The Kirk Legacy 3.6A

Hey Hey! Guess who’s back with an update? 😀 Its mee!!!! haha. Finally made it to the start of the plot line with this chapter and I’m excited to finally be publishing it. This chapter is a two parter, so bare with me. I don’t think this part is too lengthy, but I apologize if it is. I tried to cut it down. Hopefully it won’t be too much to get through. I’m going to try to get the second part out as soon as possible, but no promises because this weekend, and next week are busy again. I have a midterm on Monday-Wednesday. Have a chemistry quiz next Friday, and my group project volunteered first so that’s in two weeks too.

Some disclaimers…

1. I used google translation for Chinese translations, if it is wrong, I apologize. I’m not a Chinese speaking person, nor have I studied it so I have to rely on the internet.

2. Weapons are used in this chapter. I DO NOT condone violence or use of weapons of any kind. This is specifically used for storytelling purposes only.

3. The political and racial/ethnic problems mentioned in this chapter and generation are not real. They may be based off of actual historical events, but still ARE NOT real or true.

4. Profanity MAY BE used. 


I think that is all for now, credits will be mentioned at the end of the chapter. Remember, POV is that of the heir’s unless noted differently.


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Diary Entry #25:

We’ve been here a little over a week, and so far we haven’t really seen too much or done much of anything. Its very frustrating. Especially I lobbied so hard to make this expedition happen. I purposely put myself in this situation, and we have all been nothing but useless. We have been wondering around the countryside trying to stay hidden from anyone. An is worried we won’t be able to distinguish between rebels and the locals, besides whoever we find, it won’t be a friendly encounter. At least these are An’s theories. 

Today, we did the most exploring. We haven’t run into anyone, and I guess you could say our confidence levels increased so we stayed out until it was just about sundown. That’s when An stopped me, and had a curious look. 

“You know what doesn’t sound like a bad idea?” he let out a small smirk

“Ehh no I don’t. Please enlighten me.” I teased

“Well you know this used to be a tourist destination right? Why don’t we go exploring in the old temples that they used to have opened up to the public?”

“Why would we want to do that? I mean we aren’t here for vacation An….”

“Well, think about it Ashlynn. If rebels came and invaded your town, you’re first thought would flee right? What if the locals are hiding deep within the surrounding temples? If anyone knows the secret tunnels and rooms it would be them. So why don’t we go looking in them and see if we find anyone?” his eyes lit up as he explained his plan



He did have a point. But, to be honest that didn’t sound like a good idea. It sounded like a terrible idea. What if we got lost in those temples? Or what if there was an ambush waiting or the temples are the rebels’ hide out now? It would be us walking right into the lion’s den. I was torn between my fears, and An’s idea that seemed plausible. 

“Wouldn’t that be really dangerous and risky?” I felt my bottom lip start to frown

“You mean more dangerous and risky than us just being in this country?” An stated

I didn’t like his attitude or his tone, but again, he had a point. I mean how is that any worse than choosing to come out here in the first place. But, yet a part of me didn’t feel comfortable about this. It didn’t feel right. I just had a bad feeling that I couldn’t shake. 

“Ehhh I don’t know An. I just have a bad feeling about it.”

“Ashlynn you can’t hold out on me now. Don’t lose that passion you had for coming here and helping these people. I told you it would be risky and we’d be staring death straight in the face. You have to trust me. I will do everything to make sure you’re safe, even before my own safely. I promise.



“Just look at that broken down carriage. That’s a strong sign the rebels are either here already or have been here. Like you said, these people need compassionate people who are on their side. I know you’re with me, you’re just feeling scared because of what could happen. But, remember I’m here with you. Please Ashlynn, you have to trust me.” he pleaded

I looked over at the broken carriage he spoke of. He was right. It was a definite cry of help from these people. I can’t chicken out now. We’ve only begun to unravel the true events here…

“I know you’re right An. I just don’t like to be unsure about what I’m doing. I don’t like this cloudy judgement. I need to be straight, and focus on the mission at hand.” I admitted

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-25

“I’m glad that you’re thinking rationally, believe me I am. I don’t want to sound like I’m being pushy either. I just don’t want you to regret this whole thing. Besides, the Ashlynn I’ve come to known wouldn’t want that either. She doesn’t like regrets. How about we start walking up to the temple and see how you feel once we get there?”

“Um….okay. That sounds fair.”

Why was An all of a sudden this brave, macho man? I’ve never seen that side of him before. Usually he’s very timid and knowledgeable. I was surprised by his words. I guess my compassion has started to wear off on him, and my boldness haha. Glad I’m doing more good than harm to him. As we started walking up the huge hill towards the “Dragon’s Head Temple” oddly enough my jitters did start to slowly fade away.  It wasn’t as menacing as I made it out to be. In face, the trees, shrubs and light dirt path leading up to the entrance gave off a calm serenity.

An lead the way of course, and new exactly where to go. The passageway was hidden behind a shrub. There was a old stairwell, the stone slowly withering away and crumbling. We came out into a big room, with what looked like small baths at one point. Each bathing station had lily pads, and looked fresh. Almost like it was waiting to be greeted with a presence. There were granite statues set up all around the room. An signaled to me that he found a secret passage way. In a way I became really excited since this is probably what earlier explorers actually did. They entered foreign empires and actually explored. Felt like time was turned back for the time being. It was hard to believe these structures were still in tact, and still existed. 

Screenshot-27 Screenshot-29 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-35

It was a magnificent place. There were ancient artifacts still in their original form. If this was a formal tour, I’m sure we wouldn’t of been able to touch them, but An and myself couldn’t help it.Everything was in ancient marble. It was simply beautiful. It was truly a palace for when Chinese emperors ruled the land. A temple for healing and calming atmosphere. Stunning sight it was. I wish I had a camera, I would post pictures for those who will read this after me. For now, I can only describe.  An was more adventurous than me and sticking his hand into compartments. I told him to be careful, but he just laughed at me. I feel somehow our roles have reversed since we’ve been with each other for so long. And I mean in a civil manner. 

Unfortunately, the Temple wasn’t very big and there wasn’t much to explore in and we did not find any body hiding down there. An seemed disappointed, but I was relieved. I didn’t want to encounter anyone, foe or potential friend. Plus, we figured it was nightfall and we had to find a suitable campsite to sleep. So we started to head back out of the Temple. 

Screenshot-39 Screenshot-40

We finally reached the main hall with the stone staircase we came down, and we were about to ascend, but that’s when An put his arm out to stop. I quickly turned to look at him and was about to say what the hell An..but he put his index finger in front of his lips to tell me to be quiet. 

“Did you hear that?” he whispered

“Hear what?” I snorted

That’s when he put his index finger in front of his lips again, and then pointed up at the top of the stairs. So I listened closely. 

“Oh my God An what is that?”

“I don’t know. But, it sounds like people. Their voices, and their Chinese. I can’t tell if they’re from this region though. Their voices are too faint. It seems like us, they’re trying to be quiet too.”

My body started to tense up and palms became sweaty and clammy. This was not good. My heart started to pound faster, and I cringed where I stood behind An. Fear was setting in. My worst fear coming true. I knew this was a bad idea. We had no where to go. There was only one way out. 

Screenshot-42 Screenshot-45 Screenshot-48

That’s when An spun me around and his face turned serious. He was thinking exactly what I was. Those people talking above us are probably foes who will stop at nothing to eliminate us and we need to leave as soon as possible, but we have no way out. 

“Ashlynn, we need to get out of here. I don’t think the people above are ones we want to encounter. We need to figure out how to get out of here now. I need you to stay calm. Do you understand me?” he shook me shoulders

I didn’t know what to say. I was too dead in my tracks to move and respond. I just stared at him, and half-way nodded my head. What were we going to do? We were surrounded. There was only way out. Our best bet was to go deep into the Temple and hide. Even that was risky, and seemed stupid. 

“Ashlynn we need to leave. I don’t think hiding will do us any good. We are going to  walk up those stairs and slip past the enemy. Hope for the best afterwards.We can just stand here and wait for them to find us.”

“But….but An. That’s walking into the lion’s den. We will surely be killed or taken prisoner. I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” I quietly replied

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-53

“Ashlynn, Miss Ashlynn….please trust me. I will lead the way. Besides, I brought cautionary measures in case we were to meet up with enemy. I wouldn’t let us run in blindly with no way to defend ourselves. Please trust me. I won’t let anything happen to you.” he pulled me into a soft hug

“An, I want to believe you. Really. But, I fear something bad is going to happen. I just know it. I don’t see us getting out of here easily like you make it out to be.”

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-8

That’s when An pulled out a gun from a carrier under his pant leg. He brought a fucking gun!? Holy shit. Or as they say, shit just hit the fan. This isn’t good. Reality started to set in, and paranoia came on. I was scared just to see him holding a gun. I’ve never seen a gun like that up close. Even my dad kept his gun put away growing up. He didn’t want us seeing them at all costs even if he did use it for his job and had permission to carry one. Did An really intend to use that?…

“An you brought a gun!?” I squeaked

 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-28

“Yes, I brought a hand gun to keep us safe and defend us. Do not worry Miss Ashlynn. I am fully trained to use this.” he explained,waving the gun around

“You planned on actually using that, and didn’t tell me you brought it?”

“I was hoping not to use it, but yes I did have a feeling it would be of good use. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think it was that important. I’m sorry I don’t have time to give you a full explanation. We need to start ascending up those stairs, slowly and carefully. See if we can track the enemy and plan a course of action to elude them.”

Screenshot-56 Screenshot-59

“But, An… can’t…we can’t do…..” I trailed off

“Please Miss Ashlynn, you need to come with me. We need to get out of here alive, and if that means confronting the enemy than so be it. ” he said, motioning his hand to follow him

I didn’t follow him right away. I was too numb to move. Everything was happening so fast, and not enough time to take it all in. All I could do was watch An’s figure slowly move up the stairs that were about to decide our fate. I couldn’t help but frown at him leaving. What if he was killed right there at the top of the stairs and I ended up alone…I can’t fathom seeing someone die in front of my eyes or what if I die? No. That’ can’t happen. I just can’t. I had to be behind An. I don’t know how, but I built up the courage to walk up those stairs and see what was waiting for us. 

Screenshot-61 Screenshot-65



When I arrived outside of the Dragon’s Cave and walked out I couldn’t believe what I saw. An was standing there surrounded by what looked to be rebels with swords as weapons. An’s gun was by his side. Why didn’t he shoot them? And why are they using swords? All I could do was gasp and hold my hands by my mouth to stop myself from screaming. An was just standing there helpless. Its almost like he didn’t even try to elude the enemy and walked right up to them. But, why? They weren’t speaking, just looking at each other with glaring eyes. There was one man that didn’t have a weapon. He must be their leader I thought. He had an evil look on his face. I could just feel how malicious he was down to his core being. I wanted to say something to An, but I couldn’t produce any sound, I just mouthed the words. I was so useless. 

Screenshot-74 Screenshot-78

I hung my head down. How could I possibly be any help? I mean really. What was I accomplishing by standing there and watching my friend in what looked like a hostile situation, and could end up getting hurt. All I had was a lousy pocket knife Cale gave me one year for my birthday. I don’t know how to use it in combat. I only know how to use my fists, and I wasn’t very skilled in using them. We might as well be dead at this moment. I mentally dissected all possible situations and I don’t see us surviving any of them. That’s when my thought processes were jolted by sudden movement by one of the men surrounding An. 

