The Kirk Legacy 3.6B

Oh my gosh what’s this? An update finally? Is this really Part Two? Yes, it finally is. I’m sorry for the long delay. Been very busy with school and had some game issues-which I’m not really sure if they’re resolved or not? But, it doesn’t matter I managed to do something and finish playing and editing pictures. Now its time to tell the story. Now, this will be the last update for awhile again since I’m going to switch to another project since this one took so long to get out I need a break from it haha. Sorry. Anyway, let’s get on to the LONG awaited part two.

But, first a few NOTES to be aware of……..

1. Sim-related violence is displayed in this chapter, nothing brutal or graphic, but just to note.

2. I DO NOT CONDONE any form of violence. It is purely for story-telling purposes. If it makes you uncomfortable please do not read.

3. Graphic wounds or Custom Content wounds are in this chapter. Its nothing that I don’t think you can’t stomach because its pixelated wounds in a sense. BUT, I’m putting a disclaimer just in case and to be considerate.

4. Lately, Profanity will most likely be USED you do not like reading it or hearing, please don’t read or just note to skip over those words. The words are used to convey emotion and are unique to the character.

5. Oh, and I forgot. Time is going to pass quickly in this chapter. I can’t tell you exactly how long because that wouldn’t defeat the purpose of the plot, but imagine much time has passed towards the end.

6. I should probably note this too, I do not have anything against anyone who is of Asian heritage. I don’t think they are violent people or perceive them to be this way. I chose China because in Sims 3 World Adventures its the first country sims can travel to. I have no prejudice against anyone.


Screenshot Screenshot-9

Diary Entry #26:

After they discovered me and An snooping in the tombs, they had us surrounded all holding their weapons of choice. Some with old swords, and others with guns that looked to be Simamerican and possibly confiscated from other travelers they met along the way. They were yelling in Chinese at the top of their longs, their leader most of the time and the others joined in. All of them feverishly throwing their arms around at us. An tried to whisper translations to me when he could, but it was useless because every time they saw An’s lips move, they would point their weapons closer to our throats. They did, however snatch our small travel bags and empty them out searching for weapons I presumed. When they found nothing of value to them, I noticed their leader scrunch up this face in annoyance. That’s when they threw our jackets at us, and signaled for us to put them on. I was confused at the time because the weather was rather temperate, and it wasn’t cold by any means. We brought the jackets only if we planned on scavenging around the mountains. 

  That was until they started forcing us to march to some location, that’s when I realized why they wanted us to wear jackets. They marched us towards the mountains up the only path and leads up to the peaks. That must of been their hideout location? I wasn’t sure. My emotions didn’t overcome me until we reached the stone hut that stood before us. It looked cold and dark. None of them said anything to us, were just stood there for some time as they talked among themselves. Probably plotting what they were going to do to us. That’s when my body started to tense up with fear. I drew back in fear, holding on to An. An’s hands grasped my arm. He tried to let me know that everything was going to be okay, but something told me that it wasn’t. We walked right into the lion’s den. 

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-15 Screenshot-19

It felt like hours that we were standing there in front of what looked like our future. A stone-cold hut. Eventually their leader walked over to us, with his smug face, glaring at us. I couldn’t help but feel my legs start to step back as he came closer. This man truly frightened me. He turned his head away from and stood there in front of An, in a dead stare. Then he started yelling in Chinese at An. I wish I could of known what he was saying. From what I could gather, I think he was telling An that me and him need to march into that hut since his arms were flailing around towards the door as he commanded. 

I thought An was going to give me the look, that look that says “do what he says by any means”, but instead An’s face went from a serious/scared to angry. He narrowed his eyes at what looked to be the dangerous man out of the bunch, and threw his hands up threatening him in Chinese. 

Screenshot-22 Screenshot-28 Screenshot-35

As you can imagine, making threats to the person who just kidnapped you and will end your life without blinking did not take them lightly. The man walked toward one of his subordinates, and handed him the gun he was carrying. He then ran up to An, and tackled him to the ground throwing punches anywhere he could. An was taken a little off guard from the looks of it. I”m just glad the man didn’t shoot him right then and there. They wrestled around in the snow for a while, throwing punches and kicks everywhere and anywhere on their opponents body. 

Screenshot-38 Screenshot-47

I put my hands to my lips. I wanted to scream but knew that wasn’t a good idea. Should not draw attention to myself, and if they knew I had feelings for An, they wouldn’t hesitate to hurt him in front of me. Especially something drastic. I bit on my fingers through my gloves. I wanted it to end. I wanted An to stop and just follow his orders. Eventually I closed my eyes because I couldn’t take much more watching An get himself beat up over nothing, or even worse me. I don’t want people to get hurt because of me. 

An wasn’t winning the fight by any means. Eventually the man stood up and An sat there in the snow helpless. Feeling the defeat and in obvious pain. 

Screenshot-52 Screenshot-55 Screenshot-59

That’s when he looked at me and yelled in Chinese again, signaling to go inside the hut. I did as I was told. No way in hell I was about to defy a man with this much power. I ran through the door, just to get away from him. An followed behind me slowly. Once we both were in the hut, I heard the door shut behind us and it being latched shut. That was it. Here we are in this hut now. What happens now? 

