The Kirk Legacy 3.6B

Oh my gosh what’s this? An update finally? Is this really Part Two? Yes, it finally is. I’m sorry for the long delay. Been very busy with school and had some game issues-which I’m not really sure if they’re resolved or not? But, it doesn’t matter I managed to do something and finish playing and editing pictures. Now its time to tell the story. Now, this will be the last update for awhile again since I’m going to switch to another project since this one took so long to get out I need a break from it haha. Sorry. Anyway, let’s get on to the LONG awaited part two.

But, first a few NOTES to be aware of……..

1. Sim-related violence is displayed in this chapter, nothing brutal or graphic, but just to note.

2. I DO NOT CONDONE any form of violence. It is purely for story-telling purposes. If it makes you uncomfortable please do not read.

3. Graphic wounds or Custom Content wounds are in this chapter. Its nothing that I don’t think you can’t stomach because its pixelated wounds in a sense. BUT, I’m putting a disclaimer just in case and to be considerate.

4. Lately, Profanity will most likely be USED you do not like reading it or hearing, please don’t read or just note to skip over those words. The words are used to convey emotion and are unique to the character.

5. Oh, and I forgot. Time is going to pass quickly in this chapter. I can’t tell you exactly how long because that wouldn’t defeat the purpose of the plot, but imagine much time has passed towards the end.

6. I should probably note this too, I do not have anything against anyone who is of Asian heritage. I don’t think they are violent people or perceive them to be this way. I chose China because in Sims 3 World Adventures its the first country sims can travel to. I have no prejudice against anyone.


Screenshot Screenshot-9

Diary Entry #26:

After they discovered me and An snooping in the tombs, they had us surrounded all holding their weapons of choice. Some with old swords, and others with guns that looked to be Simamerican and possibly confiscated from other travelers they met along the way. They were yelling in Chinese at the top of their longs, their leader most of the time and the others joined in. All of them feverishly throwing their arms around at us. An tried to whisper translations to me when he could, but it was useless because every time they saw An’s lips move, they would point their weapons closer to our throats. They did, however snatch our small travel bags and empty them out searching for weapons I presumed. When they found nothing of value to them, I noticed their leader scrunch up this face in annoyance. That’s when they threw our jackets at us, and signaled for us to put them on. I was confused at the time because the weather was rather temperate, and it wasn’t cold by any means. We brought the jackets only if we planned on scavenging around the mountains. 

  That was until they started forcing us to march to some location, that’s when I realized why they wanted us to wear jackets. They marched us towards the mountains up the only path and leads up to the peaks. That must of been their hideout location? I wasn’t sure. My emotions didn’t overcome me until we reached the stone hut that stood before us. It looked cold and dark. None of them said anything to us, were just stood there for some time as they talked among themselves. Probably plotting what they were going to do to us. That’s when my body started to tense up with fear. I drew back in fear, holding on to An. An’s hands grasped my arm. He tried to let me know that everything was going to be okay, but something told me that it wasn’t. We walked right into the lion’s den. 

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-19

It felt like hours that we were standing there in front of what looked like our future. A stone-cold hut. Eventually their leader walked over to us, with his smug face, glaring at us. I couldn’t help but feel my legs start to step back as he came closer. This man truly frightened me. He turned his head away from and stood there in front of An, in a dead stare. Then he started yelling in Chinese at An. I wish I could of known what he was saying. From what I could gather, I think he was telling An that me and him need to march into that hut since his arms were flailing around towards the door as he commanded. 

I thought An was going to give me the look, that look that says “do what he says by any means”, but instead An’s face went from a serious/scared to angry. He narrowed his eyes at what looked to be the dangerous man out of the bunch, and threw his hands up threatening him in Chinese. 

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-35

As you can imagine, making threats to the person who just kidnapped you and will end your life without blinking did not take them lightly. The man walked toward one of his subordinates, and handed him the gun he was carrying. He then ran up to An, and tackled him to the ground throwing punches anywhere he could. An was taken a little off guard from the looks of it. I”m just glad the man didn’t shoot him right then and there. They wrestled around in the snow for a while, throwing punches and kicks everywhere and anywhere on their opponents body. 

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-47

I put my hands to my lips. I wanted to scream but knew that wasn’t a good idea. Should not draw attention to myself, and if they knew I had feelings for An, they wouldn’t hesitate to hurt him in front of me. Especially something drastic. I bit on my fingers through my gloves. I wanted it to end. I wanted An to stop and just follow his orders. Eventually I closed my eyes because I couldn’t take much more watching An get himself beat up over nothing, or even worse me. I don’t want people to get hurt because of me. 

An wasn’t winning the fight by any means. Eventually the man stood up and An sat there in the snow helpless. Feeling the defeat and in obvious pain. 

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-55 Screenshot-59

That’s when he looked at me and yelled in Chinese again, signaling to go inside the hut. I did as I was told. No way in hell I was about to defy a man with this much power. I ran through the door, just to get away from him. An followed behind me slowly. Once we both were in the hut, I heard the door shut behind us and it being latched shut. That was it. Here we are in this hut now. What happens now? 

“What happens now? We’re just stuck here now?” I asked, my eyes widening as reality slowly set in

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-65

“Yes. If they’re keeping us in this hut, I’m going to assume they think we have answers of some sort? Which we don’t, but they don’t care regardless. My guess is they’re going to withhold food and water from us. Its an ancient Chinese prisoner of war method. They figure if they weaken the body, it weakens the mind and there fore we’ll divulge more information.” he explained nonchalantly


“But, hey don’t worry okay Ash? Everything will be okay. I promise. We just have to probably endure some hardships, but we will make it through this.”

How could he be smiling at a time like this? This wasn’t a time to be sentimental or hopeful. We need to look at the facts. The outlook is looking pretty bleak right now. 

Screenshot-67 Screenshot-71

His face slowly turned from a smile to pensive. That’s all I needed to know. Even An can’t hide how worried he is. I turned around and looked around our four-walled hut. It was dark and cold. I just stood there. This was my life for the next-who knows? I could be here for days, weeks, months or even years. If I can hold out that long. I’m going to be tortured for information I don’t even possess. How does one swallow that you ask? You don’t. You just don’t. 

At this point, I’m glad I managed to save my diary in my pocket. I can still hold onto my sanity for a little longer. 