“Pàntú, nǐ zěnme gǎn yǔ zhè jiā měiguó!” he stepped closer to An, moving his sword closer to An’s neck

I thought the Chinese man standing in front of An was going to slice him up right there in front of me. All I could do was hold my breath, and leave one eye open preparing for the worst. 

“Wǒmen tuòqì nǐ de shànliáng. Zhè shì shénme yuányīn shǐ wǒmen de guójiā shībàile, nánrén dōu xǐhuān nǐ shuí jiāo hǎo nǚxìng.”

“Nǐ wèishéme zhèyàng zuò, zhèxiē rén zài zhège dìqū. Zhèxiē dōu shì hěn hǎo de mínsú, tāmen zhǐ néng jǐnliàng móushēng de themselves.They bù huì shānghài rènhé rén.” An complained

He must of been asking him what he was doing, or asking why they were doing these to the local people. 

Screenshot-83 Screenshot-88

I don’t know what came over me, but I think adrenaline set in and I stepped forward from the shadows and started yelling at An. 

“An you have to stop! They will hurt you if you talk like that to them! We need to get out of here!” I screamed

That’s when the people surrounding him all shot my way. I took a step back. I wanted to run, but my legs wouldn’t move any farther. They started to tremble. What now? I thought. That was when two of the people walked towards me. I couldn’t believe that they were women. Women aren’t treated as equal usually in Chinese culture. But, they were wielding swords as were the men. This rebel group seemed to be highly evolved above the traditional culture, or the women were meant to deal with women who resisted or ran away? They walked towards me with no emotions. They stood in front of me, blocking me from running. 

“An, what are we to do now? What are they going to do with us?”

Screenshot-90 Screenshot-94

An didn’t say anything to me. He just stood there mute. That was until the leader of this group stepped forward towards An, looking more smug than before. His demeanor was threatening. Sent chills down my spine. 

“Nǐ wàirén yǐwéi nǐ shénme dōu zhīdào méiyǒu nǐ. Hǎole, wǒmen huì kàn dào nǐ zhēn de zhīdào duōshǎo.” he gritted through his teeth

I wasn’t sure what the man was saying, but I knew it wasn’t good. An didn’t say anything in response back to the man either. I wasn’t sure what An was playing at. All I know is  I was scared, confused and wanted to break down from the intensity. 

“Shénme? Cóng zhèxiē jiùxīng wú xiǎngyìng? Xíngdòng wú jìhuà dǎbài wǒmen, bāngzhù zhèxiē rén ne? Hǎole, ràng wǒmen dài nǐ huí dàole wǒmen, gàosù nǐ rúhé shuōfú zhēn de kěyǐ.”

Those were the last words spoken by anyone. The next thing I knew they were forcing us down the hill with their swords pointed high at us. I tried to whisper to An, but if we tried talking they pushed us to the ground and threatened us by swinging their sword around, so I complied. They were talking us somewhere Maybe their hideout? Or maybe they weren’t taking us anywhere but our death bed. I had no idea. All I know is I was regretting every decision I made to come here, and I wanted to be home safe. 


An Li by simnights

Swords by rosesims

Guns by live2draw

Okay that’s it! 🙂 You have to imagine it as she isn’t writing it in present time though since that wouldn’t be possible. Hopefully that makes sense. hoping to get Part Two out soon! 🙂


The Kirk Legacy 3.3A

Hi guys! 🙂 This is the first two-parter of this generation! It wouldn’t the be the Kirk Legacy unless there was two part chapters haha. Sorry about that. I’m don’t know if I’m still fully satisfied with this part. I’m hoping Part two will make more sense to me haha. When I planned out this chapter it made perfect sense, but actually playing it out I got confused. Apologizes if that’s how you feel as well. I’m hoping we’ll starting getting into the “drama” in part two, or at least Chapter 4. We still have many chapters to go of course, but I hate to disappoint.

Also, the last chapter I realized I originally forgot about the diary format? Haha I fixed it now, but sorry about that. Sooo hopefully this all sounds coherent when you read it. And there shouldn’t be any “strong” language used, but if there is you’ve been warned. I’m sure most of you don’t mind, but I don’t want to make assumptions.

Also, An Li is a sim made by simnights 



Diary Entry #11

The next morning was a early one. This was the first day of us embarking on our mission. An told us that about each month at a time we would  be working with the same family or people, and then switch to another one.  It sound like a plan to me and I was both excited and nervous about it. Cale didn’t exactly apologize for his behavior, but he hasn’t acted out so far today. I think I got through to him last night. But, we’re still kinda awkward. We’ve only has minimal eye contact and haven’t really talked to each other. I guess we both figured to stay on task would make things better before we actually talk about it. 

On the way to the first household we will be helping, An filled us in on who they were and their background so we knew how to deal with the situation. This family consisted of a single mom and her son. This mother was creeping up on old age and her son is just peaking into adulthood, or what is deemed to be an adult in their culture. An told us that her husband died from disease, so the burden of the farm and house work landed onto her and her only son. The farmwork plus housework is more than two people can handle. So we’re here to help relieve the work, and hopefully teach them more effective ways of managing that burden. 



We arrived at their home, and it was quite beautiful. They had the house divided into two separate buildings, and there was the traditional garden. Behind the house you can see tall trees them starting to dye out from the summer that once was. As you peaked your head farther to see, you could see the mess that was actually hiding. There were supplies everywhere, and buckets full of food that still had to be cleaned and sold. Time is really what these people needed I think. Manpower and time. 

An of course knocked on the door, and an elderly woman answered the door. An reverted to his native language and explained who we were and I’m assuming where we were from since sadly, Cale and I are not rehearsed in the language. One thing I deeply regret. Th woman smiled and motioned for us to come into the house. When all of us finally shuffled into the house, An was about to ask her something it looked like and she unloaded. An tried to translate as fast as he could for us so we knew the situation. 

“She’s worried about their income for this winter. They did very poorly this past summer and work in the winter is slower due to the weather.” he blurted out to us

She continued to frantically hell and throw her hands around in distress. I wish I could of said something to calm her down, but what would I say? Everything is fine? That wouldn’t work coming from a Simercian girl. I could only watch and listen. 

“She’s bee very overwhelmed these past few days and hopes we can help her out tremendously. She doesn’t know what she and her son would do without us coming here. She only hopes for good things to come because of our coming.”




Finally she took a breath and attempted to calm herself down, and An tried to reassure here that we were going to do our best to help her and her son. There were no guarantees, but we’re here for free labor and happy to help. Of course those weren’t his exact words, but I imagine he said something like that. She was still wincing from all her frustration. I’m sure she feels guilty making her son have to work the land since her husband is no longer with them. I can’t imagine living in this situation. After An, finished talking to her, he approached us and relayed what he told her. 

“I told her that we were the “missionaries” who are here to help her with anything they need and teach them better farming methods. ” He whispered

“So what now?” Cale asked

“Now? Well, I’m going to ask her what she needs or wants done and we’ll work from there. She’s very grateful we are here though. I thought I would mention that since she said that.


After talking with us, An went back to speak with the mother. Leaving me and Cale to look around. I started to look around their home. It was small, but cozy. You could tell they work hard for the things they have. Being lazy isn’t an option and never will be. They have traditional values passed down from the generations. Reminded me of my own parents and grandparents. My dad and mom pounded that old saying into me all of my life. “Work hard, and then play hard.” That’s practically my dad’s motto, and same goes for my mother. Working makes you independent and no one can take that away from you. My grandparents were a little more lenient, but my grandma always said that you need to find your purpose in life and strive towards it, whatever it takes. Same goes for grandpa, but sometimes you need to realize what goals and priorities matter most.  Even though it was just a mother and her son, I felt like my whole family was being played out before my eyes. 

That’s when I turned to see her son walk into the room, looking puzzled. His mom motioned for him to come talk to An so he could explain it to him. Her son was roughly late teens but he looked so old. Working the land has really aged him. Her son looked like he was at least mid-twenties. I was so shocked. Its like his youth and pureness was taken away from him and he already knows the burdens of life. I made a small frown. Kids, and even teenagers should know what its like to be that young. Shouldn’t have to worry about whether the family is going to have enough money or food to survive. Its so sad to see. Makes me grateful for what I have. 


After An talked to both mom and son, and explained everything to the full extent he waited for their response. Again, Cale and me watched from the background. She first had a surprised look on her face, and then gave An her answer and smiled at us. I smiled back and was eager to know what she said. An turned around and walked over to us, him smiling too. He told us that she wanted us to stay for dinner and tomorrow to officially start our duties. It sounded good, and I was very grateful. Even with all of her worries, she has the time to be gracious and offer to feed us. She made a traditional Chinese meal. An was very excited when he was given a plate. I guess its been awhile since he’s had “real” food haha. 




Diary Entry #12:

The next day meant all business. To be honest I could hardly sleep because now everything was falling into place. The whole point of this trip is finally happening and I can’t wait for the experience. I just hope it all goes well, and that I learn a lot. We all woke up earlier than the day before because An mentioned that they will probably be up before the sunrise to start their work and we better be there when they do. When we headed over, the woman who’s name I believe was Ali be? Forgive me I don’t quite remember. She was patiently waiting with a smile on her face. She greeted us with a bow and told An and Cale that they would do the fishing.Both for selling and eating. She mentioned which river that has the best fish, and its the perfect time to. That left me, and An told her that I knew how to garden and could help with her crops. She motioned me back to the yard. 

I was right. They had a huge garden full of a wide array of vegetables and fruits. It was time to get my hands dirty. All three of us, me, her and her son got to work. Her son was the one who did most of the actual work. He went through and picked everything that was ready to be harvested. Then me and her went through with simple fertilizer she had. I noticed a few things that she could of improved on, but since I don’t speak the language I just waited until An and Cale came back so he could relay the information onward. We worked all day, I was exhausted by sunset, but I did learn a lot about their gardening and farming practices that I might have to try someday when I get a garden started back at home. Its winter there right now, so its going to be awhile before that happens. 



Diary Entry #13:

Sorry its been a few weeks. We’ve been busier than ever lately. Its becoming crunch time for them because they’re getting ready to hit the big market that occurs once a month. This is where they make the most money for their family, and they can’t afford to disappoint. It also turns out that her son knows some Similish, so Cale and him have been chatting. I think Cale is secretly recruiting him to be smooth with the ladies or something, but he  has been very excited when Cale comes over. Its so sweet of him. He’s can be such a nice and good guy when he wants to be.




As for me, I’ve been helping with the food preparation for them. Since they had to save from using their yields, they would eat horrible and nothing satisfying. They’ve been eating this porridge/cereal meal and its nothing doing anything for their health. So, I’ve explained how using a different way and a more natural way of fertilizing their crops can produce more yields and they end up with more surplus than before. They were delighted by the outcomes and have started  to delve into it. 



Using the fresh ingredients inspired Ali to take more time into her cooking and she started teaching me some of the dishes her mother and grandmother used to make and showed her. Its a lot of traditional ingredients and authentic. Its exciting and an honor to be taught by a woman like her. I was happy to learn and make the dishes for all of us. An told me he approved too, so I must be a good cook. Haha my mom would be proud since she’s the cook in our family. It was a fun moment. This is what made this experience worth while and memorable. 




Diary Entry #14:

This weekend we had some down time and I think Cale wanted to take advantage of that with me. There was a small river by our camp and Cale decided to jump in and swim around. The weather was nice and he was trying to tempt me to jump in of course. 

“Come on in Ash! It feels great!” he shouted from the water

“Haha yeah yeah, just hold on adventure boy.” I joked


“This is pretty nice. Now, don’t try any funny business.”

“What ever do you think I will do?”