“What happens now? We’re just stuck here now?” I asked, my eyes widening as reality slowly set in

Screenshot-63 Screenshot-65

“Yes. If they’re keeping us in this hut, I’m going to assume they think we have answers of some sort? Which we don’t, but they don’t care regardless. My guess is they’re going to withhold food and water from us. Its an ancient Chinese prisoner of war method. They figure if they weaken the body, it weakens the mind and there fore we’ll divulge more information.” he explained nonchalantly


“But, hey don’t worry okay Ash? Everything will be okay. I promise. We just have to probably endure some hardships, but we will make it through this.”

How could he be smiling at a time like this? This wasn’t a time to be sentimental or hopeful. We need to look at the facts. The outlook is looking pretty bleak right now. 

Screenshot-67 Screenshot-71

His face slowly turned from a smile to pensive. That’s all I needed to know. Even An can’t hide how worried he is. I turned around and looked around our four-walled hut. It was dark and cold. I just stood there. This was my life for the next-who knows? I could be here for days, weeks, months or even years. If I can hold out that long. I’m going to be tortured for information I don’t even possess. How does one swallow that you ask? You don’t. You just don’t. 

At this point, I’m glad I managed to save my diary in my pocket. I can still hold onto my sanity for a little longer. 

Screenshot-72 Screenshot-74Screenshot-78

Diary Entry # 27:

I’m not sure how many days its been. There are no windows in our hut, so we have no idea when its night or daylight. Its been forever. No one has come to see us. An was right. They’re withholding food and water. So far, I just have minor fatigue in the pit of my stomach. Nothing I can’t handle yet. Same goes for An, who is still unusually calm about the whole situation. I’ve had my outbursts of emotions at least once a day, and An just lays there on the floor. 

For fuck’s sake we have no idea how long we’ve been just sitting here in silence?! It could of been two weeks for all we know and we have no idea. There’s no way out. We can’t escape, and even if we did that’s a suicide mission. All we have been doing is siting here. I think An has accepted his fate, and knows the outcome isn’t going to be good. 

The realization I’ve come to? That this is all. my. fault. 

Screenshot-86 Screenshot-89

Diary Entry #28:

I haven’t had a chance to write anything down for quite some time. I still have no idea how much time has passed since we’ve been taken as prisoners. My best guess is maybe two months? Probably been longer than that. At this point that isn’t important. Staying alive and surviving is the main goal. It wasn’t long before they started taking one of us at time to question and use brute force to get the answers they desperately want. 

My body is so weak. I can’t even pick myself up from the floor anymore. When they come they have to come pick me up and carry me to the room where the interrogation takes place. I’ve started to lean against a wall for sleeping, when I do sleep that is. They usually come for An first and then me. I’ve come to the conclusion that since I’m a woman and was parading around their country I get more of the physical torture than An does. I have wounds that start to heal, but they reopen them with their punches, kicks and beat me with any objects they have at the time. I think they want to see me not show emotion. Its like a test they administer even though they know I will. I can’t help but wail each time I’m struck. It hurts and the guilt I’ve been feeling. Its been hovering over me like a bad thunderstorm. An won’t admit it, but I’m sure he blames me. I know he does.

Screenshot-93 Screenshot-96

Knowing An, I’m sure he’s blaming himself and not me. I can see it in his body language. All he has his a huge gash by the corner of his mouth. I think he feels guilty that I get all the violent acts, and not him. But, women aren’t treated the same as men here so its only naturally right? Not saying its right or just, but it makes sense. I can’t help but force a small smile on my face as I think about him. He is such a sweet man, and took a big chance coming here with me. He is a fearless man. I’m happy to call him my friend. But, he needs to know how I’m feeling and that I feel completely responsible for our situation. He was right, we shouldn’t of ever came. 

I miss my parents, and I can only imagine what’s going through their minds. They’re probably worried sick that their daughter hasn’t come home yet and she was probably supposed to be home by now. My dad isn’t resting I’m sure. He’ll make sure every measure is taken for his little girl. I can’t believe I would choose to put my parents through such pain. What if I never see them again? What if I…..what if I die here? 

Screenshot-100 Screenshot-103 Screenshot-107

I managed to take what energy I had to stand up and lean against the wall for support. I just stared at the locked door. One of the many obstacles of the craved freedom. An watched me and stood up with me, probably in case if I collapsed. I’ve done it before and the floor is metal. Even in this hut, he’s still looking out for me. I then just burst into tears and start mumbling through the hard breaths I take with each tear. 

“I’m…I”m so–so sorry I got you into this An. You don’t deserve this. I can’t believe I talked…talked you into this. I’m so sorry I put our lives into danger. We shouldn’t of came.” I sobbed

“Oh, please Ashlynn. Don’t cry. I can’t bare to see you cry. ” he squinted his eyes, fighting back his own tears and sadness

“But, its true! I’m to blame for all of this. Everything. For you getting hurt, being captured, my own demise! I’ve caused everyone so much pain, even myself. This isn’t right. You don’t deserve to call me a friend.”

“That’s not true. I’m not sorry for any of this.”

“…Wha-what? What did you say?” I sniffled, rubbing my eyes of the tears

Screenshot-111 Screenshot-113


“An, don’t try to make me feel better by lying to me. It’s not going to work. I’m at fault, just admit that you resent me. I resent myself, so its okay for you to say it too. You don’t deserve to know me one bit.”

“What? No! That’s not what I meant. I wasn’t lying. I meant it, I’m not sorry for anything that’s happened. I really mean it.”

