still don’t think its all that bad of an idea. I guess only time will tell. “

“Yeah, true. I mean, ultimately its your choice, but I’m glad you asked for advice. Just do what you think is best for you and her.”

“Alright. Thanks for the advice. I’m still unsure about it, but I really like her you know? I don’t know why. I’m sure you’ll get an update on the whole thing eventually haha.” I laughed

“Haha probably, Just don’t do anything stupid.” he winked

“I think you need that advice more than I do. “

“Probably. Ha.”

Screenshot-65Diary Entry #20:

Hi again. Wow, you can already tell how nervous I am just by my writing. Great. Well, tonight is the night. I’m going to ask her out, I’m not going to mention I want it as a date because that feels too over-bearing. But, I’m going to tell her somewhere nice..hopefully. We’ll see. I’m not the best with these things. I try though. I’m a little nervous. More than a little actually. I’ve been pacing my bedroom, and holding my side as if I have an ache. I keep telling myself I can do it, but the self-affirmations aren’t cutting it tonight. I guess we’ll see how it goes?

Screenshot-67Screenshot-68I wasn’t really sure how to ask her, so I thought I’d just be direct. The worst that can happen is she says no, and then I find some convincing way to change her mind right? I finally built up the balls, and walked across the hall to her room. I knocked on the door, she said come in, and that’s when awkwardness sets in.

Screenshot-66Screenshot-69She was reading when I entered. She wasn’t expecting the visitor to be me either. Her eyes shot up from the page she was reading in surprise. She quickly finished the sentence, and slammed book closed. Oh boy, here goes nothing right?

“So, what’s up?” she asked seriously

Screenshot-70Screenshot-71“Huh?” I totally spaced while waiting for her to say something


“Ugh, Josh. I asked what do you want?”

Screenshot-72She was on a short circuit tonight, even better.

“Oh, well I sorta…had a question. I guess you could say.”

After I answered I didn’t know if I should just come out with it, or wait for her to respond. That wasn’t a good idea, because after that there was a long pause, and she was starting to lose patience.

Screenshot-73“Are you going to tell me what it is?” her eyes darted to me

“Oh, right haha. Sorry.” I nervously laughed


“Alright, here goes. I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me tomorrow night, or whenever I guess.”

Screenshot-74Screenshot-76“Oh, um…well I don’t know.” she jumped between thoughts

Guess I feel better now that I’m not the only one that made this conversation awkward haha.

“Well, are you sure you want that? I mean I don’t really think you do.”

Screenshot-77Screenshot-79“Awe, what? Of course I want to!” i smiled

“I don’t know about this Josh.” she sighed

“I’ll be fun! I promise!”

Screenshot-80Screenshot-81“Oh alright then. Tomorrow night then?” she finally accepted

“Sure, tomorrow works for me.” I agreed

“Just don’t expect me to wear a dress.”

“Wear whatever you want. But, make sure its something nice. Its appropriate to where we’ll be going.”

Screenshot-83Screenshot-84Diary Entry #21:

Alright made it past twenty entries? Wow…I’m pretty sure, since flipping through my mom’s part, she wrote way more then me in a short time. Oh well, she’s one of those people who has a lot to say. I’m working on this at least. Anyway, its date night! Yes, I said date night. I’m hoping we have fun, and I can impress her. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong.

Screenshot-86Screenshot-87Screenshot-89I was waiting by the front door. I know it sounds clique, but technically this is my first date.Yeah, yeah I know. I can’t say girls weren’t on my mind in high school, its just the ones I went to school with were self-centered and fake. Not my type. Plus, this is much different than being a teenager and going on a date. Way different. I’m still nervous, but there are more options for date ideas.

Nadine eventually came out, toting Robbie with her. He was a little confused as to what was going on haha. He knew his mom was going somewhere, didn’t understand why she was dressed so nice haha. He was skeptic I think about where I was taking his mom. After all, he’s her man haha.