“Don’t test me Cale.” I playfully narrowed my eyes




We swam around for awhile, playing marco/polo and having swimming contests haha. It was a lot of fun and a nice break from all the work we’ve been doing it. I really enjoyed myself, and I almost forgot about how he acted that one day so many weeks ago. 

*SPLASH* *Cale grinning*

“Cale! I told you no funny business!” I shouted

“haha oh come on! You need to have a little fun.”

“That’s it, I’m getting out now.”

“What? Ash don’t be that way.” he whined

“Nope too late.” I put my nose up in disapprovement

“Haha alright, come on.” he grabbed my hand

When we got out of the water, the sun had already started to go down. Hard to believe another day done here. I loose track of time a lot since being here, and I do a lot of thinking when I have the time to.

“Its hard to believe how long we’ve been here.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Hard to believe its been a few weeks already.”


“I know I’m glad I’m here with you though.” he whispered

“Awe. Me too Cale. I love you so much, and glad we did this together.” I smiled

“I definitely don’t want it to end either.”

“Yeah, I don’t either. I like being away from my own reality. Its a nice escape.”




Diary Entry #15:

The next following “weekend” we had more free time and Cale decided to take me out on a date, and explore the city more. Basically have us act like “true” tourists haha. Enjoy the little kiosks and shops they have. I agreed, but I was worried we were leaving An out of our outing even though it was supposed to be a date. An reassured that me that he’d be fine. He’s been working out a lot, and working on his martial arts since he’s never had the chance to learn. It sounded like a plan so me and Cale were off  for our date.



We first went to a little shop that had little novelties you could buy, little cafe and other knick-knacks. I saw this cool fortune cookie maker!  Cale groaned at me and thought it was stupid, but it looked like a lot of fun so I put how ever many cents it was and made my own fortune cookie! The fortune of course was a little cheap, but how many people can say they’ve done that? Who are from Twinbrook none of the less haha.



Next we looked at the beautiful fountains they had on display outside, and ended up having an authentic dinner at the cafe. We had the best eggrolls, and the rice was amazing. I was in heaven. Didn’t want this night to end, and I’m sure Cale felt the same way. It was a fun night and I’m glad we got out and did something. I think we both really needed it. It was a nice, fresh, breath of air. 




When we got back that night, I think we rekindled that romance that was missing from the beginning of the trip until now. Cale seemed more gentler, and warm than he has the whole time. I just was happy to see him smiling and worrying about everything.

“Should we go outside and watch the stars?” he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close

“Sure, since you asked so nicely.” I smiled big

He led me out to the balcony and the stars were already out, and lighting up the night sky. It was very quiet here, and reminded me of home. That’s one thing I liked, wasn’t a lot of hustle and bustle. It was quiet and relaxed. 


“I love the air here. Its so quiet and peaceful.” I whispered

“Its also beautiful. The people are nice and almost majestic. Just like you.” he winked

I forgot how he used to make me laugh haha. He was just a sweetie. I definitely missed the Cale I know. I missed him dearly. 

That’s it! I’m trying to make Ashlynn’s storyline about her and her inner “workings” I guess you could say, but  I want to make it actually about the storyline too. If that makes sense? Again, part two should be better and more drama should happen haha. everyone loves drama right?

The Kirk Legacy 2.10A

Whoa! Its been a month already!? Oops my bad. But, then again November was a busy month for me I have to say. Plus, over Thanksgiving my simming computer decided to become slow for some reason? But, I’m happy to say (and finally) that this is the final installment of generation two! 😀 After first publishing this legacy in February 2012, and starting Generation two of November 2012 (wow, generation two has been going on for a little over a year :O ). I’m happy to say that we can finally move onto Generation Three 🙂 I’ll try to have the heir poll up later on after this is published since I’m waiting for all of the kids to been teenagers before I do, and we have some aging up still to do! So let’s get on with it shall we!

Oh, also this update might be a tad bit longer than I expected, so I apologize up front for that. I couldn’t break it up into two parts because I want to get to heir poll 😀

I lied, its a two parter again. My bad. And I changed default eyes, so you might notice a difference. I listed the new ones I’m using on the downloads page if you are curious and plan to download any sims. I kept the old ones listed as well.

And remember POV is told from Josh’s, just in case anyone forgot.



ScreenshotScreenshot-2Diary Entry #50:

After the night Dave came to tell me about the good news that Dan had been captured and finally taken into custody. It was confirmed that there indeed would be a trial. Trial means we’ll either be subpoenaed or asked by the defense to testify on behalf of the people and well myself  and Nadine since we’ve both been victims of his maliciousness. Dave came over a few weeks later to prepare us for what was to happen next and how to keep our cool while testifying. 

“Alright Nadine, I know that Josh has only told you that there is a trial and that he’s in custody but testifying isn’t an easy matter. Its quite nerve-racking and Dan’s lawyer will try to twist your words and cut you off so the jurors hear what he wants them too.” Dave explained

“Well I know that, but why are we sitting around like this?” Nadine’s eyes narrowed

“Because you’ll most likely be the one testifying first, and you need to know that Dan will be there, staring at you as you talk.”



“Wait, what?! Why the hell do I have to testify first?!” She barked

“First, you’re the first person to be victimized by Dan, and you’re the only person who can be found to know Dan the longest, and the earliest.” Dave answered

“Josh, there’s no way I can do this. Especially if Dan’s going to be there! He’ll be staring me down like a dead dog!”




I could see the fear in her eyes. Deep down she wants to see that bastard put away, but she doesn’t have the courage to participate in the process. She’s truly afraid he’ll hunt her down and kill everyone she knows. Plus, she has more children to be concerned about and she doesn’t know what to do. I feel her pain, but she needs to do this for herself and for everyone who’s been affected by that evil man. I had to reassure her somehow. 

“Now, let’s hold on and discuss this before we start jumping to conclusions and getting excited. First, Dan can you not scare Nadine by saying those things, you’re here to help us so help us, not scare us. Second, Nadine, honey you can do this. I know it sounds scary and its definitely daunting. But, this is what we’ve been waiting for and its finally here. We can’t just run away now. We need to take justice and do what’s right. Lastly, you need to do this for yourself.” I reassured.

“You’re right, I”m sorry Nadine. I didn’t mean to scare you, but since you’ve been subpoenaed, you can’t run away from this. Plus, I’m just letting you know what to expect because I care about you two, and I don’t want you to feel guilty or blame me for not telling you what to expect.”



All of us became quiet, looking at each other feverishly wondering what to do or say. I think we all decided silently that we knew what we had to do. It would be hard, and like Dave said. Nerve-racking. The trial isn’t set until months from now, and the trial itself will be dragged out too. Its just a lot to have weigh on one’s mind. 

“So, we all agree that we’re in on this together and we’re going to put that bastard away?” Dave asked looking at both of us

Again, silence fell upon us and Dave nodded in agreement. All we had to do is wait.



Diary Entry #51:

A few weeks after our meeting with Dave, our emotions finally died down and we returned to thinking about our normal lives, not the inevitable that’s about to come. We finally had some time to ourselves since mom and dad took the kids out to the park. Nadine and I didn’t do anything special since we’ve learned to become more low key and just enjoy each other’s presence. She wanted to watch some cooking show, so I sat there along with her and attempted to enjoy the show as well.

“How’s my favorite girl doing today?” I kissed her forehead

“Oh you know, hehe the usual self.” she giggled

I loved her laugh, makes me smile every time. 

“Hopefully nothing is weighing heavy on your mind, I don’t want you to think about what’s up ahead okay?”

“Well there is something on my mind, but its not that.”

“Hmm and what’s that?” I mumbled between our lips as I kissed her

“I’m pregnant.” she mumbled back


“What? Are you serious?”

“Haha yes silly, of course I’m serious.”

“That’s great sweetie, but I think this should be the last one haha. I don’t think I can keep up with that many kids at once.” I joked

“I’m glad you’re so happy, and this will definitely be the last one. Believe me, I’ll make sure of it. Even if I have to use hot sauce to keep you away.” she smirked

She certainly had a twisted sense of humor sometimes. But, then I got a little worried since pregnancy and stress don’t go hand in hand. We found that out with the last pregnancy. Doctors still think Violet suffered from some kind of trauma and they think its stress-related. Not that I don’t love Violet the way she is or anything, but avoiding any complications would be nice this time around as well. I asked her if she knew when she was do since the trial was still months away, but no way am I having her be pregnant and testifying. Nadine reassured me that the baby would arrive shortly before the trial started. Thank God for that, but then again stress after having a baby isn’t good either, but I guess we’ll have to take what we get. 

Screenshot-18Screenshot-20Diary Entry #52:

Whoa, sorry for the delay. Been a busy man, full-time job, husband, and father of four kids who still live at home. Can’t blame me right? Plus, we do have a newborn on our hands now, and the trial is set to start up in a few weeks so a lot of preparation is in order. But, I don’t want to talk about that. I am proud to say that I’m yet again, a father and not only that, a father to yet another daughter. Who knew I’d father three daughters? Nadine told me that when they get older I won’t let them out of my sight, and she’s probably right about that. Oh well, what’s a dad to do?




Oh, I haven’t even told you her name. Our beautiful new daughter’s name is Jade Savanna Shallow. She’s the only one without a passed down name. After we named her, we just realized that two of our daughters have colorful names either haha. Violet and Jade, that was just an accident. Oh well, they’re pretty names for beautiful girls. Unfortunately, I don’t think Violet enjoys sharing a room with a newborn. They aren’t on a same sleeping schedule, so Violet has been a little more cranky than usual. She’ll understand some day after we do some rearranging and moving of kids in rooms. But, like I said since we have a trial coming up we couldn’t enjoy baby bliss for long. Nadine and I had to get ready for what was about to come, and bring our A-game. 



Diary Entry #53:

The first day of the trial has arrived, and there was a grim feeling in the air as we walked up to the courthouse. There was no smiling or showing any kind of emotion. I was more worried about Nadine but she kept on moving and had a straight face the whole time. She was a determined woman. 

Screenshot-42Screenshot-43Screenshot-44When we finally walked into the courtroom, Dan was already there. He shot us a ugly look. Let’s just say, if looks could kill he just killed us a million times if he could. In fact, I’m sure that’s what he would of wanted. Nadine tried to keep her composure but she couldn’t. After he stared us down, she quickly turned to me and frowned.

“Josh I can’t do this, just look at him.” she whispered



I have to admit that Dan’s appearance and very presence was menacing. I can see why she feels that way, and I, myself was starting to doubt my ability to make it through this trial. All we could do is go along with it and try our best. I tried to reassure her with a smile. But, then again, his lawyer looked determined and knew what he was doing. Definitely wasn’t his first rodeo to say the least. 

“You’ll do great Nadine, I know you will.” I smiled



As Dave said, and expected Nadine was first called to the stand. She just sat there when they called her to the stand. I had to shake her before she could finally feel her legs and move. I could tell she was trembling as she walked up to the stand. When she sat down she looked at Dan for an instance but then focused on the defense. It was a good strategy. 

“Mrs.Shallow, please tell the court how you know my client and your relationship with him.” his lawyer hissed

“I first met Dan when I was in high school. We met at a party. I wasn’t emotionally stable at the time, and Dan seemed to fill a void I was feeling. Eventually I ended up pregnant my last year of high school, and we got married shortly after.But, eventually he started to—” Nadine explained

“That’s enough, thank you.”




Of course he cut her off during her answer, but that’s what lawyers do sadly. But, I knew the prosecutor personally and wanted to ensure justice was served. All we had to do was wait for her to ask the right questions.