“Oh An!” I wobbled into his arms, burying my face into his chest

“Shhh, its okay Ashlynn. I told you, we will make it through this. I promise you.” he whispered

“How can you promise that? That’s a pretty big promise to make. I just want to go home. I want to hug my parents one last time. See my family in good spirits and their smiles. But, no. I have to be the overly ambitious Simamerican girl who wants to help those less fortunate and try to make a difference.” I cried

“Don’t say that Ashlynn. I wouldn’t have this anyway. I’m glad that I’m here with you. You want to know why? Because its that hunger and ambition I like. I’m amazed by how driven you are. There aren’t many people like you, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are. Yes, this situation isn’t ideal, or desired but we knew that going in. So please don’t apologize.”

Screenshot-127 Screenshot-131

“See, its when you say things like that. How do I deserve such kind words? I don’t. Especially coming from you. You’re just being too kind and modest.”

“No I’m not. I’m saying these things because you need to know that I have feelings for you. Strong feelings. In fact, I’d say I’m in love with you Miss Ashlynn Shallow.

What? What did he just say? 

Screenshot-133 Screenshot-135

“What? What did you say?” I stuttered

“I revealed that I”m in love with you. I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way, but I need you to know this. After the course of time we’ve spent together and getting to know you, I’ve developed feelings for you and I can’t deny them any longer.” he repeated



“Or did you just want to hear me say it again?” he flashed a smile

“Oh. Hehe. You really do?”

“Haha yes Ashlynn. I really do.”

Screenshot-151 Screenshot-159

“Hehe sorry. Just wanted to be sure I wasn’t delirious.” I chuckled

Can say he did manage to put a smile on my face in such a grim time. And truth is, I think I love him too. 

“I love you too An. I’m glad you are apart of my life.”

That’s when he grabbed my arm and kissed me passionately. Our lips were locked tight, and I didn’t want it to end. 

Okay, that’s it for part two! I hoped you enjoyed it, and I”m sorry that it took this long to get out! 🙂 I’m happy with this being an ending point for a bit while I work on other projects. My other projects are missing me terribly, and need to be updated more than this does.

I’d like to give credit for simnights for An Li. She can be found on tumblr.

Also like to give credit to pose creators:

-Delight33 and Crasrcoss for Fear Poses 12 and 13

Chibikins/FairsteadSims for Couch Couple Pose

Crazymary and Payano for S2 pose

Traelia for sleeping pose

Spladoum for Bully 9 pose

Nighty for Hold me Pose

Sagaro for sweet couple Poses 2


The Kirk Legacy 3.3B

Hello again! 🙂 I’m not sure if the second part is longer, shorter or the same length as part one lol. I want to say roughly the same length. Its more dialogue in this chapter as well. Important dialogue of course! Haha I have a feeling this generation might be long, and I’m not sure if I’m going to work on 3.4 right after this or move onto another legacy…debating at the moment.

But, anywho onto the chapter!

As said before, An Li is made by simnights from tumblr.

NOTE: Profanity MAY be used. You’ve been warned. 




Diary Entry #16: 

Its been a long eight months I have to say! I’m sad that our time here is winding down so suddenly. But, it was well worth it. I loved helping every family we got to know. I just hope they continue to do what they learned and can continue to survive off of the land. Though, I’ve noticed that the people here have started to become more skidish and have looked more nervous than ever. It could just be me too, but something feels a tad bit off. Hopefully we didn’t do something wrong. Hate for that to be the case. 

Also, Cale and me have been growing closer with everyday. He isn’t jealous or easily furious. Just makes me respect him so much more, and love him more. Of course I always loved him, and knew that I wanted to be with him from day one. But, things change when the relationship is tested. An and me have also became great friends in the process. Have to admit, I don’t have very many friends because girls these days judge you by appearance. They all think i’m stuck-up because I give a damn  about my appearance somewhat. I mean, if you cross me its not pretty, but as long as there is mutual understanding I’m a very nice person. Of course I’m friends with my sisters, closer with Violet though. We had to share a room though, so you’re going to have to speak to your sister sometime haha. Wow, I am really getting off topic. Sorry. What I’ve been meaning to say is that the other day I got an opportunity to learn something new! and it was sorta fun! I can’t wait to learn more. An asked me if I wanted to try my hand at learning martial arts! 

“Hey Ashlynn? ” he peaked around the corner

“Yes, An? What’s up?” I smiled



“I was wondering if maybe you wanted to try out learning martial arts?”


“Yeah. I asked Cale, but he surprisingly declined. I think he wants a quiet night in for once since we’ve been so busy haha. But, I know you like trying new things so I thought I’d ask.” he explained, his voice started to get shaky

I do think its funny how he gets nervous around me. Must have a hard time being around a woman all the time. 



“Do you know martial arts then?” I asked out of curiosity

“Haha yes I do. I learned here as a teenager. It was one thing my parents strove to give him as a extracurricular activity if you will. I think they knew I wasn’t meant for the farming life and wanted to give me choices. Its something I really enjoy. Its an art full of many different skills.”

“Hmm, I don’t know……”

“Haha what? Are you turning a friend down?” he teased

“Welllll I guess I can go with you. Just hope I don’t outshine you or beat you at you’re own game.” I sarcastically said

“Haha oh Miss Ashlynn you do crack me up.”

“Haha sarcasm runs in the family. Trust me.”

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12

An took me to the martial arts academy where you can practice in the recreational part of the building. I felt a little uneasy because I didn’t want to get in trouble since I’ve had no training whatsoever. I know that this kind of establishment takes everything very seriously. Not something I would want to mess with haha. But, it was late in the day so there wasn’t many people there, so there was a little relief. 