“Mommy will be back later. Alright sweetie?” Nadine snuggled Robbie close

“Mommy go bye-bye?” he asked

“Yes, but she’ll be back. Don’t worry buddy.” I answered with a smile

Screenshot-90Screenshot-91I was a little unsure about where to take here. I’m not a creative person by all means, and I don’t know if Nadine has been out on the town at night, so I figured we go to the small club. Twinbrook isn’t very big, so I figure there won’t be too many people. Plus its a Thursday. Besides she looked great to me. Classy, but nice. I think Nadine was a little unsure about the place. I guess she had some other ideal place. Getting off to a great start. Not.

Screenshot-92Screenshot-93Screenshot-95I was wrong when we got there. It was congested. Everything was not going the way I wanted it to. I just wanted to have a nice night with here, without any worries. There were a lot of people, and drinks were flowing. People were loud and obnoxious. I thought this was a small, quiet club. Guess not, good to know now. We sat down at a little, round table and just shut my eyes and couldn’t believe how this was not what I pictured, and this is not a good way to impress her. It didn’t help that Nadine could tell  I was disappointed, and  I know that’s how she feels. She tried to make conversation. But, she didn’t make things better.

“This isn’t really the best date place you know.” she complained

“Yeah I see that now, sorry.” I apologized with a frown

“Just making sure you know, because this date doesn’t look like it has a bright future.”

I didn’t say anything back since obviously knew that. I don’t know why she was being so grouchy. I mean if she didn’t want to come, then she should of just said no instead of complaining on how shitty it is. Ugh, I feel bad enough on how horrible it was.

Screenshot-96Screenshot-97I couldn’t help frown and look at her in shame. Didn’t help that she was putting me and the whole date down. Its not like I didn’t put any effort into this date.I spent the whole day thinking what would be creative, but a good place to go. Sorry my intuition  failed me? I wanted to say sorry again, but that would just get annoying so I just frowned and looked at the all the other people having a great time. Except us. Here we are sitting in complete silence, while everyone else is having fun around us. Just perfect.

After scanning the room, I turned back to look at her and her lips turned into a somewhat frown. I think she realized how bad I felt for how horrible this was going. I think she realized how mean and hurtful she was too. Its one thing to not like the date, but to complain? To my face no less?

Screenshot-98The silence was becoming unbearable and soon enough she couldn’t handle it anymore. She tried to make conversation again. I was amused to what she had to say next.

“Listen, I’m sorry I overreacted. I should be grateful you wanted to take me out and its really not that bad.” she smiled

I was a little surprised she apologized. It takes awhile for her to admit defeat, but it was nice of her. I appreciated it, and still do. Like I said. I’m trying haha.

“Thanks, sorry for the quality of these date. I pictured it much differently.” I smiled

Screenshot-100Screenshot-101I couldn’t help but smile at her. She makes me smile without even trying. Or I’m just a smiley man haha. Plus the thought of seeing how she dances made me chuckle.

“Did you want to dance?” I chuckled

“Haha what? You dance?” she laughed

“Not regularly, but its not like I don’t know how to.”

“I have to see this.”

We got up from the table, and I started to get into the song that was playing, and so did she. Apparently its very funny when I dance too, she immediately bursts out laughing.

Screenshot-102Screenshot-103“Haha, you’re not too bad. I was expecting something else that’s for sure!” she giggled over the music

“Oh really? I bet you weren’t expecting this move.” I smiled back at her giggling face

I couldn’t help but exaggerate my moves just to lighten the mood and make her smile and laugh. I can be silly when I want to. Plus, I think its funny myself. We finally started having fun, and can’t remember how long we continued dancing.

Screenshot-104Screenshot-105We ordered some drinks to cool ourselves down after awhile, and tried to catch our breath. You definitely work up a sweat when you dance. But, I didn’t care she was having fun, and so was I. We both let go of any inhibitions we had before, and just without using any words I think we got to know each other even more. Plus, she looked great when she dances and its only fair to tell her? Yes, I might of did some flirting, but it wasn’t overkill.

“You looked great out there!” I raised my voice over the music and people

“Awe thanks Josh! Hehe I only try!” she giggled

Screenshot-107After a long night being at the club, and pounds of sweat later I told her we should probably get going so we can get a decent amount of sleep. She agreed because she was going to have to wake up with Robbie and that was going to be in a couple hours.We caught a taxi home, and joked about everything on the ride home. It was one of the best car rides I’ve ever had.