Screenshot-72 Screenshot-74Screenshot-78

Diary Entry # 27:

I’m not sure how many days its been. There are no windows in our hut, so we have no idea when its night or daylight. Its been forever. No one has come to see us. An was right. They’re withholding food and water. So far, I just have minor fatigue in the pit of my stomach. Nothing I can’t handle yet. Same goes for An, who is still unusually calm about the whole situation. I’ve had my outbursts of emotions at least once a day, and An just lays there on the floor. 

For fuck’s sake we have no idea how long we’ve been just sitting here in silence?! It could of been two weeks for all we know and we have no idea. There’s no way out. We can’t escape, and even if we did that’s a suicide mission. All we have been doing is siting here. I think An has accepted his fate, and knows the outcome isn’t going to be good. 

The realization I’ve come to? That this is all. my. fault. 

Screenshot-86 Screenshot-89

Diary Entry #28:

I haven’t had a chance to write anything down for quite some time. I still have no idea how much time has passed since we’ve been taken as prisoners. My best guess is maybe two months? Probably been longer than that. At this point that isn’t important. Staying alive and surviving is the main goal. It wasn’t long before they started taking one of us at time to question and use brute force to get the answers they desperately want. 

My body is so weak. I can’t even pick myself up from the floor anymore. When they come they have to come pick me up and carry me to the room where the interrogation takes place. I’ve started to lean against a wall for sleeping, when I do sleep that is. They usually come for An first and then me. I’ve come to the conclusion that since I’m a woman and was parading around their country I get more of the physical torture than An does. I have wounds that start to heal, but they reopen them with their punches, kicks and beat me with any objects they have at the time. I think they want to see me not show emotion. Its like a test they administer even though they know I will. I can’t help but wail each time I’m struck. It hurts and the guilt I’ve been feeling. Its been hovering over me like a bad thunderstorm. An won’t admit it, but I’m sure he blames me. I know he does.

Screenshot-93 Screenshot-96

Knowing An, I’m sure he’s blaming himself and not me. I can see it in his body language. All he has his a huge gash by the corner of his mouth. I think he feels guilty that I get all the violent acts, and not him. But, women aren’t treated the same as men here so its only naturally right? Not saying its right or just, but it makes sense. I can’t help but force a small smile on my face as I think about him. He is such a sweet man, and took a big chance coming here with me. He is a fearless man. I’m happy to call him my friend. But, he needs to know how I’m feeling and that I feel completely responsible for our situation. He was right, we shouldn’t of ever came. 

I miss my parents, and I can only imagine what’s going through their minds. They’re probably worried sick that their daughter hasn’t come home yet and she was probably supposed to be home by now. My dad isn’t resting I’m sure. He’ll make sure every measure is taken for his little girl. I can’t believe I would choose to put my parents through such pain. What if I never see them again? What if I…..what if I die here? 

Screenshot-100 Screenshot-103 Screenshot-107

I managed to take what energy I had to stand up and lean against the wall for support. I just stared at the locked door. One of the many obstacles of the craved freedom. An watched me and stood up with me, probably in case if I collapsed. I’ve done it before and the floor is metal. Even in this hut, he’s still looking out for me. I then just burst into tears and start mumbling through the hard breaths I take with each tear. 

“I’m…I”m so–so sorry I got you into this An. You don’t deserve this. I can’t believe I talked…talked you into this. I’m so sorry I put our lives into danger. We shouldn’t of came.” I sobbed

“Oh, please Ashlynn. Don’t cry. I can’t bare to see you cry. ” he squinted his eyes, fighting back his own tears and sadness

“But, its true! I’m to blame for all of this. Everything. For you getting hurt, being captured, my own demise! I’ve caused everyone so much pain, even myself. This isn’t right. You don’t deserve to call me a friend.”

“That’s not true. I’m not sorry for any of this.”

“…Wha-what? What did you say?” I sniffled, rubbing my eyes of the tears

Screenshot-111 Screenshot-113


“An, don’t try to make me feel better by lying to me. It’s not going to work. I’m at fault, just admit that you resent me. I resent myself, so its okay for you to say it too. You don’t deserve to know me one bit.”

“What? No! That’s not what I meant. I wasn’t lying. I meant it, I’m not sorry for anything that’s happened. I really mean it.”

“Oh An!” I wobbled into his arms, burying my face into his chest

“Shhh, its okay Ashlynn. I told you, we will make it through this. I promise you.” he whispered

“How can you promise that? That’s a pretty big promise to make. I just want to go home. I want to hug my parents one last time. See my family in good spirits and their smiles. But, no. I have to be the overly ambitious Simamerican girl who wants to help those less fortunate and try to make a difference.” I cried

“Don’t say that Ashlynn. I wouldn’t have this anyway. I’m glad that I’m here with you. You want to know why? Because its that hunger and ambition I like. I’m amazed by how driven you are. There aren’t many people like you, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. Yes, this situation isn’t ideal, or desired but we knew that going in. So please don’t apologize.”

Screenshot-127 Screenshot-131

“See, its when you say things like that. How do I deserve such kind words? I don’t. Especially coming from you. You’re just being too kind and modest.”

“No I’m not. I’m saying these things because you need to know that I have feelings for you. Strong feelings. In fact, I’d say I’m in love with you Miss Ashlynn Shallow.

What? What did he just say? 

Screenshot-133 Screenshot-135

“What? What did you say?” I stuttered

“I revealed that I”m in love with you. I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way, but I need you to know this. After the course of time we’ve spent together and getting to know you, I’ve developed feelings for you and I can’t deny them any longer.” he repeated



“Or did you just want to hear me say it again?” he flashed a smile

“Oh. Hehe. You really do?”

“Haha yes Ashlynn. I really do.”

Screenshot-151 Screenshot-159

“Hehe sorry. Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t delirious.” I chuckled

Can say he did manage to put a smile on my face in such a grim time. And truth is, I think I love him too. 

“I love you too An. I’m glad you are apart of my life.”

That’s when he grabbed my arm and kissed me passionately. Our lips were locked tight, and I didn’t want it to end. 

Okay, that’s it for part two! I hoped you enjoyed it, and I”m sorry that it took this long to get out! 🙂 I’m happy with this being an ending point for a bit while I work on other projects. My other projects are missing me terribly, and need to be updated more than this does.

I’d like to give credit for simnights for An Li. She can be found on tumblr.