“Okay, so you just want to hit the dummy opponent defensively. You almost have to visualize it as being a real person who is attacking you or if you want, sparing. You can use both hands, arms, feet and legs. Do you want me to demonstrate, or can you handle that kind of direction for now?” he explained

“Yeah, you better do somekind of demonstration for me. Might be easier for me to visualize.” I shyly admitted

I don’t like admitting when I’m not good at something haha too proud of a person for that. That’s when he demonstrated for me and it looked easier than what he explained. He’s not the best teacher least to say haha oh well. At least he’s genuine and enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately, I was not very good at it and was just feeling embarrassed about it all haha. 

“So like this?”

“Umm yeah, try refining the hit. Martial arts takes a lot of precision and predicting. Try focusing on that.”


” I don’t think this is my forte. I suck at this.” I moped

“Haha, what? Ashlynn not good at something? What happened to that big talk earlier?” he laughed

“Oh yeah, yeah rub it in tough guy.”


Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18

“Haha hey did you want to spar with me?!” his face lit up

“Spar? You mean actually do what I was doing with that wooden dummy with you?!” I was shocked


“Well, let’s hope I just don’t hurt you then.”

“Haha sounds like you think you’re a tough guy.” he chuckled

“Its one of my better qualities.” I winked

“Okay, first you bow and acknowledge your opponent like this.”

It was kinda exciting to get to spar with An, doing something he’s good at and loves. I have to say I did enjoy practicing. I was just a little nervous to spar with him. I know he wouldn’t intentionally hurt me, but what if I don’t know my own strength?! Haha, sparring is something you can’t prepare for, at least the first time. 

Screenshot-20 Screenshot-21 Screenshot-22

After we bowed  I saw An get into a proper stance while I just stood there. He nodded to me, so I tried to copy his stance and he told me he’d start off slow so he doesn’t hurt her and she can learn and just not be flailing around. He first swung around and was going practically slice me with his arm. That’s when he yelled to block. I scrambled and was thinking too much into and instead of blocking with my forearm like you’re supposed to, he hit my shoulder. I yelled out in minimal pain, and of course he was worried and stopped. I told him I was fine, and I’ll probably just bruise. Haha had to remind him I’m a big girl and I can handle it. That’s when he nodded in affirmation for me to I attempted to copy his move just to get a feel for what I’m doing. Of course he quickly blocked it haha, but it was still a good learning experience. I told him we’ll have to continue to do this so he can teach me more. I really enjoyed myself and its something I would love to pick up more and advance in. 




Diary Entry #17: 

Over the next few weeks while our trip was coming to an end, An took me and Cale on a full trip of the city, and we participated in the festival they were having in town. It was a lot of fun learning about their culture and traditions. Learning about the festival was exciting and I can’t wait for the next time I come visit here! Later that night,  all three of us sat down to a cooked meal by Cale. As I said, Cale is becoming much more comfortable with me being “alone” with An. He doesn’t have to be glued to my side anymore. 

“You know An, I don’t think you ever really told me your major.” I realized that night recalling everything we talked about over the past year and half.

“Oh I didn’t?….oh, and is that your way of asking what it is?” he chuckled

“Haha yes, it is.”

“Haha sorry. I think your sarcastic personality rubbed off onto me these past few months. My major is Economics with an emphasis in International Relations and I’m currently debating to add Logistics into the mix. Complicated stuff needless to say.”

“Sounds like it. But, it sounds like something you can handle too.”

“Hope so. Too deep to quit and change my mind now.” he mumbled under his breath


“What’s yours then?”

“I haven’t decided on one. Thinking something to do with ethnic and women’s studies but not sure if that’ the wisest choice either. Plus, if I choose something “stupid” I will be hearing about it from my father who forgets I’m a capable adult.” I muttered

“I see, well best luck to you” he smiled

“Thanks. I need it every time I converse with my father. Thank God I have my mom to appeal to his soft spots. “

Screenshot-28 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-33

“So An. I have I serious question for you, and please don’t take it the wrong way.” Cale turned and said out of the blue

To be honest that made me really nervous because I thought Cale was going to pull a fast one on me, and I didn’t want to have to save his ass again to make him look good. I can be the defending girlfriend for so long. 

“Alright. What’s on your mind?” An asked with a straight face

“Well something stuck with me about what you said while we too the full tour of the city and were at the festival today. You mentioned how you’ve seemed to sense that the people were becoming weary about outsiders, such as ourselves and you’ve only been able to gather bits and pieces of what’s actually going on…..”

“Oh, and what stuck with you exactly?”

“When you told me what the people here are afraid of. How big, top dog Chinese investors and business man are coming into the city and whole region and taking it for themselves. I believe you used the old textbook term, “expansionists”. You explained how they are coming here to convert the whole economy to white collar and diminish the farming community. Now, in reality, I understand that’s bad. But, wouldn’t it benefit the people in the end who are struggling with their farms and trying to make ends meet?” Cale inquired

“Not exactly. On the surface, it does seem like it would be a great solution for the people here as you said, who are struggling. But, you have to remember that farming is passed down from generation to generation. Its a family legacy and usually the family doesn’t opt to do anything else unless there are other circumstances. This means farming is the only thing the people know how to do. So if these expansionists do come and take over the regions economy, the majority of people will not be hired due to lack of skills needed and the jobs will be outsources. This will drive the poverty line even lower. ” An retorted




I’ll admit I was completely listening when An told us that at the festival because I was wrapped up in the festivities and excitement. But, when him and Cale were discussing it, disgust ran through me. How dare people do that to this sacred place. This is their home, and they deserve to live off the land in any way they choose to. Emotions and thoughts started swirling through me and I had to chime in next. That’s when I jumped up from my seat and started going off on a rant. 