When we walked through the door we had to be quiet because Robbie sleeps downstairs, and try to reframe from giggling too loud haha. I don’t know if she was a little buzzed but, she seemed to think everything that came out of my mouth was funny. Once we reached the kitchen, we both looked at each other and were hungry. She offered to make pancakes and I told her that’s fine with me. Early morning breakfast is perfect way to end the night.

Screenshot-108Screenshot-109I think she was a little buzzed because she started talking about her fallen marriage and regrets.

“You know? I don’t know why I ever got married. Dan was definitely not right for me. I should of listened to the signs from the beginning.”


“Yeah, a woman knows if a man is marriage-worthy from the very beginning of the relationship. Like you for example.” she pointed out

“What about me?” I asked with curiosity

“You are perfect marriage material, every girl would die to have you as a husband, or as a significant other. You know what not to do, and what to do.”

“Well I don’t know about that. I just really try to do what’s best.”

“That’s the thing though. You actually think before you act. Most men don’t even know what the hell that means.” she started talking with her fork

“Yeah, I guess. I wouldn’t say I’m perfect though.” I could feel my face start to blush

She went on and on about other people she knew from high school and how she was in school. It was nice to see a different side of her. I seem to always say that don’t I? She’s a person who has many layers I’ve concluded. We finished our pancake dinner and headed towards our rooms.

Screenshot-111Screenshot-113Screenshot-114We were talking, and drawing the date to its end when we reached the little room that separated our rooms. Let’s just hope I don’t make it an awkward closing.

“Thanks for such a good time.” she whispered, pulling me into a hug

“Hey, anytime. Sometimes you have to get out and have fun.” I smiled

“So true. Well, goodnight Josh.”

“Night Nadine.”

She smiled at me and turned towards her door, and shut it quietly trying to wake Robbie. I just stood there dumbfounded at myself. I should of least kissed her cheek right? Or maybe more? I don’t know. I felt like I missed something when she closed her door. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should of kissed her. I really want to, not going to lie.That’s how much I like her.

Screenshot-115Screenshot-116Screenshot-118After standing there in my own self doubt, I went into my room and changed into my pjs. I still didn’t feel better. I should of kissed her, the thought kept rushing back to my mind. What do I do though? I asked myself. Do I just waltz right into there and plant one on her? That’s exactly what I talked myself into doing. Crazy I know, but she deserves to know how I feel. I went right up to her door and whispered her name to see if she was up still.

“Nadine? Are you up still?” I asked softly

“Yes, you can come in.” she replied

Screenshot-121When I entered she was getting ready for bed, just as I was. She looked beautiful without any make-up on. Flawless. I was memorized at how she looked. There’s something about women when they don’t wear make-up. I don’t know what it is, its almost like a vulnerability. I quickly snapped out of the trance I was falling into by the sound of her voice.

“Did you need something?” she asked

“Yes I did. I forgot something.” I smiled

“Uh, what? You didn’t give me anything last time I checked.

Screenshot-122In the moment of her trying to remember what I could of possibly forgot, I walked up to her and cupped her face in my hands. I kissed her softly, our lips barely touching, but long enough to enjoy the sweetness. She didn’t resist, her lips pressed against mine by choice. It was a great first kiss, I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way. I could feel a smile coming across both of our faces. It was a great date.

Finally done 🙂 Part Two is done, and I hope you enjoy it! I don’t know when the next update will be because I’m rotating to another project, but I hope not too long!


The Kirk Legacy 2.4A

Another two-parter, sorry guys. There was no way I could make this into one chapter. It would of been SUPER song, and I’m not about to make you read that. But, part two is longer than part one. So be prepared. I hope you enjoy the update  🙂  I know I say this every time, but I did really have fun making/writing these updates.


Diary Entry #17:

What’s it been? A few weeks now? Yeah, my bad. Been a busy man I guess you could say. I’ve been promoted though! I’m almost to the rank of Lieutenant. Can you believe that? My jaw literally dropped when they told me that. I feel like I’m too young to handle it, but its easier since I don’t have a family and such yet.