Also like to give credit to pose creators:

-Delight33 and Crasrcoss for Fear Poses 12 and 13

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The Kirk Legacy 3.6A

Hey Hey! Guess who’s back with an update? 😀 Its mee!!!! haha. Finally made it to the start of the plot line with this chapter and I’m excited to finally be publishing it. This chapter is a two parter, so bare with me. I don’t think this part is too lengthy, but I apologize if it is. I tried to cut it down. Hopefully it won’t be too much to get through. I’m going to try to get the second part out as soon as possible, but no promises because this weekend, and next week are busy again. I have a midterm on Monday-Wednesday. Have a chemistry quiz next Friday, and my group project volunteered first so that’s in two weeks too.

Some disclaimers…

1. I used google translation for Chinese translations, if it is wrong, I apologize. I’m not a Chinese speaking person, nor have I studied it so I have to rely on the internet.

2. Weapons are used in this chapter. I DO NOT condone violence or use of weapons of any kind. This is specifically used for storytelling purposes only.

3. The political and racial/ethnic problems mentioned in this chapter and generation are not real. They may be based off of actual historical events, but still ARE NOT real or true.

4. Profanity MAY BE used. 


I think that is all for now, credits will be mentioned at the end of the chapter. Remember, POV is that of the heir’s unless noted differently.


Screenshot Screenshot-6

Diary Entry #25:

We’ve been here a little over a week, and so far we haven’t really seen too much or done much of anything. Its very frustrating. Especially I lobbied so hard to make this expedition happen. I purposely put myself in this situation, and we have all been nothing but useless. We have been wondering around the countryside trying to stay hidden from anyone. An is worried we won’t be able to distinguish between rebels and the locals, besides whoever we find, it won’t be a friendly encounter. At least these are An’s theories. 

Today, we did the most exploring. We haven’t run into anyone, and I guess you could say our confidence levels increased so we stayed out until it was just about sundown. That’s when An stopped me, and had a curious look. 

“You know what doesn’t sound like a bad idea?” he let out a small smirk

“Ehh no I don’t. Please enlighten me.” I teased

“Well you know this used to be a tourist destination right? Why don’t we go exploring in the old temples that they used to have opened up to the public?”

“Why would we want to do that? I mean we aren’t here for vacation An….”

“Well, think about it Ashlynn. If rebels came and invaded your town, you’re first thought would flee right? What if the locals are hiding deep within the surrounding temples? If anyone knows the secret tunnels and rooms it would be them. So why don’t we go looking in them and see if we find anyone?” his eyes lit up as he explained his plan



He did have a point. But, to be honest that didn’t sound like a good idea. It sounded like a terrible idea. What if we got lost in those temples? Or what if there was an ambush waiting or the temples are the rebels’ hide out now? It would be us walking right into the lion’s den. I was torn between my fears, and An’s idea that seemed plausible. 

“Wouldn’t that be really dangerous and risky?” I felt my bottom lip start to frown

“You mean more dangerous and risky than us just being in this country?” An stated

I didn’t like his attitude or his tone, but again, he had a point. I mean how is that any worse than choosing to come out here in the first place. But, yet a part of me didn’t feel comfortable about this. It didn’t feel right. I just had a bad feeling that I couldn’t shake. 

“Ehhh I don’t know An. I just have a bad feeling about it.”

“Ashlynn you can’t hold out on me now. Don’t lose that passion you had for coming here and helping these people. I told you it would be risky and we’d be staring death straight in the face. You have to trust me. I will do everything to make sure you’re safe, even before my own safely. I promise.



“Just look at that broken down carriage. That’s a strong sign the rebels are either here already or have been here. Like you said, these people need compassionate people who are on their side. I know you’re with me, you’re just feeling scared because of what could happen. But, remember I’m here with you. Please Ashlynn, you have to trust me.” he pleaded

I looked over at the broken carriage he spoke of. He was right. It was a definite cry of help from these people. I can’t chicken out now. We’ve only begun to unravel the true events here…

“I know you’re right An. I just don’t like to be unsure about what I’m doing. I don’t like this cloudy judgement. I need to be straight, and focus on the mission at hand.” I admitted

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25

“I’m glad that you’re thinking rationally, believe me I am. I don’t want to sound like I’m being pushy either. I just don’t want you to regret this whole thing. Besides, the Ashlynn I’ve come to known wouldn’t want that either. She doesn’t like regrets. How about we start walking up to the temple and see how you feel once we get there?”

“Um….okay. That sounds fair.”

Why was An all of a sudden this brave, macho man? I’ve never seen that side of him before. Usually he’s very timid and knowledgeable. I was surprised by his words. I guess my compassion has started to wear off on him, and my boldness haha. Glad I’m doing more good than harm to him. As we started walking up the huge hill towards the “Dragon’s Head Temple” oddly enough my jitters did start to slowly fade away.  It wasn’t as menacing as I made it out to be. In face, the trees, shrubs and light dirt path leading up to the entrance gave off a calm serenity.

An lead the way of course, and new exactly where to go. The passageway was hidden behind a shrub. There was a old stairwell, the stone slowly withering away and crumbling. We came out into a big room, with what looked like small baths at one point. Each bathing station had lily pads, and looked fresh. Almost like it was waiting to be greeted with a presence. There were granite statues set up all around the room. An signaled to me that he found a secret passage way. In a way I became really excited since this is probably what earlier explorers actually did. They entered foreign empires and actually explored. Felt like time was turned back for the time being. It was hard to believe these structures were still in tact, and still existed. 

Screenshot-27 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-35

It was a magnificent place. There were ancient artifacts still in their original form. If this was a formal tour, I’m sure we wouldn’t of been able to touch them, but An and myself couldn’t help it.Everything was in ancient marble. It was simply beautiful. It was truly a palace for when Chinese emperors ruled the land. A temple for healing and calming atmosphere. Stunning sight it was. I wish I had a camera, I would post pictures for those who will read this after me. For now, I can only describe.  An was more adventurous than me and sticking his hand into compartments. I told him to be careful, but he just laughed at me. I feel somehow our roles have reversed since we’ve been with each other for so long. And I mean in a civil manner. 

Unfortunately, the Temple wasn’t very big and there wasn’t much to explore in and we did not find any body hiding down there. An seemed disappointed, but I was relieved. I didn’t want to encounter anyone, foe or potential friend. Plus, we figured it was nightfall and we had to find a suitable campsite to sleep. So we started to head back out of the Temple. 