“They can’t do that! Can they!?” I jumped and yelled out in excitement

Both men looked at me in surprise to how strongly I felt about the situation. I care about other people whether blood or not. And a take over is something I WILL NOT stand for. After I blurted out rage, sadness swept over me.

“They can’t…right An? That’s so cruel. These are nice people. They wouldn’t hurt anyone even if someone deserved it. They don’t deserve that kind of treatment. This is their home.That can’t be possible.”

“Well, virtually, yes they can. Will they? I’m not going to sugar coat it. Its very possible it will happen within the next few months that’s why all of the residents are so antsy and losing faith and trust with outsiders. They think they’re apart of the scheme of things. Which isn’t true, but these people are used to relying on others and don’t do the homework they should so they’re easily fooled. But, this is Simchina too. Here, when you have money, that means you have power. I’m not overly surprised by the news, but what can you do? It would take an extreme revolt full of strong leaders. This region isn’t capable of that sadly.” he explained to me

“Yeah, that’s for sure.” Cale agreed

Now, I know Cale was just agreeing but the way he said it rubbed me the wrong way. I was already emotionally charged about what I was hearing and I was in no mood for Cale’s petty jabs and sarcasm. I don’t know what came over me, but I unleashed all of my rage onto Cale sadly. I know that sounds horrible, but emotions consumed me at that point. 

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-43

“How dare you say something like when this is a serious conversation.” I pointed my finger in his face

“What? Ash, what are you talking about?” he spat

“Don’t play that with me. You have been insensitive this whole time we’ve been here. You’re little jabs and sarcasm are really starting to hurt. I’m really starting to think you don’t actually want to be here and don’t give a damn. If you cared you’d be more sympathetic towards these people. Its people like you that make them distrust us. I’m sick of it.”

“Ash, what the hell has been going on with you then? It seems like everytime I speak you have something to counteract and complain about. Where’s the girl I fell in love with and loved me? I’m starting to feel that you don’t feel the same about me. Even though I did absolutely nothing.”




I was going to keep on going but Cale put in his last two sense and then bolted upstairs to our bedroom. 

“Jesus Christ Ash. You know how to make a man really feel fucking low about himself. I’m here because of you. This is something we wanted to do together and no we’re just growing apart. I can’t handle this shit anymore. I’m going to bed. I’ve lost my appetite.” he shouted

I just stared him down as he put his dishes away and walked up to the top of the stairs and he was out of my sight. My fac was still full of disgust and frowning.I was not happy and I definitely did not want to go up to our room where he was. I could feel An’s eyes on me but I resisted eye contact. I know that my feelings would instantly changed because I hated when he had to witness how dysfunctional we’ve become. Not fair to him and I always feel immense guilt after we have a fight in front of him and feel the need to apologize. I turned to face him, but that’s when he started to approach me. Oh boy. What now? 

“He wasn’t completely wrong and insensitive you know.” he softly said

For once instead of me defending him, An is now. That’s a change of events I wasn’t expecting. I just stared at him. I didn’t know what to say back. Say calmly that is. 

“What I mean is, don’t give me such a hard time. I’ll admit he has seemed a little insensitive but what he was inquiring about was the general truth and he was only being honest. He wasn’t trying to come off that way I think. He only asked to get all of the facts Ashlynn.”


Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51

“Sooo you’re saying once again I just added fuel to the fire that could of easily been put out?” I narrowed my eyes in disbelief

“Uh…yeah? Never understand your Simerica metaphors but it sounds kinda right.” he shyly laughed, he was starting to feel nervous and uncomfortable.

One thing I have never understood. Men can’t handle my anger. I’ve noticed that they either cower like a little kid, storm off or become extremely uncomfortable. Another Kirk trait to add to my list. Thanks Grandma. Keeping your legacy livin’ on aren’t you?

“Oh so great. Now I just have to go upstairs to my potential ex-boyfriend and say hey! Just kidding!”

“Uhh well no. I’m not sure how you two get over fights, but I’d do that. Just thought I’d try to help. Hope I did.”

Sorta An. 

Screenshot-54 Screenshot-57 Screenshot-60

That’s when I made the long and painful walk up to our bedroom. I secretly was hoping he was already asleep and I’d just sneak into bed, and psychologically we’d forgive each other and end up cuddling each other the whole night. That wasn’t the case of course. When I waked in Cale was just standing there staring into oblivion. That’s when I started to feel extremely uncomfortable. My body started to tense up and I started acting awkward around him. You’d think I’m a lovesick teenage girl.

“Oh, you are in here. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” my voice started to shake

He didn’t say anything back. Just stared lost in thought or purposely trying to ignore me. 

“Look, I came to apologize once again. I don’t deserve this many I know. Saying my emotions got the best of me might be an excuse but that’s what happened Cale. Truth is, I do love you and feel the same way as i have for you. That will never change. You are my everything pretty much. You complete me and my crazy self . Only you can handle all of this wrapped up in a ball with auburn hair.”