Other news? Well Nadine has started to come out of her shell more since that girls day out with my mom. She’s started to be more social, and I feel like we’re slowly starting to become friends. I don’t know if she resents me for what I did for her family or not, but its nice to see her enjoying herself. No more moping with sad eyes and being alone. Its a nice change.

Screenshot-5Screenshot-15Nadine has also been improving with letting Robbie be shared by everyone haha. I don’t know if I worded that right. What I meant was, she lets us help with him .I mean, one person can only do so much, and can’t be in two places at once. Especially when she started her job. That brought on some changes. She had a hard time the first week being away from him. I can’t imagine how that feels. But, we reassured her we knew what we were doing, and would call if anything happened. Typical mom right?

Screenshot-16Screenshot-18It was a rough day for both of them to say the least. Nadine came home, cranky and tired. Typical haha, and Robbie was fussy all day because his mom wasn’t there. But, they managed to pull there and became accustomed to the new routine. I think its great she’s working, and making new friends. A fresh start comes with meeting new people after all.

Screenshot-6Screenshot-9Screenshot-10We even have breakfast each morning. She’s usually already awake when I leave for work because of Robbie. She really into making pancakes, so she makes them regularly for us in the morning. I think its one of the only recipes she knows how to make, but don’t tell her I said that haha. We talk about our days, and the day before. Catch up like most people do in the morning. Just little chit-chat.

Screenshot-11Screenshot-12I know a few days ago I wanted to know more about this girl she’s become somewhat friends with at her work. I asked if she had any children, or what’s her story? That was one awkward conversation I wish I never had, or even asked that question. That saying men are clueless? Yeah, I proved that statement that morning.

“So does she have any kids?” I asked with a smile

“Oh no, of course not. Everyone I meet never has kids. I’m always the only one, of course.” she complained

Screenshot-13“Ohhh, sorry I asked. I was just curious.”

“Oh its okay, I’m just telling you the truth. This is one of the perks of being a young mother.”

Real smooth Josh. We’re trying to win her over, not push her away. All I could do was put on the fakest smile, and try to diffuse the conversation. Yeah, let’s just say that wasn’t a good morning.

Screenshot-21Screenshot-24Diary Entry #18:

Today I figured I would ask Nadine if she wanted to take Robbie to the park. Think we’ve been cooped up in this house for too long. The only time I ever leave is to go to work, and she does the same. Robbie has to get out and experience the fresh air. Maybe we’ll meet someone else who brought their child? I don’t know. Its nice out, and I wanted to go enjoy the weather.

“Hey, Nadine?” I caught her attention

“Yeah? What’s up?” a smile came across her face

“I was wondering if you wanted to maybe, take Robbie to the park? It’s so nice out, that he’d enjoy being outside.”

“Sure! I haven’t taken him to park since he was just a few months old! That would be great!”

Screenshot-26Screenshot-27When we got there, some kind of contest was going on at the far end of the park. That’s good, I’m not really sure how Nadine reacts when there’s a lot of people around. I don’t think she likes it. I spotted the swings right away, that’s the only thing this park really had to offer, minus the chess tables I guess. I know my parents met here once early on in the days of just getting to know each other. The swings were old, but stable enough to use. Lot of old treasures in this town.

Screenshot-28That’s when I turned around too look at the mom and son duo with a smile. Just because we’re adults at a park, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Just had to see if Nadine was up for it haha. Something told me it was going to take some convincing on my part.

“Hey, do you want to swing? I’ll push you.” I asked

Screenshot-30Screenshot-29“You can’t be serious?” she raised an eyebrow to my inquiry

Guess this is going to take some convincing. Here goes nothing.

“Oh come on! It’ll be fun! Live a little.”

Screenshot-32“Oh fine. Whatever you want Josh. This park date should just be for you since you’re one big kid yourself.”

Park date? Did I hear her right…is this a date as friends, or more? I don’t like that word. Its so technical, and a simple word. I’d call this an outing, not a date..or is that the same thing? Ugh.