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40

We finally reached the main hall with the stone staircase we came down, and we were about to ascend, but that’s when An put his arm out to stop. I quickly turned to look at him and was about to say what the hell An..but he put his index finger in front of his lips to tell me to be quiet. 

“Did you hear that?” he whispered

“Hear what?” I snorted

That’s when he put his index finger in front of his lips again, and then pointed up at the top of the stairs. So I listened closely. 

“Oh my God An what is that?”

“I don’t know. But, it sounds like people. Their voices, and their Chinese. I can’t tell if they’re from this region though. Their voices are too faint. It seems like us, they’re trying to be quiet too.”

My body started to tense up and palms became sweaty and clammy. This was not good. My heart started to pound faster, and I cringed where I stood behind An. Fear was setting in. My worst fear coming true. I knew this was a bad idea. We had no where to go. There was only one way out. 

Screenshot-42 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-48

That’s when An spun me around and his face turned serious. He was thinking exactly what I was. Those people talking above us are probably foes who will stop at nothing to eliminate us and we need to leave as soon as possible, but we have no way out. 

“Ashlynn, we need to get out of here. I don’t think the people above are ones we want to encounter. We need to figure out how to get out of here now. I need you to stay calm. Do you understand me?” he shook me shoulders

I didn’t know what to say. I was too dead in my tracks to move and respond. I just stared at him, and half-way nodded my head. What were we going to do? We were surrounded. There was only way out. Our best bet was to go deep into the Temple and hide. Even that was risky, and seemed stupid. 

“Ashlynn we need to leave. I don’t think hiding will do us any good. We are going to  walk up those stairs and slip past the enemy. Hope for the best afterwards.We can just stand here and wait for them to find us.”

“But….but An. That’s walking into the lion’s den. We will surely be killed or taken prisoner. I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” I quietly replied

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53

“Ashlynn, Miss Ashlynn….please trust me. I will lead the way. Besides, I brought cautionary measures in case we were to meet up with enemy. I wouldn’t let us run in blindly with no way to defend ourselves. Please trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you.” he pulled me into a soft hug

“An, I want to believe you. Really. But, I fear something bad is going to happen. I just know it. I don’t see us getting out of here easily like you make it out to be.”

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-8

That’s when An pulled out a gun from a carrier under his pant leg. He brought a fucking gun!? Holy shit. Or as they say, shit just hit the fan. This isn’t good. Reality started to set in, and paranoia came on. I was scared just to see him holding a gun. I’ve never seen a gun like that up close. Even my dad kept his gun put away growing up. He didn’t want us seeing them at all costs even if he did use it for his job and had permission to carry one. Did An really intend to use that?…

“An you brought a gun!?” I squeaked

 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-28

“Yes, I brought a hand gun to keep us safe and defend us. Do not worry Miss Ashlynn. I am fully trained to use this.” he explained,waving the gun around

“You planned on actually using that, and didn’t tell me you brought it?”

“I was hoping not to use it, but yes I did have a feeling it would be of good use. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think it was that important. I’m sorry I don’t have time to give you a full explanation. We need to start ascending up those stairs, slowly and carefully. See if we can track the enemy and plan a course of action to elude them.”

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-59

“But, An… can’t…we can’t do…..” I trailed off

“Please Miss Ashlynn, you need to come with me. We need to get out of here alive, and if that means confronting the enemy than so be it. ” he said, motioning his hand to follow him

I didn’t follow him right away. I was too numb to move. Everything was happening so fast, and not enough time to take it all in. All I could do was watch An’s figure slowly move up the stairs that were about to decide our fate. I couldn’t help but frown at him leaving. What if he was killed right there at the top of the stairs and I ended up alone…I can’t fathom seeing someone die in front of my eyes or what if I die? No. That’ can’t happen. I just can’t. I had to be behind An. I don’t know how, but I built up the courage to walk up those stairs and see what was waiting for us. 

Screenshot-61 Screenshot-65



When I arrived outside of the Dragon’s Cave and walked out I couldn’t believe what I saw. An was standing there surrounded by what looked to be rebels with swords as weapons. An’s gun was by his side. Why didn’t he shoot them? And why are they using swords? All I could do was gasp and hold my hands by my mouth to stop myself from screaming. An was just standing there helpless. Its almost like he didn’t even try to elude the enemy and walked right up to them. But, why? They weren’t speaking, just looking at each other with glaring eyes. There was one man that didn’t have a weapon. He must be their leader I thought. He had an evil look on his face. I could just feel how malicious he was down to his core being. I wanted to say something to An, but I couldn’t produce any sound, I just mouthed the words. I was so useless. 

Screenshot-74 Screenshot-78

I hung my head down. How could I possibly be any help? I mean really. What was I accomplishing by standing there and watching my friend in what looked like a hostile situation, and could end up getting hurt. All I had was a lousy pocket knife Cale gave me one year for my birthday. I don’t know how to use it in combat. I only know how to use my fists, and I wasn’t very skilled in using them. We might as well be dead at this moment. I mentally dissected all possible situations and I don’t see us surviving any of them. That’s when my thought processes were jolted by sudden movement by one of the men surrounding An. 

“Pàntú, nǐ zěnme gǎn yǔ zhè jiā měiguó!” he stepped closer to An, moving his sword closer to An’s neck

I thought the Chinese man standing in front of An was going to slice him up right there in front of me. All I could do was hold my breath, and leave one eye open preparing for the worst. 

“Wǒmen tuòqì nǐ de shànliáng. Zhè shì shénme yuányīn shǐ wǒmen de guójiā shībàile, nánrén dōu xǐhuān nǐ shuí jiāo hǎo nǚxìng.”

“Nǐ wèishéme zhèyàng zuò, zhèxiē rén zài zhège dìqū. Zhèxiē dōu shì hěn hǎo de mínsú, tāmen zhǐ néng jǐnliàng móushēng de themselves.They bù huì shānghài rènhé rén.” An complained

He must of been asking him what he was doing, or asking why they were doing these to the local people. 

Screenshot-83 Screenshot-88

I don’t know what came over me, but I think adrenaline set in and I stepped forward from the shadows and started yelling at An. 