Screenshot-62 Screenshot-64 Screenshot-66 Screenshot-68

I took a deep breath after I just poured out my true feelings, and my eyes bolted to the ground. I watched his stance turn around and he wrapped me in a hug. Acknowledging forgiveness I believe. I still don’t think I deserve it, but I hugged him back for a long time. It felt like we really drifted and came back most of the trip. I don’t want to be distant. I want us to be close and still in that honeymoon phase. Lately it looks like we’ve hit our ten year mark already. 

“Did you really mean all of that Ash? he grinned

“Hehe of course I did sweetie. You should of seen what I looked like as I said it. Just missed your chance to see your girlfriend act shy and uncomfortable.” I teased

“Oh well. Many more moments until then. But you mean  it all?”

“Yes. You’re my boy, and I”m your girl right? Nothing can change that.”


After that we shared many kisses and NO we did not have sex in case you were wondering. To be honest I’ve never really had any interest in that yet, so me and Cale haven’t done anything like that. So yes, that means i’m celibate in a way. I guess I don’t feel me and Cale need to do that to show our love for each other. Cale has been sweet about it too, not pressuring me. We held each other most of the night and it was beautiful. I just hope going back home in about a week will bring us closer again. 

“I can’t believe we’re leaving to go back home already this week.” I sighed

“Yeah, definitely seems surreal. But yet, I can’t believe we’ve been away from home that long either.” he agreed

“Haha yeah, no kidding. I didn’t really keep in touch with my parents either, just wait until I walk through the door. My mom is going to freak.

“Haha she just loves you.”

Alright! I’m finally done with it! Its 2am now haha and I stayed up to work on my paper that’s due Thursday but instead I finished this. This was more fun to write I have to say! XD I hope you guys enjoyed it, and it was supposed to be longer, but I realized it didn’t have to be put in so yay! Onto Chapter Four I think. I think I’m going to focus on my simself story until I feel uncreative? haha we’ll see. I’m starting to get excited as we inch closer to more drama.

The Kirk Legacy 2.10B

Okay, onto Part Two! So sorry I had to break it up into two parts, was trying avoid it at all costs, but it would been a very long update, and you wouldn’t of disliked all that scrolling haha. Hopefully the heir poll will be out tomorrow, but if not Monday at the latest. I’m thinking to leave it open for three days max, unless there’s a tie or something. Still debating, but onto the actual final installment of Generation Two. I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did. Even though I don’t have many generations to compare it to, I have a feeling this will be one of my favorite ones. Plus, I was very happy with the genetic diversity of Generation Three 🙂


Screenshot-020Screenshot-23Screenshot (2)Screenshot-27Diary Entry #56:

Here we are again. I know what you’re thinking. You probably have questions about the trial and verdicts, but I told you. We’re going to continue on with our lives and live cautiously, and try to focus on our family. That’s all I’m saying since its a topic I don’t want to revisit. Speaking of family, we’ve had quite a few birthdays since I last updated this. Sorry about that. Family comes first. First off, we have a teenager in the house again. Yep, Leon just started high school not too long ago. Hard to believe and sad to say my son is becoming man even faster. 

But, can’t say he’s becoming a good one. He’s taking this “badass” look to a whole new level in my book. He slicks his hair back, has his years pierced, and is into wearing leather jackets now. I didn’t think that was the “in” thing these days, but he doesn’t really “give a fuck” as I’m told. Which is fine, I don’t care how you dress, I care about your attitude and actions. Which, he wasn’t been succeeding at. He’s become used to skipping school to sleep and is now become involved in the internet community. I’m not even sure if he has any actual friends at school. I’m concerned, but yet have to let him be who he is. He’s one problematic kid though. 




He doesn’t seem to have much respect for the adults in his life. One day when he skipped school I was already at and so was Nadine, so my dad took the liberty of punishing him. He didn’t seem to think his grandpa had the authority to. Or when it comes to his own father. All I ask is that he makes it through highschool smoothly and then he can do whatever the hell he wants. He just has no respect for his family. One day he might wake up to him not having one if he keeps this up. 


Screenshot-27 (2)


It also doesn’t help that my mother treats him like a good kind and lets him off the hook all the time. She never was good at establishing a sense of authority to me and my sisters, but her grandchildren? I mean, my dad is better at being a grandpa than a father when it comes to punishment. Mom can be a piece of work needless to say. 

“What? Are you here to yell at me too.” he complained

“What? No? For what reason would I have to yell at you for? You’re not my kid, plus I’m a grandma that loves her grandchildren.” she smiled

“Oh, well thanks G-ma.”

“Hey, no problem. I know your dad and grandpa are hard on you. I think its because you’re the only other man in the house and they want you to be better than them someday is all. Trust me, that’s who they are. They won’t admit it, but they’re so much alike, and don’t realize it.”

“Haha yeah, thanks grandma. I’m glad I have someone on my side. They act like they were never a teenager sometimes.” he replied

“Oh I know right? I mean your dad got caught staying out late one night and your grandpa let him have it. I don’t know what your grandpa was like as a teenager, but I’m sure he was the same way. For, when I met him we didn’t like eachother by any means. He finally met someone who could out wit him, and didn’t like it one bit. Haha but then again, I don’t let any man walk all over me either.” she laughed



Screenshot-33 (2)

Diary Entry #57: 

Oh, well hello again! Sorry these entries have been so sporadic lately. Had to keep up with a lot of aging children and keep up with life. We had another birthday just the other day, this time it was our little Violet. For being a loud baby and toddler, she’s certainly grown into a quieter child, and more shy. Somehow she moved backwards? I’m not objecting by any means. She’s like her mother in that way. In fact, she loves to read and get lost in books. I know she liked to be read to when she was younger, and I’m glad it had some impact on her. Then again, she does have a wild imagination some days  and we have to decipher what’s real and what’s fake. But, that’s what kids do right? She’s a big day dreamer needless to say. I think she looks more like Nadine than me, but we can’t quite tell yet. 