(Please try to ignore Josh in the background…I needed this picture)

I did notice however, that she started to become shy after she agreed to have me push her on the swing. Women are so complicated. Why get shy around me? I’m the last person who deserves shyness. She stood there with her eyes moving from my eyes to the ground. I eventually motioned to the swing, and her face turned red, but still sat down.

Screenshot-34Screenshot-35Screenshot-36When she sat down, we both looked down at Robbie who was playing with the grass and the toys we brought him. He was occupied, needless to say. I gave her a first small push, and she instantly started giggling. It was a cute giggle too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her giggle, just laugh obnoxiously. I eventually started pushing, like a big kid would to show off haha. A huge smile was planted on her face by then, and she didn’t stop. It was great to see her having fun, and probably reminded her of being a little girl. I know I was reminded when I was a little boy. I loved the outdoors, I explored are backyard like it was a tomb.

Screenshot-37Screenshot-38Screenshot-39I lost track on how long we stayed here, but it was definitely fun. I kept swinging her higher and higher until she started to scream and laugh even louder haha.

“Josh! Not so high! I’ll fall!” she screamed

“Haha nahh I wouldn’t let that happen. Don’t worry. Plus, the higher you go the more fun it is!” I shouted back

Robbie started to giggle at the both of us shouting at each other, but he could tell it wasn’t in a bad way. I smiled at him, and he laughed even more. He was a cute kid, just like his mother. It was a fun day at the park. I wish I could spend more time with them on the weekends, but Nadine works most of the weekends.

Screenshot-40Screenshot-41After awhile, my arms started to get tired, and her eyes were watering from laughing so hard, so we took a little break. I never thought I’d be seen on a swing, just hanging out as a grown man. Haha, more power to me I guess. We just sat there, taking in the light wind, and hearing each one of us breathe. It was a soothing and calming sound. That’s when she broke the silence.

“I forgot how it feels to really take in your surroundings.” she whispered

“Yeah, sometimes we’re so busy we forget the little, and finer things in life.” I replied back

“Ha, so true. But, its nice to take little breaks from reality. Like swinging and laughing my ass off like a little girl.”

“Haha, it feels good to act like a kid again. Its a tough world when you grow up.”

“Yeah it is. I wish I didn’t have to grow up so fast after I found out about Robbie. I wish I could of enjoyed my last of the teen years and early twenties. But, I knew that I had to be a woman about it. Otherwise it wouldn’t of been fair to him.” she admitted

“He appreciated it. When you become a parent, you need to grow up whether you like it or not. My dad didn’t realize that at first believe it or not.” I said

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, he was too busy pursuing his dream of a being in the music business that he forgot he had a wife, with three kids at home who needed him more than ever. My mom tells me that she almost divorced him, but she believes in second chances. I’m glad she does too. My dad is a great guy, even if it took him awhile to realize it.”

“You have a lot of your parents in you. I can tell. You look like your dad, but are so much like your mother. You have her generosity and the want to help people. Those traits are hard to come by these days.” she smiled at me

“Oh yeah? Well thank you. I try my best haha.” I chuckled

There’s Part One 🙂 I’m sorry it was kinda short, but Part Two will make up for it! I promise! I’m not sure when Part Two will be out since I’m going up to my parents, but I’m hoping this weekend. My sims is on my desktop, so I cant’ take it with me. I am going to start it though!

The Kirk Legacy 1.4

I am back! What’s it been? 3 weeks? Something like that. You’ll be happy to know I’ve been in the legacy playing mood, so you can expect the next chapter up fairly soon 🙂

Warning: Strong Language may occur

Diary Entry #14:

Its been about a week since I told Adan to leave after he kissed me. Its also been the second night I’ve had a dream about him. This time we were cuddling on the bed, just talking about the future, our wants and any other little thing that came to mind. I think this might be my inner mind telling me I have feelings for him. I don’t know really. I do like him as a friend, don’t get wrong. But, I don’t really think he’s my type. Not that I really have a type, but I don’t see what he sees in me. Maybe that’s it.