 “Please continue Mrs. Shallow, you never did actually state your current relationship with the defendant.” the prosecutor repeated

“Oh, of course. I was going to say that shortly after we were wed, he started to beat me regularly and finally I had enough, and we are now divorced and have been for quite some time.”

“Objection! Leading on the witness!” Dan’s lawyer barked

“Objection overruled.” the judge announced


“If he was beating you, why didn’t you leave the first moment he did.”

The moment Dan’s lawyer asked that question, I know Nadine was hurt. That was one question I was hoping wouldn’t be asked, but it would of came up eventually. I mean, when I first met her I even asked that question. Nadine first grimaced at the question. I could see her gulping before she answered. I only hoped she could keep her cool, and face the judgement. 

“Look, we all know the statistics about battered women. I couldn’t leave him at the time. Even if he was beating me you want to know why? Because my mom was a drug addict and barely even knew she had a daughter. Secondly, I was a young mom who barely had a high school diploma, and couldn’t have a job because Dan told me if I did I’d be deep trouble.” Nadine argued

I was shocked that she wasn’t cut of this time. Hopefully the jurors can see through Dan and his lawyer’s lies, and see the truth. They asked Nadine some other questions about her mothering, and Robbie. Robbie wasn’t called to testify since he doesn’t know much about his dad. Next up, was Dave. 




“Please do tell the court the first time you met my client.” the lawyer asked Dave

“Hmm let’s see, oh that’s right! When we received a domestic abuse call form the neighbor because they could hear him beating up his wife, whom is sitting over there.” Dave pointed

Dave was serious, but used that sarcastic tone to piss off the lawyer. I told him it wouldn’t be effective since he wouldn’t come off as being serious, but there’s no stopping Dave of course. 



But, his sarcastic tone did get Dan riled up a little which shows the judge and jurors that he’s easily persuaded and unstable. I think the prosecutor thought it was funny but she tried not let it show. 

“What were your first impressions of the defendant.” she asked

“Let’s see if I can narrow it done to a few impressions. First, I thought he was easily disturbed, meaning his emotions get the best of him. He seemed to be emotionally unstable and resorts to violence whenever he gets overpowered.”

“Thank you Mr. Hertz.”

I have to admit I was convinced by Dave’s testimony. He did a grand job, and I was impressed. Hopefully the jurors were too and took everything Nadine and Dave said to heart. Unfortunately that was enough for this week. I had to wait until next week to testify. I was secretly happy since that gave me more time to prepare and think on the spot.



Diary Entry #54: 

The following week it was my turn to testify. I have to admit I wasn’t as nervous as that first date. I think Nadine and Dave felt much better about what the outcome was going to be too. I don’t want to boast, but I think he had this from the start. Obviously he’s a vicious man and if the jurors can’t see that they’re utterly blind and don’t know what the word evil truly means. 

“Do you mind telling me how you’re for certain it was my client that shot you fatally that night in the park.” his lawyer argued

“How can’t I be sure? I saw him with my own eyes! I can even tell you the type of gun he used! Plus, my wife was there to witness it! Who do you think called 911?” I defended

“According the reports, you unconscious or quite some time after the gunshot. They even used the word coma. You can’t tell me that someone who woke up from a coma for almost a month, your memory would still be in tact?”

Shit, I didn’t think of that. Fuck. How was I supposed to counter that? I had to think o something fast, and smart-witted.


“Well I’m not an expert in that field, so I can’t answer your question. But, I can tell you I remember seeing his smug face after he shot me, and I saw the revolver used clenched in his hand.”



“Of course you’re not an expert. How convenient.”

He was taunting me, and more than just that, he was mocking. I didn’t like it one bit. 

“Are you mocking me? Because if you are, remember you’re the one who asked the question.” I argued

“Objection!” the prosecutor slammed the desk

“Withdrawn.” Dan’s lawyer retorted

“What’s you’re relationship to the defendant’s ex-wife?” he asked

“She’s my wife, and the mother of my children.”

“Is that so? Don’t you find that a little strange that you were one of the police officers called to the supposed domestic abuse call, handled her case, and now you’re her wife and am testifying against my client? Seems a little too good to be true doesn’t?”

“To an extent yes, but I became her friend and eventually developed deeper feelings for her. That’s all there is to say. Plus, usually you want the man that shot you to be sentenced away.” I explained

I don’t think he was expected me to half-ass agree with him. He didn’t really know what to say, so he resorted to “no further questions”. I was more curious as to what the prosecutor wanted to ask. Hopefully I was ready to answer too. 


Screenshot-69 “How would you describe Nadine’s personality at the time of meeting her and after she filed charges against the defendant?” she asked

“When I first met her, she was compliant at first in following through with the charges, but shortly after the battered woman syndrome kicked in. She became defensive towards me and told me I didn’t know what I saw and that everything was fine between her and Dan, her husband at the time. She wanted to help herself, but deep down was still devoted to him. Typical battered woman syndrome, I’ve seen it many times during the course of my job.” I made sure to take my time with every detail

“I see, and how about after she filed initial charges?”

“She felt a since of relief, but mostly she felt guilty because that meant her son would be growing up without his biological father and she was torn between how to live her life. It definitely took her a long time to come to terms with her decision and feel happy about it. She also had a lot of trust issues, not only with herself, but with others. It was a long recovery period. She’s still not fully recovered. She’s still scared to this very day of that man.”

No further questions, and thank you.”


Diary Entry #55:

There were many others that testified after us, and this trial was spread out over about two months. Finally came the day when the verdict would be revealed. I can’t tell you exactly how I felt. My feelings are indescribable. I was giddy, nervous and a whole bunch of feelings all at the same time. The verdict seemed to take hours to be reached. We waited for so long. I just wanted to hear the jury say “we find the defendant guilty”. I mean, how long could it possibly take? 

That was until the actual verdict came. That’s when I became scared and worried. I wasn’t sure what to expect even though I was certain he would be guilty. The waiting seemed to be the longest part of this trial. 

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” the judge asked

“Yes, we have your honor.” the spokesman said

“Well, let’s hear it.”

“On behalf of the people of Twinbrook, we find the defendant, Daniel Sanford,…..not guilty.”

I mouth just dropped. Did I just hear him right? Did he just say “not guilty”? This is impossible. Those words shot right through me. All I could do was gasp, and cover my mouth in disbelief. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the jury. Are they stupid? What the hell is wrong with them? Can’t they see he’s guilty! What the hell is going on. All of these thoughts were rushing through my head, but were stopped when I saw Nadine stand up immediately. 


Her face full of horror and sadness. She was the one person who was affected most by this man, and she’s just saw all of her efforts thrown into her face. I wanted to say something, but had nothing to say, or I could say. She was heartbroken and I honestly thought she was going to pass out. Her stance looked like she was carrying all of this heavy weight throughout the whole trial. I wanted to say something, but the words weren’t coming out of my mouth.



I scanned the court room to see other reactions. Our faithful prosecutor admitted defeat and I’m sure she couldn’t believe what was going on herself. She did a fine job and it wasn’t her fault. I had to remind myself to thank her for her hard work. She was exceptional. I looked over at Dan’s lawyer, he was perfectly content with himself and his win. He had a huge smile with a grin. All he was to me was a little shit who was cocky. I wanted to be the one to pound it into his face, but I know better. 



Then I drew my attention to free man. Excessive celebrating of course. Pitiful and disgraceful. How the fuck do they let a man like that off the hook? I won’t understand it and I don’t plan on it. I wish I could lock him up myself. But, double jeopardy is working against me. Damn him. Now what will we do about him?

“Hahaha that’s right! That’s what you get for trying to bring me down! he shouted the court room.”


“Finally I can get on with my life and make all of you pay for this nonsense!”



I looked over to Nadine once more, and she was slowly striding up to me. Tears running down her face. She wanted comfort, but I wasn’t sure if I could give it to her. All she wanted to do was cry, I could see it in her face. All the tension had finally caught up with her and now that everything was over, it probably still seemed like things have just begun. She mumbled something but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. She almost collapsed to the floor. I wish we both could of floated away from this moment, but we can’t. 

“Josh…what are we supposed to do now?” she sniffled

“I’m not sure. I’m sorry I can’t find comforting words, but I honestly don’t know. I guess we live cautiously and wish for the best future as possible.” I whispered back

Alrighty, I’m sorry for breaking it up into two parts 😦 But, when I was gettting closer to the end and saw the word count, I can only imagine how long this update would really be. But, right after this is published I’ll be working on part two! I promise! 🙂 That heir poll will be coming out as soon as possible. Which might be Monday sadly 

The Kirk Legacy 2.7A

Hello Hello again! Happy to writing another update, this one has been long awaited, and I’m excited to finally be publishing it. Also, this chapter is two parts only because I felt that the events that happen shouldn’t be broken into two individual chapters. I would say its kinda long, but worth the read I think. I still think this will be a long generation though. Just a forewarning.

Also this chapter is going to be written a little different than the usual ones. As you know the way this legacy works is all chapters are written from the founder/heir’s POV, but for this chapter (not sure if this will be the only one) the POV is going to shift midway through. I’ll put in a footnote, but just a heads up. So before the footnote, the POV is Josh still as usual.

NOTE: USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. Violence is portrayed in this chapter, and I do not condone any form of violence. The events do not reflect my opinions whatsoever. Also strong language may be used. 




Diary Entry #27:

So I’ve been waiting since my last entry 🙂 Yes, I’ve been waiting for Nadine, as I told her I would to say those three little words. Sure, some days its nerve-racking, but other days I enjoyed wooing her. She’s become less shy showing her affections toward me though. She isn’t shy or doubting herself anymore, so I’ve made some progress. I just don’t know why she didn’t realize that’s she’s a wonderful person and a man like me could love her. I’ve seen her at her lowest point, and helped her move on.I know its hard to believe, seeing my profession can be full of corruption and the way my best friend is, but I am a genuinely nice person and care about people. Oh well right?

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-8Screenshot-4


Spending time with Nadine is the best part of my day. She’s beautiful, funny and of course, we have good times 😉 if you know what I mean. Of course, that’s not the only reason, though I enjoy her body. I figured she’d be more shy when it comes to having sex since I’m sure her ex-husband wasn’t the “gentlest”. I can tell because after awhile she didn’t like to sleep alone. She would always just come into my bed after she put Robbie to bed.  I don’t ask because she’s forgot about him completely and I don’t want to ruin the new life she’s been given. I can tell she’s finally starting to feel happy again. 

Screenshot-9Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12The other night before one of our dates, I decided to put on the romance thick haha. My mom tells me that any girl would want to have me as their boyfriend since I put so much thought into everything. I think she’s just being nice, since she’s my mom and I’m her only son, andddd she wants grandchildren. Yeah….we won’t get into that.

Anyway, sorry I tend to get side-tracked. I bought flowers for her. I’ve never really given her anything except a new start maybe? I thought it was a nice gesture, plus what girl doesn’t like flow/ers?

“Are you ready to go?” she asked

“Whoa, hold on! What’s your rush?” I teased

“Josh, do you want me to go out or not?”

“Oh I do, but not without these first.”

“Wh-a? Oh..Josh! They’re beautiful!” she gushed

“I’m glad you like them.” I smiled

“You’re so sweet.”

Screenshot-13Diary Entry #28:

This is going to be a really short entry, but I needed to write this down. Nadine said something to me that’s been imprinted on my brain all night. In fact, I can’t sleep that’s why I’m writing as we speak, err or think. After making love one night, we were wrapped up in each other’s arms, exhausted from what felt like the first time. I could tell she was listening to my heavy breathing, as I try to clam my body back down. I could tell she hadn’t fall asleep yet. She opened her eyes to look at me, but she didn’t smile. I could tell she had something serious to say, she always does that. 