Screenshot-10 (2)


Jade, our youngest had her birthday too! She’s growing up to fast, let me tell you! She’s also a very unique child. Why? Well she’s a splitting image of passed down genetics in my opinion. She has my dad’s jet black hair, in which Nadine was surprised at because she almost forgot haha, and she has her mother’s light grey eyes. I think she looks more like Nadine, but again we both can’t really tell. That’s almost like Ashlynn having my dad’s light green eyes. Never knew he’d make such an appearance in my children’s genetics haha. Jade is more of a quiet toddler, much different from her sisters. She’s a perfectly content child and just loves to play and make friends easily. 



And, I’m afraid to say it but my eldest daughter celebrated her birthday as well. I have two teenagers in the house now, and worse. A teenage girl. You might think I’m kidding or overreacting, but I had two sisters growing up, I know how they operate. Emotions are off the charts! And worse, Ashlynn turned out to be a stunning, young woman. She must get her beauty from her mother.She’s going to be a heart breaker and attract the type of guys I don’t approve of. What is that you ask? All males everywhere. But, then again Ashlynn is a little different than most girls her age. She seems more mature in my eyes. Definitely more mature than her brother. She’s more concerned with her future and what she can do to make a difference. She gets that from me 🙂 

Screenshot-12 (2)


Screenshot-14 (2)

Diary Entry #58:

Hello. I’m afraid to say that this will be my last entry. I’ve reached the end, and I have some big news that I think would be a good note to end on, even though its sad at the same time. My mother passed away the other day. As hard as those words are to say, its even harder to write them. I’m in disbelief still, but yet I know she’s not here physically. She passed away peacefully, and I’m glad. She developed a nasty cold, which they think turned into pneumonia. That’s hard to bounce back from at her age. But, at least she wasn’t in pain. That’s what me and dad were most concerned about. I’ve been a mess. Its hard to wake up and your mother not be there, even if it is to have morning coffee.

Screenshot-18 (2)

Screenshot-19Dad of course is more of a mess. He knew mom longer than any of us, and now she’s gone in an instance. The love of his life, who he grew old with. Its hard to believe the two of them hated each other in the beginning, it was always a funny story to hear. The woman who stood by him and his dreams, and gave him a second chance. We were all grateful for her. She let me pursue my dreams and believed in my choices. I don’t think there will be anyone just like her ever again. So understanding and just wanting to help everyone.

Screenshot-15 (2)


Nadine was just as shocked to hear the news when I came home crying like a baby to her. I think she concerned my mom to more than a mother-in-law since her mom wasn’t really there for her. She understood completely what I was feeling even though I felt like I should be stronger for everyone. Nadine has been the only one that’s showed me that I don’t have to be stronger for everyone, not to carry everyone’s burden. I get it from my mom though, that’s how she is. She was always optimistic and made sure everyone was okay. hopefully that lives on in this family.

Leon was devastated too. The one person who understood him and who he could confide in was gone. I’m sure he knew it would happen one day, but wasn’t expecting that day to finally arrive. Just like the rest of us. I’m sure he felt more alone than ever since my mom was right, me and dad are only hard on him so he’s a better man. Hopefully she’ll be guiding him through life, I think he’s going to need it the most.

The girls were too young really to remember like Leon did. But, I’m glad they all got to meet her and mom got to see them grow up. Plus, she loved being a grandma and was always there to help out with them. I hope she continues to help them out in anyway she can. I’m going to miss her dearly. No, we’re all going to miss her greatly. Even though this entry is sad, it’s still happy since we’re honoring and celebrating her life. This is more of a commemoration of her and I hope the next person lucky to write in this will say the same thing about me. 

Alright! 🙂 That’s it for Generation Two! I’m sad to see it go, but way more happier to start Generation three as soon as possible, and to see who I get focus on this time around! Hoping the heir poll will be up later tomorrow (errr today since its 1am haha). Hope you guys enjoyed this generation.

The Kirk Legacy 2.7B

I’m back with Part Two! I made sure to get this out as quickly as possible. Debating if I want to keep playing in the game since I want to get Generation Three on the way, or switch to one of my other projects like I usually do? Ugh, this is what happens when you have three legacies that you do. We’ll see what I choice.

Anyway, the first part of this chapter will be told from Nadine’s POV just as last chapter ended since Josh is still unconscious, but I will put a footnote in with POV shifts. IT says Diary Entry #30 but Nadine isn’t literally writing in the so-called diary, if that makes sense? Its just to keep everything uniform.  Also, Nadine is available for download under the Downloads Tab, either or ts3 site.

This chapter is much shorter I can guarantee that, but still worth breaking it into two parts.