“An you have to stop! They will hurt you if you talk like that to them! We need to get out of here!” I screamed

That’s when the people surrounding him all shot my way. I took a step back. I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn’t move any farther. They started to tremble. What now? I thought. That was when two of the people walked towards me. I couldn’t believe that they were women. Women aren’t treated as equal usually in Chinese culture. But, they were wielding swords as were the men. This rebel group seemed to be highly evolved above the traditional culture, or the women were meant to deal with women who resisted or ran away? They walked towards me with no emotions. They stood in front of me, blocking me from running. 

“An, what are we to do now? What are they going to do with us?”

Screenshot-90 Screenshot-94

An didn’t say anything to me. He just stood there mute. That was until the leader of this group stepped forward towards An, looking more smug than before. His demeanor was threatening. Sent chills down my spine. 

“Nǐ wàirén yǐwéi nǐ shénme dōu zhīdào méiyǒu nǐ. Hǎole, wǒmen huì kàn dào nǐ zhēn de zhīdào duōshǎo.” he gritted through his teeth

I wasn’t sure what the man was saying, but I knew it wasn’t good. An didn’t say anything in response back to the man either. I wasn’t sure what An was playing at. All I know is  I was scared, confused and wanted to break down from the intensity. 

“Shénme? Cóng zhèxiē jiùxīng wú xiǎngyìng? Xíngdòng wú jìhuà dǎbài wǒmen, bāngzhù zhèxiē rén ne? Hǎole, ràng wǒmen dài nǐ huí dàole wǒmen, gàosù nǐ rúhé shuōfú zhēn de kěyǐ.”

Those were the last words spoken by anyone. The next thing I knew they were forcing us down the hill with their swords pointed high at us. I tried to whisper to An, but if we tried talking they pushed us to the ground and threatened us by swinging their sword around, so I complied. They were talking us somewhere Maybe their hideout? Or maybe they weren’t taking us anywhere but our death bed. I had no idea. All I know is I was regretting every decision I made to come here, and I wanted to be home safe. 


An Li by simnights

Swords by rosesims

Guns by live2draw

Okay that’s it! 🙂 You have to imagine it as she isn’t writing it in present time though since that wouldn’t be possible. Hopefully that makes sense. hoping to get Part Two out soon! 🙂

The Kirk Legacy 2.6

2.6 is here! 🙂 Excited to be updating so quickly, since we know once school starts it will be back to being updated slowly. This chapter is shorter than the other ones, but is a lot of dialogue so keep that in mind. Also, 2.7 will be broken up into two parts, lots of stuff is going to be happening. I wrote separate post about this, but Daniel Sanford and David Hertz are available for download under the Downloads tab, in case you wanted them in your game.

NOTE: Strong Language may be used, use to your own discretion. 




Diary Entry #24: 

So things have definitely been awkward since Nadine and I’s (Can you say I’s”? ) argument. She’s been avoiding me, and I do the same to her. Its uncomfortable to even be caught in the same room with her. We each get a horrified look as if we’ve been caught doing something illegal. It’s pathetic. We don’t eat in the same room, and don’t even use the stairs at the same time. I still don’t see how this is my fucking fault (excuse my language, its a touch subject). Who reacts that way when someone confesses their feelings for you? I know she feels the same way, and I don’t know why she’s hurting herself and me by denying the truth. Its very frustrating. Not only am I guy (let’s face it, we know nothing about women, its a trial and error process for us), but she’s one confusing woman. I honestly will never know the mystery behind her, because she won’t let me in. I only want to help because I genuinely care for her. Sadly, even my mother has taken notice that somethings off between us lately. And as we know her, she has to medal in her children’s endeavors, whether that love life or not. Ugh, my mother I tell ya. 



As I said, she’s noticed that there’s some awkwardness between Nadine and me. I saw it in her face one day when Nadine passed by me and her face turned into a disgusted look. My mom of course had a look of hurt, and frowned. I wanted to explain, but she wouldn’t understand I think, or she probably already knows since she catches on quick. She had to mention it one morning at breakfast and put her two cents in about the matter. I really didn’t want to hear it to be honest.

“So what’s this problem you and Nadine are having? I thought you guys were doing great.” she blurts out

“Mhmm.” I mumbled back

“Well why don’t you just talk to her? Tell her how you feel and why you feel this way. Let her know, its the only way she understands things. She’s never been shown empathy, so she doesn’t quite understand it. Just tell her sweetie.”


“Ugh, mom its not that easy. This isn’t how shit works. I shouldn’t have to baby step feelings to someone! Its common sense, why would I say those things? I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket genius to figure these things out. And she should reevaluate how she reacted. I’m just sick of trying to explain myself to everyone. And I’m getting a little tired of people, such as my parents sticking their noses in my business.”

“Well excuse me mr. moody.” she mocked

“I’m sorry mom, everything just seems to be getting on my nerves, and I hate that you and dad don’t seem to think I don’t know anything even though I’m an adult. Its like just because I offered to stay here, and take over the house as you two get older, you feel the need to treat me like a child. It gets old quick.” I sighed

“Sorry sweetie, its the motherlyness in me. You know I can’t help it, I do it to your sisters too. Delia is a intern, and I’m telling her how to do her job, when really she knows more than me. I’ve also been giving Taryn relationship advice too since she’s in a situation too. Its what I do, I’m your mother.”

She had a point. I forget that she can’t help it, we’ve all seen it before. Mom’s just say what’s on their mind when it comes to their kids and significant other. Ugh, hate when I can’t be mad at her because she does make valid points. But, then again no reason for her to get into her grown son’s business. Ugh, have too much on my mind these days. Its definitely been taking its toll on me. I haven’t been sleeping or focusing at work like I should, and I’ve even taken in more hours. Its like my life doesn’t make any sense anymore. 

Screenshot-6Screenshot-7Diary Entry #25:

My mother and her big mouth. She told my dad that I had an argument with Nadine, and somehow she coaxed him into talking to me about it, and about giving me advice. Damn them for getting married haha. They have way too good of communication in their relationship, my mom can tell my dad to do anything and he’ll agree. But, then again I think there’s a side of him that’s scared shitless of my mother. I know I am. So today, I received a lecture from my father. Again, these two forget I’m a grown man, an adult for fucking sake’s! Its that so much to ask for to be treated like one? Maybe I’m just overreacting. Again, sorry for dropping the f-bomb lately, its in my normal language believe it or not haha. I know I don’t look the type to use it, but I do. I’ll try to censor, but no guarantees since I don’t know who will be the one reading this one day. Son or daughter, not sure. 