“Josh?” she whispered

“Yeah?” I said

“I know you said that you’d wait for me, but its not that I don’t have feelings for you. I don’t want you think that I’m just toying with you and enjoying everything you’ve given to me for free. I have strong feelings for you, I really like you. I’m grateful that you’re the one that answered that domestic abuse call. At first, I didn’t want to admit what my life has become, and I didn’t want you to look down on me for it. But, much to my surprise you didn’t. I wasn’t prepared for your kindness and love. Plus, you’re so good with Robbie. He’s never had that good, strong male figure in his life. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I do have feelings for you, but I don’t know if I can say I love you yet.”

“Glad to hear it Nadine. You saying that is all I needed to hear. It means I have to try that much harder.”


I’ve been thinking about what she said. I was trying to see what it would be like from her side of the playing field, or her point of view. How would I feel if someone like me just came into my personal life and assumes I needed help. I would like to think I would of felt how she did, and would of done the same thing. But, I’m glad she has slowly opened up to me. Reopening wounds is sometimes how you heal. Even though I don’t want to hear her ex-husband’s name even uttered or eve written down. She was right about all she said. I’ve been good with Robbie because it comes natural to me. Kids are the future after all right? Look, I already sound like a forty year-old who has five kids. Jeez. I guess I’m just glad she told me her true feelings. It might not be love, but we have all the time to reach to that point. 


Diary Entry #29:

Hey! Did you miss me? Yeah, I don’t know what I wrote that. Anyway, its been awhile since I’ve really wrote in here. Nothing much has been going on, and I don’t have much time to write in here since me and Nadine are going out this afternoon to the festival that’s going on. She suggested we go, and how could I say no? I guess I’ll have to write when we come back, and “gush” about all the activities we did. Still no “I love you”, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

 “We should go out.” Nadine smiled



“What?” I asked

“I said we should go out, isn’t the festival in town still?”

“You mean like a date?


“Yes, like a date silly.” she laughed

“Well you can’t go dressed like that, I don’t want others seeing what I get to sleep next to every night.” I winked

“Oh Josh, you are your father’s son sometimes.”

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You never take notice on how your dad flirts and teases with your mom?” she narrowed her eyes playfully

“Uh, I purposely try not to take notice. Let’s remember I’m a result of those two, you think I like to acknowledge they flirt and tease like a young couple still?” I couldn’t help but cringe

“Haha good point.”

*About an Hour Later, at the Festival*



“Mmm cherry is the bomb, how’s your snowcone sweetie? I mumbled over the munching sound

“Did you just call me sweetie? she asked sternly

“Uh..yeah, sorry I shouldn’t of..”

“No no, I like it. And yes, my snowcone is delicious.This was definitely a good idea.”


“Josh, are you seriously getting your face painted like some five-year old?” she complained

“Why, yes I am good lady. How about you join me and get one too?” I playfully said

“You’re delusional. Really, if I wanted to get my face painted I would of brought Robbie.”

Screenshot-31“So you don’t like it then?”

“haha that’s what you call face paint? its not even on your whole face!?” she laughed


“Oh really? I want to see what you would get then!” I teased




“Arggggn’t you glad to see me?” she shouted

“Haha is that pirate humor?” I laughed back

“Hehe why yes it is. This is to show you what a real face paint looks like.”



“I can say I’m very happy to see you, with your pirate face. You look even cuter.”

“Awe Josh, we know that’s not true.”

“I think you know it is.” I whispered




“See? its not that bad, quit your complaining!” she shouted over the rink


“Wait, whoa Josh come hang onto me! I don’t want to fall!”

“How can I hang onto you, when I can barely keep myself up?” I chucked at her



“You are such a meanie, not helping me skate.” she whined

“Oh well, you still lived didn’t you?” I giggled

“This has been a fun day, I’m glad we came.”

“Me too, it was fun to see you be silly.”



“There’s also something else I want to say…..” she said softly

“Oh? and what’s that?” I smiled

“Josh,…I’m not sure how to really to say this..”

“I make you that nervous? I find that hard to believe.”

“Josh, I…..”

Bang! Crack!

(Note, POV is going to be shifted to Nadine, she will be the narrator)




The loud noise scared me. All I could do was gasp and then my eyes bolted around to see the cause of the sound. Then,…then I looked down. Josh,…he was laying on the ground, face down. Blood, everywhere. He was drenched in it. I couldn’t tell if it was his blood at first. Shock was penetrating through my body. I tried rationalizing, and of course it was his blood! He’ s the one lying on the ground! It was a horrible site, I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t stop looking down at him.




I knew I had to do something. I had to get help, but I couldn’t move. I just stared down at Josh, holding on to his life. I started to cry. The face paint on his face made me think of everything we did before this horrible moment. I thought of all the moments he held me and kissed me. Then the last thing that was burned into my mind is when he told me he loved me. 


I needed to run, find help! I can’t help him, I’m useless! I started to run, and tears started running down my face. Its almost like I could hear my tears hitting the ground. When I moved my legs, they wouldn’t run. My legs seem to stumble around. I couldn’t keep my stance much longer. My body was going numb. “What do I do? What do I do?” Kept rushing through my head. I need to help Josh! He’s bleeding! Then I looked up. I saw him. Him. I should of known, Dan. 

Screenshot-4 (2)


I stared at him, tears clouding up my vision but I didn’t bother to wipe them. Then I saw the gun. He was holding it by his side, he didn’t show any remorse. His face full of rage and anger. I wanted to ask why, but I knew the answer. I put my hands over my face and wept more. Everything was spinning out of control around me and I didn’t have the power to fix things. Everything was falling apart right before my eyes and I didn’t know what to do. My body was slowly dying inside, and I didn’t know how much longer I’d be conscious before I passed out. 




Why me!? I cried out. Why! I yelled at Dan as he stood there with a smirk on his face, proud of what he’s done. He didn’t answer, he just ran away on the look out. I looked back at Josh, still lying there, lifeless. Call 911! Call 911! A voice came into my head. I ran over to Josh’s body, I knew he had a phone. I dialed 911.

“Hello, what’s your emergency?”

“I..I…my…my…Josh he’s been shot. He’s…”

“Where has he been shot?”

“I don’t know, there’s so much blood. JUST COME HELP HIM! HE NEEDS HELP!”

“Ma’am where you?”

“Central Park, hurry up! Help him! If he dies, so help me God I wil..”

“We’re on our way.”



I went over to be with Josh. I managed to gain a little bit more composure. I was still crying, I just looked down at his body. I noticed he moved himself onto his back. Josh, don’t you know you don’t move when you’ve been hurt? But, that’s just like him. Doing anything to help, whether him or someone else. He was alive, I was sure now. He was breathing hard, clinging onto life. 


Even though blood was smeared on his face, and he had a bruise, he still looked cute. I didn’t care if that was inappropriate to say. I need him, and anything to make me feel better at this moment I’ll take it. Everything was going so wrong. This day wasn’t supposed to end like this. I was going to finally tell him what he has been waiting for. I was going to tell you I love you, and he ruined it. I do love you, and you can’t leave me.I kept replaying the events, but I was interrupted by his sweet voice trying to talk.

“Nadine…” he whispered

“Josh! Josh, don’t talk, save your breath. You need to stay alive!” I yelled

“No, Nadine…”

“Josh, please.” ‘

“I love you.” he whispered, but than coughed violently

“I love you too Josh.” I started to cry again

I held his hand until the paramedics came. He squeezed my hand, letting me know that he was still hanging on. He was a true fighter. I don’t know how anyone could amount to him. He was amazing. I’m very lucky to have met a man like him. 



The paramedics eventually came, and managed to stabilize him as they told me. They let me ride in the ambulance with him. They let me use Josh’s cellphone to call his parents. That was the worst phone call of my life. I felt guilty. Its my fault Josh has been shot, twice by Dan. If I would of never existed, Josh wouldn’t of been rushed to surgery to stop the bleeding. His mother wouldn’t be crying and worried about her baby. I wouldn’t of ruined his and their life. His poor mother. All I could do was look at her. Just as I feel, her life was crumbling right in front of her. 

“Josh lost a lot of blood, and we had to remove a kidney because the bullet mangled it and was beyond repair.” the doctor explained

“Okay, thank you doctor.” Adan said softly, still in shock

“He’ll be okay, I know your wife is having a hard time, but I can for surely tell you this. He might have a long way to recover, but he’ll live a normal and healthy life.”

“I’ll let her know. Thanks again.”

“My baby! Josh!” Beth cried out


I felt so helpless. I just stared at Beth as she cried her eyes out. My tears have dried out by now, but my eyes were still puffy. I wanted to cry with her, and hug her. But, I feel so responsible. This is my fault. Josh would be living his normal life, without any drama. If he could hear me right now, he’d be disagreeing. I know he would be. He’d tell me everything happens for a reason, and that he did the right thing by finding me and saving me. He was a hard guy to argue with. But, I had to say something his mom.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered


“What?” she asked

“I’m sorry for this. This is my fault.”

“Oh Nadine, this isn’t your fault. This is the result of a man who doesn’t care about anybody else.” she hugged me

“Then why do I feel responsible? I know that if I wasn’t there no one would of helped him, but yet I feel so guilty.” I started crying

“Don’t be. Josh knows that its not your fault, he wouldn’t want you to feel this way.He loves you, he wouldn’t blame you by all means.”

Even though she reassured me, I still couldn’t help but feel this pit of shame bubbling up inside me. Once again, I just wanted to run. 

That’s Part One! I know its kinda long, but worth it i think. I hope to get Part Two out soon! Thanks for reading 🙂

The Kirk Legacy 2.4A

Another two-parter, sorry guys. There was no way I could make this into one chapter. It would of been SUPER song, and I’m not about to make you read that. But, part two is longer than part one. So be prepared. I hope you enjoy the update  🙂  I know I say this every time, but I did really have fun making/writing these updates.


Diary Entry #17:

What’s it been? A few weeks now? Yeah, my bad. Been a busy man I guess you could say. I’ve been promoted though! I’m almost to the rank of Lieutenant. Can you believe that? My jaw literally dropped when they told me that. I feel like I’m too young to handle it, but its easier since I don’t have a family and such yet.

Other news? Well Nadine has started to come out of her shell more since that girls day out with my mom. She’s started to be more social, and I feel like we’re slowly starting to become friends. I don’t know if she resents me for what I did for her family or not, but its nice to see her enjoying herself. No more moping with sad eyes and being alone. Its a nice change.

Screenshot-5Screenshot-15Nadine has also been improving with letting Robbie be shared by everyone haha. I don’t know if I worded that right. What I meant was, she lets us help with him .I mean, one person can only do so much, and can’t be in two places at once. Especially when she started her job. That brought on some changes. She had a hard time the first week being away from him. I can’t imagine how that feels. But, we reassured her we knew what we were doing, and would call if anything happened. Typical mom right?

Screenshot-16Screenshot-18It was a rough day for both of them to say the least. Nadine came home, cranky and tired. Typical haha, and Robbie was fussy all day because his mom wasn’t there. But, they managed to pull there and became accustomed to the new routine. I think its great she’s working, and making new friends. A fresh start comes with meeting new people after all.