I do know that I haven’t been able to get him out of my head all week, especially after the dreams started. It doesn’t help that’s he’s been trying to contact me, and I’ve been doing everything in my power to ignore him. Let me tell you he makes it hard.

He calls me, texts me and even leaves messages! Each time, I delete every text, ignore every call and delete every message he leaves.

Just the other day I was outside throwing the garbage away, when Adan came walking up the sidewalk.

“Hey Beth!” he shouted out

After he called out my name, I turned around in horror. I recognized his voice, so when I can imagine I had a surprised look on my face.

I then turned around to make sure he was actually talking to me and not someone else who was out. Nope, he was talking to me.

“Can I talk to you?” he asked

That’s when I pulled the old “I gotta take this” move. SO I quickly pulled out my phone and rushed into the house. I’m not trying to be a bitch, but I just can’t face to talk to him just yet, or maybe ever. That would be one awkward conversation don’t you think? I certainly do. Maybe I should just send him an e-mail? Oh wait, I don’t know his e-mail. Shit. I don’t know what to do.

Diary Entry #15:

Tonight there was a knock at the door. It wasn’t too late, but it was dark out, just got done eating supper then. It startled me because who comes over willingly? Haha no one. Then I got a little suspicious. I mean you never know who it actually could be, and there was no way I could sneakily look out the window. So I, probably the dumbest thing to do, asked who it was.

“Um..Who is it?” I called out

“Its Ade.” they answered

It was Ade! Haven’t talked to him since our awkward outing that one time. It would be nice to catch up with him, and talk about the baby. After coming to realization who it was, I just told him he could enter. Now, yes, normally I wouldn’t do that but I recognized his voice. 

I was all excited, that was until it was Adan who walked in. What a little trickster? Using the fact that him and Ade are twins to get to me? Erggg. Should of saw that coming. Now I have to talk to him. Just great.

“Oh its you.” I said turning my head away

“Yeah, well we need to talk. Like I said, you can’t run away.” he was serious

“Well I certainly can’t now. It seemed to be working out earlier this week.”

“Ha, you’re funny.”

“So, now you mind telling me why you made everything awkward after our little “outing”?” he asked

I was so embarrassed and nervous at the same time. I mean, I’m wasn’t going to lie because that would be pointless. It was just going to be hard to get it the words out was all.

“Uhh…well,….” I started


“Its like this…..”

“Oh this is so embarrassing.” I mutter looking at the floor

“Oh…well are you still going to tell me?” he gave me an innocent face

“Its just I was caught off guard, and surprised. Didn’t know how to handle it. Obviously I did the wrong thing.”

“Ohh…well you should told me you were uncomfortable then. Instead of making me leave.”

“Yeah, well I didn’t think that way at the time. Sorry.” I apologized

“Aww, its okay. Good to know you don’t hate me. Can’t have that.” he smiled

“Oh? and why is that?”

“Because I really like you.”

“Oh…” I trailed off

“You didn’t know that?” he chuckled

“No, its not that.”

“Then what?”

“I just can’t see why is all.” I looked up at him

“Ohhhh I see where this is going.” he pulled me into a hug

“You shouldn’t worry about that. Besides, I like you for who you are. Don’t you worry okay?”

“Yeah, but still. I don’t know…it puzzles me.”

“Is this because you must not like me?” he asked

“Wwwhat?” I stuttered pulling away from the hug, until we were holding hands

“I get the vibe that the feelings are reciprocated.”

“What? No…no. I told you I didn’t hate you didn’t I?

“I mean the fact that you must not, “really” like me.”

“Ohhh. Still figuring that part out.” I smiled big

“Haha okay, that’s a start. I guess there’s only one way to see.” he laughed

“Haha, wait….what?”

That’s when he kissed me. I mean really kissed me. I believe they call those passionate kisses? Well, you get the idea. I don’t know how to describe it either. Magical makes it sound like a dream. Beautiful makes it sound like a romantic movie. I don’t know, it was better than the first, I can tell you that.

“Hmm well you were kissing back that time missy.” he winked

“Haha…andd?” I laughed

“You feel a little somethin’ somethin’ for me.”

“You might just be right.”