“So, Josh what’s new with you?” he smiled

“Uhh hey dad. Nothing is new really, I’m sure you’d know before I would haha.” I tried to laugh it off as if I was being interrogated



“Yeah, I highly doubt that. Your mother already told me what she’s found out.”

“Yeah I know she would. Why did you ask then? Its really no big deal like you and her seem to perceive it as.”




“I wouldn’t say its a big deal per say, but its important though. I know how you feel about her, and this could cause major damage in this almost relationship.” he looked straightforward

“But, dad….” I started

“But, you know I’m somewhat right. But, I know that you’re going to give up on her that easily. You’re like your mother in that nature, don’t give up easily. Believe me I’ve seen that plenty, living with you two for so long haha. I only want to help you, even though your mother did ask me too, but I know you don’t want your mom having this conversation with you haha.”

“Haha you may have a point.”

Did he have a point? Maybe. Can’t be for certain since he doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to relationships either. He’s made up for that in time, but I know mom hasn’t forgotten completely and either have I. Should I listen to what he has to say? Probably, dads usually do have good advice even if it sounds lame at times. And he’s right, I don’t want to have this conversation with mom. She makes things awkward and embarrassing. She has no boundaries needless to say haha. So, I did give him a chance to hear him out. Here goes nothing I guess. 

“We had a fight dad, err more of an argument I’d say. I’m confused as to why she reacted that way. I told her my true feelings for, and she doesn’t believe that I was telling the truth. She thinks I’m playing some cruel trick on her. That’s the main gist of it.” I admitted shyly




“Okay, well that’s a start. I could use more details, but I shouldn’t be the one to dabble into your personal life that much even though you do live here. But, I have to ask. Did you say you love her?” he asked seriously

“I might of….but…”

“Josh, Josh. First, glad you told her the truth. No one likes a liar. Second, let’s remember what type of relationship she just came out of. An abusive one, where real love wasn’t expressed. Yes, it was almost six months ago, and yes they are legally separated, but that’s not something that she can just bounce back from.”

“I’m listening.” I leaned in closer

“Okay, well this was her first relationship ever too, so she’ll always have some kind of feelings for him. We all know that, so she has that mindset that she doesn’t deserve someone better than him. That’s where you come into play. You’re a much better than man then her ex, its a known fact and Nadine knows this, but won’t admit it. She feels bad for having feelings for you because she feels like she doesn’t deserve you.” he explained

I could feel my one eyebrow raise, as I always do when I’m thinking about what just happened. Its a look that makes me look douchey I think haha. But, that’s not the point. Surprisingly my dad made logic for once. Usually his reasoning is never valid  even though he tries hard to make you believe in them. He had a point, and he’s right I didn’t think of that. I’ve only been focusing on the present, not the past. Her past has a huge influence on her future, and I didn’t even realize it. That’s why she thinks its pity love. She thinks I feel sorry that she wasn’t treated well before, so I feel its my place to make-up for it. Of course that’s not true, but what she said makes sense now. Just hate to admit I was wrong, but still. 




“Alright dad, I see what you’re saying. You’re right I did forget about her past, and how it impacts her relationships now. Also, everything she said makes sense now, and I can understand why she feels that way now. I feel like an asshole now not seeing it from her point of view, but its the things we do in the heat of an argument right?”

“I’d just let her cool off, and give her some space. Arguments need time to diffuse, believe me I know it all too well with you mom. Then go apologize or whatever you want to say, that sounds sympathetic of course.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.” I nodded

So that’s what I’ll do. I’ll give it maybe two weeks? Or a week of awkwardness and try to talk to her again. I might have to corner her again, even though I hate doing that. Its the only way she’ll talk to someone though. Oh well, she needs to know I”m sorry for being one-sided about everything. Plus, I want her how committed I am to my feelings despite what she feels. Will she like what i have to say? Something tells me know, but she’ll put in consideration and she’ll remember it. I know that at least. 



Diary Entry #26:

Nothing new has really been going on lately. As i said, I’ve been keeping the space between Nadine and myself. It’s hard when I see her practically everyday, the only time is the few hours she’s gone to work. I’ve been working more, and solving more cases lately since my mind has been more clear lately. I can give some credit to Nadine for that. She’s not completely on my brain, and I’m not worrying about what I’ve done wrong for once. But, again its hard when I sheer her and the perfect moment comes to where I can talk to her. We’re finally making small eye contact now, that makes me happy. She has beautiful eyes, and she’s told me she likes mine. But, then she jokes on how it makes me look like my mom even more haha. 



But, tonight was when I decided I’d talk to her. I woke up extra early because I know she still has trouble sleeping alone. She has nightmares about Dan, and about Robbie. She’s often told me that she just stands and stares outside the ponders about her life. She always questions why she was meant to be on this earth, and why her life has turned out the way it is. It saddened me when she admitted this to me the morning after we first had sex. It made me hold her closer, and she snuggled in closer into me. I can’t help but have feelings for her, not because I feel sorry for her but because underneath the surface she’s a complex woman, who I can’t help but like. She has so much insight on things I’ve never thought of. She’s experienced life more than I have, and we’re practically the same age. She keeps on surprising me, and I love that about her. 

*knock, knock* ” Nadine, are you up?” I whispered through the door

“Ugh, yes Josh. What do you want?” she snapped back

“I only want to talk to you, clear the air.”




She took her time walking to the door, I could hear her light footsteps on the carpet. She slowly opened the door, and wasn’t making eye contact. I told her thanks, and I slowly moved the door and walked into her room. My heart was starting to race. What would I say? How do you start this type of conversation? I had no idea to be honest, so I resorted to winging the whole thing. That’s when I felt my face turning to a frown, I couldn’t help but feel sad about everything. My lips almost starting quivering, but I forced myself to stop. There’s no need to get emotional, just tell her what you want her to know. Regardless of what she objects to. 

“Look, I just came here to set things straight.” I said quietly

“Oh? Well, I’m listening.” she crossed her arms

I wanted to touch her. I wanted to feel what she was feeling (if that makes sense). Just because she’s crossing her arms doesn’t mean that’s how she’s feeling. I couldn’t help but hug her. I didn’t care if she didn’t like it, she had to hear what I had to say. 