Screenshot-6Screenshot-9Screenshot-10We even have breakfast each morning. She’s usually already awake when I leave for work because of Robbie. She really into making pancakes, so she makes them regularly for us in the morning. I think its one of the only recipes she knows how to make, but don’t tell her I said that haha. We talk about our days, and the day before. Catch up like most people do in the morning. Just little chit-chat.

Screenshot-11Screenshot-12I know a few days ago I wanted to know more about this girl she’s become somewhat friends with at her work. I asked if she had any children, or what’s her story? That was one awkward conversation I wish I never had, or even asked that question. That saying men are clueless? Yeah, I proved that statement that morning.

“So does she have any kids?” I asked with a smile

“Oh no, of course not. Everyone I meet never has kids. I’m always the only one, of course.” she complained

Screenshot-13“Ohhh, sorry I asked. I was just curious.”

“Oh its okay, I’m just telling you the truth. This is one of the perks of being a young mother.”

Real smooth Josh. We’re trying to win her over, not push her away. All I could do was put on the fakest smile, and try to diffuse the conversation. Yeah, let’s just say that wasn’t a good morning.

Screenshot-21Screenshot-24Diary Entry #18:

Today I figured I would ask Nadine if she wanted to take Robbie to the park. Think we’ve been cooped up in this house for too long. The only time I ever leave is to go to work, and she does the same. Robbie has to get out and experience the fresh air. Maybe we’ll meet someone else who brought their child? I don’t know. Its nice out, and I wanted to go enjoy the weather.

“Hey, Nadine?” I caught her attention

“Yeah? What’s up?” a smile came across her face

“I was wondering if you wanted to maybe, take Robbie to the park? It’s so nice out, that he’d enjoy being outside.”

“Sure! I haven’t taken him to park since he was just a few months old! That would be great!”

Screenshot-26Screenshot-27When we got there, some kind of contest was going on at the far end of the park. That’s good, I’m not really sure how Nadine reacts when there’s a lot of people around. I don’t think she likes it. I spotted the swings right away, that’s the only thing this park really had to offer, minus the chess tables I guess. I know my parents met here once early on in the days of just getting to know each other. The swings were old, but stable enough to use. Lot of old treasures in this town.

Screenshot-28That’s when I turned around too look at the mom and son duo with a smile. Just because we’re adults at a park, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Just had to see if Nadine was up for it haha. Something told me it was going to take some convincing on my part.

“Hey, do you want to swing? I’ll push you.” I asked

Screenshot-30Screenshot-29“You can’t be serious?” she raised an eyebrow to my inquiry

Guess this is going to take some convincing. Here goes nothing.

“Oh come on! It’ll be fun! Live a little.”

Screenshot-32“Oh fine. Whatever you want Josh. This park date should just be for you since you’re one big kid yourself.”

Park date? Did I hear her right…is this a date as friends, or more? I don’t like that word. Its so technical, and a simple word. I’d call this an outing, not a date..or is that the same thing? Ugh.


(Please try to ignore Josh in the background…I needed this picture)

I did notice however, that she started to become shy after she agreed to have me push her on the swing. Women are so complicated. Why get shy around me? I’m the last person who deserves shyness. She stood there with her eyes moving from my eyes to the ground. I eventually motioned to the swing, and her face turned red, but still sat down.

Screenshot-34Screenshot-35Screenshot-36When she sat down, we both looked down at Robbie who was playing with the grass and the toys we brought him. He was occupied, needless to say. I gave her a first small push, and she instantly started giggling. It was a cute giggle too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her giggle, just laugh obnoxiously. I eventually started pushing, like a big kid would to show off haha. A huge smile was planted on her face by then, and she didn’t stop. It was great to see her having fun, and probably reminded her of being a little girl. I know I was reminded when I was a little boy. I loved the outdoors, I explored are backyard like it was a tomb.

Screenshot-37Screenshot-38Screenshot-39I lost track on how long we stayed here, but it was definitely fun. I kept swinging her higher and higher until she started to scream and laugh even louder haha.

“Josh! Not so high! I’ll fall!” she screamed

“Haha nahh I wouldn’t let that happen. Don’t worry. Plus, the higher you go the more fun it is!” I shouted back

Robbie started to giggle at the both of us shouting at each other, but he could tell it wasn’t in a bad way. I smiled at him, and he laughed even more. He was a cute kid, just like his mother. It was a fun day at the park. I wish I could spend more time with them on the weekends, but Nadine works most of the weekends.

Screenshot-40Screenshot-41After awhile, my arms started to get tired, and her eyes were watering from laughing so hard, so we took a little break. I never thought I’d be seen on a swing, just hanging out as a grown man. Haha, more power to me I guess. We just sat there, taking in the light wind, and hearing each one of us breathe. It was a soothing and calming sound. That’s when she broke the silence.

“I forgot how it feels to really take in your surroundings.” she whispered

“Yeah, sometimes we’re so busy we forget the little, and finer things in life.” I replied back

“Ha, so true. But, its nice to take little breaks from reality. Like swinging and laughing my ass off like a little girl.”

“Haha, it feels good to act like a kid again. Its a tough world when you grow up.”

“Yeah it is. I wish I didn’t have to grow up so fast after I found out about Robbie. I wish I could of enjoyed my last of the teen years and early twenties. But, I knew that I had to be a woman about it. Otherwise it wouldn’t of been fair to him.” she admitted

“He appreciated it. When you become a parent, you need to grow up whether you like it or not. My dad didn’t realize that at first believe it or not.” I said

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, he was too busy pursuing his dream of a being in the music business that he forgot he had a wife, with three kids at home who needed him more than ever. My mom tells me that she almost divorced him, but she believes in second chances. I’m glad she does too. My dad is a great guy, even if it took him awhile to realize it.”

“You have a lot of your parents in you. I can tell. You look like your dad, but are so much like your mother. You have her generosity and the want to help people. Those traits are hard to come by these days.” she smiled at me

“Oh yeah? Well thank you. I try my best haha.” I chuckled

There’s Part One 🙂 I’m sorry it was kinda short, but Part Two will make up for it! I promise! I’m not sure when Part Two will be out since I’m going up to my parents, but I’m hoping this weekend. My sims is on my desktop, so I cant’ take it with me. I am going to start it though!

The Kirk Legacy 2.2A

Back with an update! This one is a two-parter too! 🙂 Lots of action (well I think so anyway) in this update! I’m hoping to get part two up as soon as possible. The only reason I had time to sim was because my college was closed due to excessive snow today…so I simmed!

NOTE: STRONG LANGUAGE MAY BE USED AND ADULT THEMES (Some Violence) This doesn’t reflect my views about the matter in anyway, this only for the purpose of story-telling. I do not condone any kind of violence.

Screenshot-036ScreenshotScreenshot-2Diary Entry #9:

Let’s see how to start after where I left off? Hmm well even though I live at home, my mom has been on my ass about this diary thing. I don’t know why its so important, I mean she acts like its some sacred shrine. She really needs to lighten up. She doesn’t realize I have a busy schedule to keep up with these days. I’ve finally been recognized  as part of the “force” of Twinbrook. Even though we’re still known as the “new guys” and don’t get much credit for what we do. We’re still not at a high status yet, but Dave and me do most of the ugly paperwork, street-side arrests, traffic violations and house calls. Nothing too serious yet, but we’ve grown to take them as they come.

Screenshot-4Screenshot-5As partners, Dave and me have decided our roles…we sorta. I didn’t really choose mine, it just ended up that way. He’s the brawn of the two of us and does all the ass-kicking, while I do all the technical part of everything we do. Read the miranda rights, and write up the after reports for our superior. Of course I wish I was the one who did all the medial work, but as Dave puts it, I’m too much of a softie sometimes and probably shouldn’t get involved. True, but then again I feel bad that my sense of character is so easy to see. But, I deal with it I guess. I’m more of a mediator I guess is a good way to put it. I was born to be one. 

Screenshot-6Screenshot-7Our favorites were the ridiculous house calls people do. People fight over the dumbest things, I had no idea how many people we had like that living in town and feel the need for the law enforcement to intervene. Really? So you had a little argument…I don’t think its life-threatening where we need to be called, but it is funny to see over-worked up people. Makes you glad you’re life isn’t as boring as theirs. Except, tonight’s call seemed much different then those from previous people. It sounded more serious, and it was an other unit who heard the call come in, but can’t make it over to the location.

“Hello, Officer Shallow speaking?” I answered

“Are you sure? Is it anything really serious?”

“Okay, okay we’ll make our way over there. Don’t worry.” I reassured

“Who was that?” Dave asked

“Officer Petty, we need to go check a couple out. They’re having a rather loud argument and a neighbor called.”

“Oh, well let’s head over then. See what all the ruckus is about.”

Screenshot-8Screenshot-10Screenshot-12It didn’t take long for us to get over there. The call was made from the local trailer park, not too hard to find. Not too surprised either, sketchy people live over here. I don’t mean to be stereotypical, but here its true. I don’t trust anyone who lives there currently, some people leave and end up making something for themselves, but there’s not a high percentage of them. Then again, Dave and me were feeling pretty good about it. I wasn’t too concerned. I’m sure a couple had a disagreement and just need some clarity and apologizes said. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Screenshot-13Our feelings changed once we got close enough to right trailer and we could hear a man and woman’s voice bickering at the top of their lungs. The wall between us and them made the voices sound distorted so I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying, but we decided we should act quickly in case it escalates out of control.

Screenshot-16Screenshot-15Screenshot-14Right away we up to the door and knocked. Of course no answer because they’re too busy being infused in eachother’s emotions. I decided to peer through the little windows in the door, and I wish I hadn’t. At first I saw a husband and wife I presume, fighting at the top of their lungs. Both of them are enraged and madder than hell. That’s until I look over and I see a crib. There’s a child in there. That’s when my heart sank. No child should be in the middle of their parents, or anyone who’s fighting. It has a negative effect on them, no matter the age. I should know. I started scanning the room, and I saw the their son. Just a toddler, crying on the floor and whining from all the bad energy. I didn’t even think, I busted through the door yelling at Dave to get ready. I’m sure he was surprised I even took initiative action.

Screenshot-17Screenshot-18When we made our way through the door, we just stood there and stared at them. They were totally oblivious to our presence. They resumed to their heated argument. They continued on yelling once forth at each other with every response given. Ignoring their child who’s bawling his eyes out and wanting his parent’s attention. That’s one thing that disgusts me. Negligence towards children. Dave and I tried figuring out what the whole nonsense was about, but it seemed pointless.

“What the hell Nadine? You’ve been here all fucking day! Don’t give me that bullshit!” the man started shouting at full force

“Dan don’t yell at me because you’re just a lazy ass! Its not my fault I was taking Robbie to the doctor!” she yelled back

“Oh? and just because Robbie has a doctor’s appointment, you forget your duties here? Nadine you’re full of shit.”

“Oh really? Maybe if you gave a damn about your own son you could of took him and then I wouldn’t of had to leave the house today! Use you’re fucking head!”

“Jesus fucking Christ Nadine. If you don’t like then leave! It’s not like any guy would take you because of Robbie!” his anger kept increasing

“You already did do something to me! I don’t anymore of your lies! Oh, and maybe you shouldn’t of been the one to get me pregnant? Wear a fucking condom Dan!” she yelled in response

“Condom? Don’t be such a fucking whore and get on birth control! Plus, who said I wanted our son in the first place!?”

Screenshot-20Screenshot-21After he uttered those words without hesitation or regret, the woman, named Nadine as we found out during the fight went over towards their son, Robbie and started to cry. Her tears started as sobbing, and eventually she couldn’t control her tears and she could barely talk. She tried to calm herself by talking to her son.