“Well then that case, would you…wanna go on a date with me?” he asked

“Right now?” I was surprised

“Sure, why not?”

Now how can you deny that face? I know I can’t haha. So of course I said yes. Plus, I would love to see what he comes up with for a date.

“Haha sure. I can’t deny that cute face you’re making.”

“Hehe good.”

That’s when he went straight to the fridge and started pulling out ingredients for something. I was a little taken back since last time he tried cooking something it went up in flames and was burnt like a crisp.

“Did you have dinner already?” he asked while piling everything together

“Well…sorta, but it wasn’t much.” I answered


“Did you learn how to cook in the week that you were gone?”

“Haha no, I’m just wanna make you dinner instead of buying it.” he chuckled

“Alright, I’ll be over here….listening to the radio.” I waited

When I flipped on the radio one of my favorite songs popped on, ” Let’s don’t call it a night” by Casey James. So of course I was going to dance to it! Kinda set the mood for a date, that was unintentional.

“I take it you like this song?”

“Yes! I love his voice!”

I just continued to dance on as he finished making dinner.

After being three songs in, he finally turns around with dinner.

“Alright China dancer, its done, and not burnt!” he cheered

“I am not a China Dancer.” I teased

“Well you got some moves that’s for sure.”

“I’ll take that.”

After turning the radio down, and working up a sweat, I dished up on what looked pretty good considering he made it haha. I still don’t have any room for a kitchen table, so we ate at the computer desk. Whatever he made, it was really good too. Kudos to Adan.

After cleaning up the dishes, and putting leftovers in the fridge, Adan surprised me with a cute kiss.

“How was that?” he whispered

“Which one?” I winked

“Haha, dinner I meant.”

“It was good, and not burnt. I definitely approve.”

“Glad I impressed.” he said

“So? You wanna watch a movie, or the surprise?” he smiled wrapping his arms around me

“Can’t I have both? I asked playfully

“Of course! Lady gets what she wants.”

“Hehe okay.”

After I giggled, he went out to his car and got his guitar. This got me thinking. What’s he doing with this guitar? Haha, I was so confused.

“Um, what are you doing?” I asked

No answer.

After being ignored, he stepped back a bit, and pulled up his guitar and put his hands in position to play. This is when I cocked my head, hoping he would answer me this time.

“Seriously Adan, what are you doing?” I repeated

“You’ll see. Just stand there and look pretty.” he pointed as he smiled

Hey, Hey, hey

Your lipstick stains

On the front lobe of my left side’s brain

I knew I wouldn’t forget you, and let you blow my mind

Your sweet moonbeam

The smell of you in every single dream I dream

I knew when we collided

You’re the one I have decided

Who’s one of my kind

Hey Soul Sister,

Ain’t that Mister, Mister on the radio, stereo

The way you move ain’t fair, you know

Hey Soul Sister,

I don’t want to miss a single thing you do,


He didn’t sing the whole song, but when he was really getting into it, I could feel my face start to flush red. Of course I would blush! I tired to work through it, and smiled at him. Clapping after he was finished.

After clapping sheepishly, I walked over and wrapped him in my arms.

“That was sweet.” I said softly

“Well I hope so, it was for a sweet girl.” he whispered back, kissing my ear lobe

I couldn’t help but continue standing there and hugging him. Taking it all in.

“Shall we get on with the movie then?”

“Oh, right. It isn’t scary is it?”

“It might be…..” his smile turning into a slight frown

“Adan, you know I hate them!” I playfully raised my voice

“Haha, I’m just kidding! It’s not a romantic movie, but not a kids movie?”

“Haha, this should be good.”

The rest of the night, we spent cuddled up on the couch, watching this horrible movie haha. Even though it was bad, its the thought that counts. The rest I can’t quite remember because I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up he was gone, and left a note. It talked about how he wasn’t sure if he should spend the night because he didn’t want to spoil it, so he left after I fell asleep.

Like to give credit to the song, Hey Soul Sister by Train

That’s chapter 4 🙂 Hope you liked it! I enjoyed writing it! Except Chapter 5 out very soon, like tomorrow possibly. Hehe. Adan will be up for download next chapter too.