“Look, I realize now I was acting selfish. I didn’t put your feelings or past into consideration when I told you I loved you. I can see why you think what you do, and I want to reassure you that its not pity. Its the real, Nadine that I’ve fallen for. Its not because I feel the need to “fix” you or your life. I honestly want you in ever way.”




I moved my hands down to hers, tangling my fingers with hers. I loved holding her hands, they complete mine. It sounds clique, but its the only way I can describe it. Our hands were made to hold one another’s. I didn’t even look up, but I kept on talking. I didn’t want to hear what she had to say until I was done. 

“I know saying these words might not change the way you feel, and I understand that. But, you know that I’m the type to admit when I’m wrong. I was wrong for assuming how you felt, and for you to just jump into a relationship when you were done wrong before. But, I can’t tell you I’ll deny how I feel, and I feel like you shouldn’t lying to yourself either. This might sound douchey, but I know you have some ounce of feelings for me. I can feel it and see it.” I laid out the truth

Screenshot-29I leaned in once more, kissing he forehead and whispered one last thing. The most important thing I need her to know. This is what I want her to remember most. I could feel her body tense up as I pulled her close for me to kiss her. She was just as nervous as me, and that made me feel better. Knowing we’re feeling the same way makes me become more comfortable with her. 

“The last thing I want to say is what I’ve been wanting to say is something I want you to remember most about this conversation and me. As I said before, the I think I love you as turned to I know I love you. I’ll be honest I don’t know how to feel about me. You’re very good at masking your feelings, and I don’t mind. You don’t have to tell me or show me just yet. But, I want you to know I’ll wait for you to tell me and show me. If you aren’t ready yet, that’s fine. I’ll wait until you feel comfortable enough to tell me the truth. I love you know, and I can tell you I’ll always love you. Might it sound hopeless? Sure, but I have a strong feeling one day you’ll say the same. Maybe not just yet. I just want you to know these things because you can’t just ignore me or your feelings. Plus, this will give you things to think about since I’ll be waiting. There’s no rush. Nadine Violet Sanford, I love you.”


She didn’t say anything, but she finally breathed. She was holding it the whole time I just admitted what I’ve truly been feelings. I couldn’t tell if that was a good or bad sign, but she did eventually uncross her arms, and that gave me some relief. I couldn’t help but stare into her light, innocent eyes, and she stared back into mine. She didn’t say anything, but a small smile came across her face and I knew she was happy to hear those words. I didn’t need her to say anything. She said everything in that one smile, and I knew exactly what she was feeling. I also knew I’d be waiting for her, and I didn’t mind. 

2.6 everyone! My favorite chapter of this generation I must say. I had fun writing it, even though I still feel like it could be better :/ As I mentioned, its was more dialogue than anything, but very important. 2.7 is going to be two parts, and dare I say lots of drama. I hope you enjoyed this chapter 🙂 Thanks for reading!

The Kirk Legacy 1.6

Alright! I’m back 🙂 Game fixed and all! I just have to figure out some mods, and we’ll be all good! Chapter 6 is finally upon us! So let’s get it started right?

NOTE: I had to remake the house and move them into Twinbrook again, so the house is going to look a little different. Sorry for that.

Diary Entry #20:

Wow its been a few weeks hasn’t it? My bad. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. You know what it is too. Moving. I’ll tell you the truth, I really don’t want to. But, as I said I would, I’m weighing out the options, and pros/cons. Just because I know I would want him to do the same, if roles were reversed right now. Shortly after he told me to think about this new idea of his, I was given a deadline…in a nice way. I’m not a fan of deadlines, but whatever. I told him I’d give me an answer by the time he requested.

Well, that deadline is starting to creep up fast. Adan knows this too, so lately he’s been trying his best to sway my choice in his “discreet” way. I don’t know if he thinks I’m stupid, or just enjoy seeing him suck up. Either way, I don’t mind really haha.

“You know? A new, spacious house would be nice sweetie.” Adan mentioned one night while lounging on the bed

“You could earn more money with your job too in Bridgeport, bigger city, bigger money.”

“Yeah, I know..but I don’t know if I can handle all of the people who live there. Plus, they would know I’m not a native, so I’d be treated differently at work. I don’t want to deal with that.” I explained

“You are right though, a nicer house would be better. I’ll give you that one.”

“Oh my God Beth. Honey, you worry too much, and think things out way to far.” He closed his eyes in disbelief

“Whaaat? I’m only being realistic.” I playfully argued

“There will be a lot of things for you to do, with or without me, plus, it would be a good cultural shock for us…errr, or just you.”

“Maybe if you weren’t hounding me about this whole moving thing, I wouldn’t have to think things out fully.”

“Oh, well in that case. Let’s take your mind off of it then.” He winked at me, sliding his body closer to mine

“Hehe…do you have to make me giggle every time you do that face?” I giggled

“Of course, have to make my wife smile, even if snorting is included in doing so.”

“Hey now, that’s not funny.”

“I’m only teasing, just showing how much I love you.” he whispered

“I love you too.” I breathed

Needless to say, he had his ways of trying to mix up my thinking about moving or keeping my mind off of it. He put in a good effort, I’ll give him that.

For example, one day I was looking at renting and buy prices of the houses in that area, and what does Adan do? Decides its time to bring out his guitar, whom is named “Nelly”. Yes, I know. My reaction too when I found out it had a name. Anyway, I can work through annoyances, but I know he was only doing it on purpose to keep my eyes on him. He came right out in the living room and starting belting it out.

Or last week when he purposely went online to look at cheaper prices for places to rent, and try to contradict my findings. Ugh, he can be so annoying when he wants to be. Lately, his new tactic is to look in the local Bridgeport paper that you can buy at the grocery store, and seeking out all ads that are advertising struggling bands, who think they have talent and need someone to sponsor them. Adan plays the guilt trip on me, saying how he feels the need to help them get where they want to be. I just answer with a “mhm” or “That’s nice.”

Diary Entry #21:

Today is deadline time. Yep, I’ve made my choice. And no, I didn’t change it. I don’t want to move, and I don’t intend on moving. That sounded kinda heartless, sorry. I just don’t see this move benefiting me, or us as a couple. The only thing I see is it helping Adan out. Which is nice, but we’re a couple now. Its not about what he or I want, its about what “we” want. I don’t think he quite understands that yet. Let’s just hope he supports my choice. To tell you truth, I’m a little nervous to tell him. You never know how he’s going to react.