“Robbie, daddy didn’t mean that. He loves you with all his heart. We wouldn’t of named you Robert Daniel Sanford if it wasn’t for that.” she sobbed looking down at her son, who looks up at her with curious eyes

After their argument, the man, Dan finally noticed us and his facial expression turned from rage to more enraged. I’m guessing he doesn’t take a liking to the law enforcement from the look on his face. Dave gave me the signal, as we always use. I went over to the woman, and he dealt with the man. Our usual roles.

Screenshot-22Screenshot-23Dave works good with heated people who usually don’t like to cooperate quietly. I had a feeling this man would be that way.

“So, what’s the problem here sir?” Dave asks professionally

“Look man, it wasn’t what it looks like.” he sighed, trying to diffuse the situation

“Oh really? You didn’t just yell at your wife with all your might? Yeah, totally not what it looks like. That’s why we got a call from one of the neighbors.”

“Hey-wh-what? Fuck them. Those fucking  bastards. Oh, and fuck you guys. Do you answer every pussy that calls with an issue?

“Uh, when they can hear you down the street, yes we do smartass. You want to tell me your name since you seem to feel the need target me with all your anger?” Dave was starting to loose his patience

“Oh what? Is the cop getting agitated and scared of me? Awe, don’t be scared now I won’t hurt you too bad.” the man taunted

“God dammit, just tell me you goddamn name.”

“Daniel Sanford, how about you tough guy? I’ll be sure to send a good word for you to you’re superior.”

“Officer Dave Hertz, what’s it to ya. You think I’m going to let you walk about of here by will? Oh no, think again buddy.” Dave started to get a little fed up

Screenshot-24Screenshot-25 I was a little hesitant approaching the woman, she was in so much distress and emotions were running high I wasn’t sure what to say to do. I didn’t want my actions to have a negative affect on her. That defeats the purpose. At first I just stood there, contemplating and analyzing what I just witnessed and what I’m seeing. This poor girl, Nadine (sorry if mentioned twice), she’s been through so much in her lifetime already and she looks to be the same age or just a bit younger than me. I don’t want to make unruly assumptions, but I think she might have been a teenage mom, or at least 18 when she got pregnant, and by that asshole. I can’t believe he had the audacity to tell her he didn’t want his own son. He doesn’t deserve to be a parent, even to legally be acknowledged as one is a disgrace. I can’t believe she takes his shit and live here, puts herself and child in danger. I hope we can help her out.While all of these thoughts running through my head, my anger started to build up. I don’t know where it was coming from since I’m not all that kind of guy who gets angry a lot. But, I couldn’t help but want to punch that guy in the throat.

Screenshot-27Screenshot-30I couldn’t stand looking at the poor women and the kind of predicament she was in, so I went over by Dave to see what he’s accomplished since being in this broken house. But, by the time I made my way over there, holding in my anger was at its limit. I was ready to explode and give this guy a piece of my mind.

“So what makes you think yelling at your wife with all this anger in front of your young son is okay?” I snapped

Screenshot-31“Oh, now pretty boy is going to start interrogating me? Ha! I could kick your ass.” he shot back

Screenshot-32Screenshot-33“Pretty boy? haha, don’t make my laugh.”

“Oh so you do have a sense of humor? Well let me say it again then, pretty boy.”

I don’t know where punks like him get off by picking a fight with everyone they meet. unfathomable to me. He really knows how to push you. With all of his witty and sarcastic comments, I was starting to get irked, and my anger just came rushing out like a wound.

“Just who the hell do you think you are?!” I raised my voice louder

“Whoa, boy aren’t you touchy?” he sneered

“Cut the shit. What the hell is your problem?”

“I don’t have a fucking problem. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

Screenshot-34Screenshot-35“Oh don’t play dumb. I know you’re up to no good here! I swear if you hurt you’re wife I will take you in myself!” I warned

“Oh hurt my wife? What now you have a crush on her after you saw her crying? How cute.” he snarled back

“No, I just don’t enjoy seeing women being treated badly like that! What kind of scumbag are you!?”

“Oh shut the hell up. You call yourself a cop? My ass you are.”

“Why you!” I yelled

I don’t know what really happened, but all I can remember is my whole body became succumbed by anger and I my body lunged on its own. I can’t really say what happened during the time between me lunging at the guy and then Dave cutting in to stop me from making a dumb mistake in my career.

Screenshot-36Screenshot-37“Whoa, whoa dude! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dave frantically asked me

“Huh? What do you mean? I was going to kick this guy’s ass.” I answered, not taking my eyes off of him

“Josh are you stupid? Do you want to end your career as it just started? Use that big brain of yours man!”

He was right. I don’t know what I was thinking. This wasn’t like the time when I confronted Dave about how I felt about his behavior towards women. This is much different. This guy isn’t a friend, who can easily be persuaded and will listen to reason. No, this guy would only respond to physical efforts, but its considered a citizen, and I can’t just go tackle him to the ground and beat the sense into him. Dave was right, can kiss my career goodbye with that tactic.

“Why don’t you go talk to the woman, and get her statement so we can clear things up here as soon as possible.” Dave suggested

“Okay, you’re right. Sorry.” I sighed, looking down at the floor

Screenshot-38That’s when I looked up to look at this “Nadine”. She was still drenched in her own tears, and if it existed there was a tear puddle next to her and her son. Dave is right. I shouldn’t be concerned with the douchebag who I just confronted. I should help the victim through this.

Screenshot-39Screenshot-40I figured I would try to coax her into talking and soothing her pain. I approached her with care, I didn’t want to scare her or put her off guard.

“Are you okay Miss?” I asked with a smile

She was still crying, but started to settle down after my voice broke through the tears. She tried to stop, but she managed to tone it down to sniffles and looked up at me. She didn’t look as worrisome as I thought she would.

“Oh, um…yes I am. I just always have a hard time calming down when I cry. Sorry.” she answered nervously

“That’s okay, I just want to make sure to approach you with caution is all. Is it alright we take you down to the station to get your statement of what happened? We’re not making any conclusions, but its easier to make everything clear.”

“Oh…sure. But, can Robbie come?”

“Oh of course, no problem. Sorry to keep him up so late, I know kids need their sleep.” I smiled

“Okay. That’s fine, is Dan coming to?” she looked worried as she made eye contact with her husband

“Uh yes he will be.”

Hated to admit it, but he had to come with us. Dave would come up with some excuse to put him in cuffs I think. Or at least I hope.

Screenshot-42And that’s just what Dave did. He brought him to the ground in an instant. Surprise attacks are his specialty. He pinned him to the ground, and for once read his miranda rights, and made up some excuse to take him downtown with us so he doesn’t get too suspicious about us talking to his wife.

Screenshot-43Screenshot-45When we finally reached the station, everyone was mostly quiet. We finally calmed ourselves down and were recollected of our emotions and coherency. It was almost like that annoying, awkward silence that comes over you when you realize how stupid you acted when the situation called for a different reaction. All I know as walking into the interviewing room, I wanted to get this over with fast. Finally Nadine and I sat down at a desk so I could get her statement and recollection of the night’s events on paper. When she sat down, I noticed something haunting. The scar or cut per say on her face. It didn’t show signs of healing, so I could tell it was fresh. Battered wife was written all over her face the instant I saw it. I tried not to make it obvious I was staring at, that would make her uneasy and want to leave. I know I’ve said this throughout this entry, but this poor woman. Its degrading to see her stick it out with pride. She doesn’t even try to hide the fact he did that to her. Let’s just I can help her get out of this abusive relationship.

Screenshot-46“So, what happened tonight with you and your husband? You two have a falling out?” I asked sternly

Screenshot-47Screenshot-48“No, why would you think that!” she answered quickly

The expected answer, this how battered wives usually react. They’re in denial and honestly believe their husbands/boyfriends love them and don’t mean it every time they’re abusive. With these thoughts running through my head, she has a change of heart after she spits out her answer, she contemplates what she just said.

“Well…let me rephrase that. You see….”

Screenshot-49“I guess you could say we had a disagreement, but all married couples have their arguments. It’s normal.” she stated plainly

She didn’t try to bead around the bush, but she did. Clever on her part. She doesn’t want me to speculate, but yet she admitted they had an issue tonight. She’s gone through this before I can see.

Screenshot-50“Ohhhkayyy. Do you want to elaborate on what exactly the argument was about? Details are what we need. He seemed to be fired up, why was that?” I tried to lead her into speaking the truth

“Well, what it was is I had to take Robbie to a doctor’s appointment because he’s been having some development  problems and I didn’t make it home in time to make dinner. Dan is time-orientated, he needs his dinner at a certain time. Otherwise his emotions start running high.”

“Doesn’t that seem a little unreasonable to you Nadine?”

Probably shouldn’t of provoked her, but this is what women like her need. They need to face the truth and realize this isn’t healthy for them, their children and the man that’s abusing them. She needs to get him away from he and her son. Even though its painful to do because he’s the father, but he doesn’t deserve to have any roles.

Screenshot-51Screenshot-52Screenshot-53Apparently I provoked her emotions a little too much. After I said that, she stood up and her lips started trembling. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. That’s when she started crying again, and covered her face in shame.

“You must think I’m some kind of fool to stay with him! But, you just don’t understand. He’s all I have! He works, he provides income and he’s Robbie’s Father! I didn’t even get to graduate high school! How am I supposed to provide for my son without him!?” she wailed

Screenshot-54Screenshot-55At first all I did was sit there. I wasn’t sure if I should let her console and confide in me for help and clarity or just have her let it out. Either way I got up out of seat and went to provide some kind of support, letting her know I was here to lend a shoulder to cry on. But, that didn’t seem to help so I tried to interject some words of advice. Only to find that was the wrong choice.

“Nadine, all you have to do is tell us what he’s done to you. If he’s hurt you, you need to notify authorities. This can’t go on any longer, you don’t deserve to be treated that way. Your son shouldn’t be in that kind of environment.” I explained with convincing words

As I said, only to realize that wasn’t the road to take with her. She’s still in denial.

Screenshot-56Within in an instant her tears turned into pure rage. I swear no time passed after I the last word I said before her face turned into angry and fierce. I could tell she had a lot to say to me now.

“Excuse me? What makes you think you have the right to tell me what to do and how my husband treats me!? Don’t you dare tell me what the hell to do!” she screamed

Screenshot-57Screenshot-58“Look I was just trying to….” I started before she cut me off

“Started to what? I don’t need your fucking sympathy! I am fine, and i don’t need your help!”

“Don’t you want someone to feel for you! I mean someone who cares?”

Right there and then I knew I stepped over boundaries that aren’t meant to be interfered with. I shouldn’t of said that, but she’s slowly hurting herself by staying in this relationship. Next time he does something she could end up dead, and I know that she doesn’t want that. No one wants early death and to be murdered!

“Oh so now someone like you cares? My ass buddy! I only care for myself!” she disagreed

Screenshot-59Screenshot-60 I was taken back. I’ve heard of independent women, and believe me there’s nothing wrong with that. My mother is one of them. But, you should still have a support system of some kind. That’s how life and a having a healthy one works. Everyone knows that, its basic knowledge. I only wish I could make her see the light. But, I couldn’t she proceeded to end the conversation and leave.

“Come on Robbie, you and Mommy are going home.” she baby-talked

Screenshot-61Screenshot-62“Oh, and by the way. You have nothing to hold my husband on, he never touched me. I never said that, so cut him loose.”