“So, what ya think about moving?” he asked cheerfully at dinner

“Oh, I was supposed to have an answer by today?” I asked

“Ugh, what? Beth! Come on! Really?”

“Haha only kidding!”

“You better be.” he playfully pouted

“Aww don’t be pouty” I teased

“Haha don’t worry I won’t. Are you going to tell me what you think about it though?”

“Yes, I told you I would think about it, like you asked.”

“So?” he was growing impatient

“I don’t want to move. I don’t like the idea or Bridgeport. I’m sorry Adan, but I can’t do it. I hate to let you down like this.” I apologetically said

Shortly after I broke him the bad news, he became quiet, well, mute. He just looked at him with a straight face, and then he’d look down at his food and continue eating. He continued this throughout the whole dinner. Finally, I couldn’t handle the awkward silence so I got up to wash my dish off.

It was still quiet when I scooted my chair out from underneath the table, to get up. After washing my dish, Adan was still quiet, so I decided to put the leftovers away, that’s when I heard him get up to wash his plate. I looked at him, but he didn’t meet my gaze. This made me feel uneasy. But, I didn’t want to interfere with his thoughts, plus I was tired, so I turned around and headed for the bedroom.

That was until Adan stopped me.

“Wait, Beth can I talk to you.” he asked softly

“Sure, everything okay?” I held his hand

Once I asked that simple question, that’s where everything turned sour. His face changed from, a saddened look to a raging one. Obviously he wasn’t happy with the choice I made.

“No everything is not okay!” he raised his voice, ripping his hand out of mine

“Well, calm down. There’s no need to get heated.” I tried to mediate

“No, I ‘m going to say what I have to say. Why do you have to ruin things that are so perfect! I had the best plan for us, and moving would be easier on the both of us!”

“Excuse me? I didn’t ruin anything! You asked for my opinion, so I gave it! I’m sorry you didn’t like what I had to say!”

“Why do you always make things about you! You make it sound like you’re the only important person in this relationship!” I pointed out

“What? I do no-ugh! I’m done, I’m going to bed. We don’t have to move! We can do things the hard way then! Just for you.” he threw his hands up in frustration

He just walked away, mad of course. To make matters worse, I was aggravated too. We only have one bedroom too, it was the most awkward thing I’ve ever done. Going to bed with someone you’re mad at. He just glared at me when I climbed into bed, me being the way I am, glared back and snapped at him with ” what?”. He just pulled the covers over him, and turned to face the wall, and I did the same. This is the one issue in our relationship. Adan can’t handle if my views are different from his. And when they are, he doesn’t know how to take them in and leave it. Instead, he just blows up and makes me feeling bad. That night i had tears streaming down my face, trying to fall asleep.

Diary Entry #22:

Its been a week and in half. We still haven’t spoken and everything’s awkward and strained. Its like we’re strangers living in a house together. Honestly, we don’t even make eye contact.

You know what, instead of it feeling like we’re strangers. Its more like I live alone. That’s a good way to put it. Adan avoids me at all costs. I wake up alone, we keep our distance while sleeping in bed, and he eats without me. Its really heart-breaking to be honest. I’m not mad anymore, it takes a lot for me to stay mad at someone. I’m more heart-broken and sad at this point that he doesn’t even want to associate with me. I don’t deserve the cold shoulder because of having an opinion and deciding against him.

I didn’t even want to come home after work. Instead I went to the local schoolyard and sat on the swings, collecting my thoughts. I probably looked stupid, but at this point I didn’t really care. I just moved the wing back and forth with my feet, thinking about the good times with Adan. Yes, we’ve had a great moments with each other. Just makes me sad that he gets upset over something like this.

During this day dream of mine, I hadn’t noticed Adan sitting on the swing next to me looking up into the sky. I looked over and quickly turned away. I wasn’t sure why he was here, especially since avoiding me has been his goal this whole time.

“Um, Adan…what are you doing here?” I managed to get out

“Swinging with my wife, of course.” he smiled as he walked backwards to start swinging

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Why? Because I love her.”

I’ll admit that did make me smile, but I didn’t want him to forget what he’s done to me so the smile quickly fell from my face, remembering how he’s made me fell all week.

“You know you really broke my heart by avoiding me all week.” I started sobbing

Right as I started blubbering, he planted his feed down in the sand to stop swinging, by this point I stood up so he could hear what I had to say. But instead, all that came out were tears, all I could do was put my hands over my face.

That’s when he got up from his swing and stood in front of me, pulling my hands away from my eyes. He looked right at me and half-smiled.

“I’m sorry. I know it was hurting you, but I didn’t know what to say at the time. So I avoided having another argument with you the best way I knew how. ” he apologized

“You could of said hi or something sweet!” I cried out

He chuckled, and pulled me into his arms, kissing my cheek.

“Aww, you know that’s not my strong suit.”

I started to giggle, because he was, in fact, bad at that.

“So? effort counts.”

“Next time, well hopefully there won’t be a next time, but if there is…I’ll think about doing that. How about that?” he smiled at me, sliding his hands to hold my hips

“I guess that works.” I sniffled

“You know I love you.”

Before I could say those famous three words, he kissed me. Forgot how much I missed that feeling. Butterflies in your stomach, feeling all of those emotions at once.

After that long-waited kiss from him (a week and a half is a long time to go without), I grabbed his hands and smiled, asking him about the the whole moving issue.

“You know we have to sort this problem out now. You can’t just avoid me.” I swayed our hands from side to side

“Yeah,  I know. I was just frustrated because I thought it was a good idea. I’m sorry about flipping out. I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to do.” he looks ashamed

“Its okay, just glad you respect my choice.”

“Of course I do, just don’t have a good way of showing it all the time.”

“You got that right.” I teased

“Haha well, I just want you to know I might be gone a lot.” his smile turned into a frown.

“Yeah, I know. But, you’ll still call and stuff right?”

“Of course! You can trust me.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.” I smiled

“And I’ll call you, or you could just come visit me too. Have a taste of city life” he smiled back

“Don’t push your luck.”

“Haha alright, it was worth a shot.”

Finally! Chapter 6 is out! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it!