That’s all she said after she left. She was right, she never did admit to him hurting her. Once again, smart woman. You can tell she’s been through this before, she ,knows all the loopholes to get out of him getting arresting. She’s one fiery woman, that’s for sure. She’d be so much happier if she got out and lived her life the way she wanted to. Being a mom should be her pride and joy, but she acts as if she resents her son, because he gets in the way of her and her husband. Sad sight to see.

Hope you enjoyed this update! 🙂 The storyline is finally kicking off! Also, I do not condone any violence to anyone, and I’m sorry for the vulgar language, but that’s how I pictured it. Hope it wasn’t too bad to read.

The Kirk Legacy 1.10A

Yes, another two-parter, sorry. I wasn’t going to make it into one, but otherwise this would be a HUGE update, and I don’t want to make you suffer. Also, this generation is winding down, so look for a heir poll in the near future…and the font/editing of pictures will be different because Picasa wasn’t letting me edit using Picnik tools because my local area connection isn’t connected? But if I use firefox, I have internet? Its the weirdest thing…I’m working on getting it fixed.

Also, sorry its been over a month since the last update, been busy with school, and I had some personal problems..but I fixed them. So its all good!

Diary Entry #49:

Wow its been awhile hasn’t it? Well better late than never as I say. Life’s been busy I guess. Adan still is gone at long periods at time, leaving me to single parent basically, and I just found out recently that I’m pregnant again. I know, number three?! Its exciting, except I didn’t get to share the news with Adan like I wanted to. But, that’s okay, at least he got to know about his third child.

But other than that, I’ve been being a mom and working. In fact, Josh is getting older every day, he’s birthday is coming too. He’ll be starting school soon, its so excited and sad at the same time. My little man is growing up 😦

Delia on the other hand is been busy with he social life as well. She’ll be starting high school again, I know…hard to believe. But, she’s like any girl her age. Very socialable, had quite a few friends, very studious, and actually loves school and learning. Let’s hope that continues in high school haha.

Shortly after finding out about the pregnancy I called Adan while he was out in Bridgeport with the band. Doing what “he loves” or supposedly. Yeah, whatever. Its a lost cause if you ask me. But, I think we’ve heard what I had to say throughout my diary sessions.

“Hello, this is Adan Shallow speaking.” he formally stated

“Adan, its me. Beth.” I shyly said

“Oh, hey sweets. What’s up?”

“Uhh well, I’m just calling because I though there’s something…”

“Beth, just tell me. Don’t sound so shy. Its only me.” he interrupted

“Well, I’m pregnant again. I thought you should know so you don’t get bombarded when you come home.” I admitted

“Really?! That’s great! Your wish came true, three kids baby. Can’t wait to come home and see that growing belly.”

“Oh…really? You honestly think that?”

“Of course! You know how much I love being a dad, and seeing you pregnant and being a mom.” I could tell he was smiling on the other side of the line

“Okay, can’t wait until you get home. You have to help me with Josh’s birthday.” I smiled

“Don’t worry I’ll be home in time for that, can’t miss my only son’s birthday haha.”

At least he’s thrilled to be a father again, that makes me happy and so relieved. I knew he was a little unsure about having three kids, so I was hesitant to tell him. But, I can’t wait to be a mom again, and have a little baby. I’m having empty nest syndrome early I think haha, that’s not good.

Dairy Entry #50:

Holy shit, I made it to fifty!? Wow, that’s a milestone and deserves a round of applause. I’m proud of myself for keeping up. Well today is Josh’s birthday and Adan came home in time to celebrate! So the whole family is together for once! And my belly is growing every day, I think its on steroids haha.

He turned to a fine, young man. His sister got him a hat for his birthday and he just loves it, never takes it off I swear. I can’t tell who he looks like more, me or Adan. I think its Adan genetics in his face, minus being a blondie and blue eyed like his momma. Hmm…only time will tell.

After we all sat down to have a family dinner. It seems ages since Adan has sat at the dinner table with us, it felt so weird…almost awkward in a sense. Its like he was a stranger, and we didn’t know what to say to him. Thank goodness for Delia and her talkativeness.

“Mom, do you know what you’re having?” she asked

“No I don’t actually, I’m keeping it a surprise. What do you want it to be?” I replied

“A girl of course. I would love to have a little sister to play with.”

“Hmm well fifty-fifty chance, so you might be in luck.”

Adan didn’t chime in at all. He just ate and then stared at the wall, it was kinda disturbing. Its like he wasn’t really with us. Probably thinking about work and getting all of his ideas now, so when he leaves again he’ll be ready to go.

Diary Entry #51:

Adan’s left again, but that doesn’t mean the house is quiet. Oh no. Mr. Joshua David makes sure our house is up and alive. I swear, he is the loudest kid I’ve ever seen.  Videogames are one of his many passions, as any boy his age. He doesn’t hold back while playing either. If he’s mad, you’ll know..or if he’s winning, the everybody’s winning.

Delia and him play often. You know how sibling rivalry can be. Except, Josh wins most of the time and then we have to hear Delia’s complaints because then she gets vocal. Its a loud party basically. They win, they cheer, they lose, they complain, they jab eachother, and then they fight. Its a great cycle.

But, Josh isn’t all about making sure his voice is heard. He is a serious guy underneath all that energy believe it or not. He likes to play chess. He told me he likes the challenge and the problem-solving aspect of it. He’s quite good too. Not only at playing, but putting on a game face. He gets it from his mother haha. I’ll proudly admit.

“Delia says you’re having a girl, is that true?” he asked

“What? No….I don’t know what I”m having, its a surprise. She just thinks and wants it to be a girl. Don’t listen to her.” I explained

“Oh..what do you and dad want?”

“We both wanted another boy.”

“That would be cool!” he yelled

“Haha not so loud Josh. But, yes it would be. Just don’t tell your sister.” I chuckled

Josh is really into reading and keeping up with current events as well. He reads mostly mmysteries, especially murder msyteries, I told him he shouldn’t read them, but who listens to their mother anymore. He reads the legal section in the paper usually, and the front page. He’s very interested in crime and policework. He’s an interesting child, but then again he is mine haha.

You can tell he’s mine because he’s a huge mama’s boy, which I have no problem with, but I sure do think its cute. Every morning on the weekends he gets up early with me and we have breakfast together. The other day I found out something sad, which angered me.

“So how are you going to make money now?” I sarcastically asked him for the fifth time

“Mommmmmm I’m going to be a cop! A good one too!”he cheered

“Oh yeah? Not gonna play the guitar like dad?”

“No. I don’t want to.”

“Why’s that?” I asked

“Because dad is never home, I don’t want to be away from my family. I love them.” he frowned

My poor baby. He has no connection with Adan because he’s been gone too long and too early on in his life. This is depressing to see as am other. I wanted to cry and hug him, telling him that everything would be fine. But, that’s a lie. I knew something was going to happen with him being gone all the time. Its like I’m being a single parent, and I don’t want that. I want my kids to love their dad, want to be like him. Especially his son. Ugh, this is so frustrating.

Diary Entry #52:

Adan called me today. He informed me that he’ll be gone even longer, and my due date is starting to draw near. This makes things so much more complicated. I’m on maternity leave, so I don’t have a high income coming in, like if I was working, and its only me here and my huge belly. I don’t think he understands or even thinks about how other people feel. Empathy Adan, learn it, use it! The most common form of human bonding! He either doesn’t give a shit, or is seriously totally olivious to this.

“Hello?” I answered

“Hey Bethy! I got some good news, and bad news.” he started

“How about good first?”

“Well, I’m going to have to be out here a little bit longer. I know its getting close to your due date, but I’ll be home I promise. The good news is that I got a raise, so we can finally add onto our house!”

“That’s great!” I faked emotion

“I know! I can’t wait to start adding on! We need the space.” he was excited

“Can’t wait to see you, hope its soon.”

“Oh, me too. I want to feel that little baby kick again.”

These were our conversations lately. Short, over the phone calls where he talked about everything happening to him, and not caring about me or the kids. I hope things change soon. If they don’t, there’s going to be confrontation, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Diary Entry #53:

Soooooo Adan has been home for two days now, since I’m due in about a week, and its super awkward. I”m not even exaggerating on that either. We’re all so distant towards him, I don’t know if he’s noticed it yet, since he doesn’t pick up on things right away as you maybe know. The kids are the most distant. They treat him more like that creepy uncle no one likes. That’s how bad it is. If he sits down at the table and Josh is there, Josh gets up and moves elsewhere. Or if he tries talking to Delia, she just sighs and gives him that “daughter” stare, like she’s unimpressed or annoyed.

I certainly know we’ve drifted apart as a couple. We barely make physcial contact or show affection. Its sad to see this is what its become to. We don’t even spend time in the same room except for when we’re sleeping. Adan does his own thing, and I do mine. I wish things were different, and I don’t know where to begin to try to fix this family. I have a few ideas, but its going to have to wait until after this child is born. I keep kicking myself because I feel like if I would of said something sooner, this wouldn’t’ of happened, but I don’t think that’s true either. I need a miracle I think.

Diary Entry #54:

Hi again, I know I”ve been pretty quick with updates but, this is an important one to document. My third and final baby as been born! I am done having kids! Holy youknowwhat. I mean the labor and birth was smoother, but my body didn’t like being pregnant that’s for sure haha. My water broke early Sunday morning when I was doing some last minute laundry, I instantly called for Adan..just a natural response. It was weird since its been awhile since I’ve done that.

He called a cab, and we both piled in the back. It was a quite ride to the hospital. We didn’t speak to each other really except small talk. He asked me if I’m okay, and how I was feeling, I responded. That was about it. I’m sure the cab driver thought we were one of those out-there couples. Or just mute haha. All I know is I wanted to get out the second the car stopped.

After hours of labor, in the end I gave birth another healthy baby girl. She’s beautiful is the first thing Adan said, I wanted to cry. He for once said and did something meaningful, its been such a long time since that. He even helped name her. Her name is Taryn Elizabeth Shallow. I like the name Taryn and Adan thought of Elizabeth as a from of Bethany, so it gets passed down. I agreed that it sounds better than putting Bethany as her middle name. That was so thoughtful I thought. Made me smile.

We didn’t have to stay at the hospital too long since I wasn’t a first time mom, and I knew the routine by now. We were home by that night, which was nice since I don’t like hosptials that much. When we walked through the door and announced to the kids they have a baby sister, all hell broke loose. I think they forgot we have newborn in the house, because holy crap. Poor Taryn, she’s probably deaf now.

Delia could barely contain her joy of having a little sister like she wanted. She screamed and squealed like there was no tomorrow. Then she proceeded to list all of the things she was going to do with her when she gets older, and how its going to be so much fun.

Josh on the other hand was still excited, but had different reasons. He joked he was going to corrupt his little sister, and finally have someone closer to his age to hang out with, and that he could show her so many cool things. It was bittersweet, how both of them were excited to have a new addition to the family. I can’t wait to see how Taryn fits in with our bunch.

After all of the commotion, I knew I was tired and that Taryn wanted to go somewhere quiet, so I put her in the newly designed room. Delia’s old room, Delia has moved downstairs into a bigger room since she’s getting older, and well need it. As I was putting her down to go to sleep, I’ve decided that if things don’t change at all with Adan and the way this family is headed, I’m going to confront him, and really tell him how I feel. I’m not joking or just talking out loud. I will seriously do it.

Taryn’s traits are: Loner and Artistic.

Okay! I’m done with Part one! I”m so proud of myself for getting this out! I hope you enjoy it, Part two will be up shortly I hope. Also, Happy Halloween…its still halloween here. Hope you had a Bootastic Day 🙂