NOTE: Strong Language May Be Used 





Diary Entry #30:

Josh just sleeps there, the only stirring sound is his light breaths. I visit day and night, usually whenever I can when I’m not working. I know that he might not be there, or not hear me but I talk to him all the time I’m there. Sometimes whispers, and sometimes causal conversation. I fall asleep with him too. Its not that interactive, but I’m sure it makes him happy, me being here. I wish I could do more for him, but the doctor said all we can do is wait. He’s on such heavy anesthetic and antibiotics. I know that’s he’s okay, but I feel like he’s hurting. I want to help him, and I feel so helpless sitting here. His mom tells me that I’m doing a lot by being there when her and his dad can’t be. That makes me feel worse like I’m taking over their place, but she reassured me that they appreciate it. 

Screenshot-3 “Hi Josh, how are you doing today? Making progress I hope. I haven’t brought Robbie yet to see you, and he’s been whining you see you. Sorry for the delay. I couldn’t deny his cute face when he kept whining “Joshy, Joshy!”. Haha that’s a cute nick name for you I must admit.”


“He’s been doing okay, but he knows somethings wrong, or different at least. He’s been more fussier than usual. He knows that you’re not home because something happened. Its funny how kids know when you’re hurting isn’t it? I hope you’re not really hurting though. I couldn’t bare to see you in pain like that again. I’m going to tell Dave what happened. He’s your partner, and still has to find time off of work to come see you. But, he’ll get your justice. I don’t care if he doesn’t like me or believe me, he has to hear me out. He’s your friend and would want to see that Dan is put away for good.”


I tried to keep my composure through the whole conversation, but I always find some way to break down and cry. I just love him so much. It hurts. Its almost the same feeling I had when Robbie was born. I just want everything to be okay! Josh deserves the best of the best, and this isn’t what life had in store for him. I just started bawling uncontrollably. Robbie followed pursuit soon after. He doesn’t like to see his momma cry. 

“Oh Josh! I just want everything to be okay and stop feeling this pit of guilt in the middle of my throat! I just want you to hug me and tell me you’re all right. I want to feel your lips on mine, and your hands around me. I miss you so much. I know you’re here, but it feels like I don’t have you in my life and its a horrible feeling.” I cried


“Josh, I need your strength once again. I don’t think I’m going to last much longer. This week has been one of the worst weeks of my life.”



Diary Entry #31:

Dave has finally been able to come visit Josh. Poor guy, he broke down when he saw Josh unconscious too. He tried to hide it, but I could see him finding it hard to keep his cool. I wanted to hug him and tell him Josh will be okay, but Dave doesn’t like me. But, I had to ask him to find Dan. Josh doesn’t deserve any of this. I had to talk to him whether he wanted to or not. Who knows, maybe he blames me too. 

“Dave, can I call you that? I know you don’t like me much, and never have. I can see it in your face when you come over. You think I’m bad for Josh, but this is important. You’re the only chance I have at making sure he gets justice. Now I don’t know if you’ll believe, but I saw who shot Josh. It was my bastard of an ex-husband. I didn’t know Dan was out, I thought you guys put him away? But, he had a revolver, and he shot Josh twice. He showed no remorse.” she explained

“Look, you’re right I wasn’t particularly too fond of you. Josh is a good friend, with a big heart and I didn’t want to see him get hurt is all. But, my feelings aren’t important right now. Josh’s life is. I believe you, really I do. He hates Josh’s guts ever since we busted him. And yes, we did put him away but since you refused to see him again and testify he didn’t get put away that long. That’s okay, we’ll find him. I’ll make sure of it.” Dave agreed


“Thank you so much Dave. This means a lot. I’m sorry that I wasn’t easy to comply with early on. It was hard to even think about seeing him again. I almost passed out the other night when I saw him with the gun. I don’t know if you blame me or not for Dan’s actions, but I just want you to help Josh either way.”

“Nadine, we’ll find him and he’ll be going away. Josh will get justice. And…I’ll admit at first I did automatically blame you. But, Josh wouldn’t want that, and deep down I know its not your fault.”


“Thanks Dave, really. I know I haven’t been the best thing that’s happened to Josh, but this is something I need to be apart of.” I said softly

“You say that, but I’d say you’re the best thing that’s happened to Josh believe it or not. I’m sure he’d agree with me too.” he smiled

Did he just compliment me? Hard to believe coming from the man who’d give me that glare every time he’d come over and see me. His eyes are what made me dislike him. Judging me. But, I’m glad he’s on my side and has a change of heart. I always thought it would be difficult to win over people who known what I’ve been through. A lot of people blame me for being in the relationship that I was in, but they weren’t there. He would of killed me before I left on my own. Ugh, its a subject that’s been beat to death and I’m over what other people’s thoughts are about me. 




Diary Entry #32:

Josh still hasn’t woken up yet. I had to excuse myself from his beside and go back to the park where it all happened. It probably wasn’t a good idea, but maybe I’d feel better or get some sort of closure. I didn’t really achieve that when I went here though. I slowly made my way there. I was starting to get nervous with ever inch as I approached the place where, Josh got shot. There was police tape stretched around the whole area. I vaguely remember them doing that when the paramedics came. I don’t really remember the police. I know I talked with them while they were moving Josh from the ground to the ambulance, but I don’t remember what I said. Its all a blur, even the ambulance ride was. I just remember staring at Josh, pleading for his life and all of these hands around him. 

As I approached closer to the fence with the police tape I felt the chills, as if someone died here and I could feel their presence. My body went numb, and I felt scared. I tried to snap out of it, but my body just turned around taking in the surroundings. It was chilling. I wasn’t sure if I was feeling what I’m supposed to. I didn’t feel relived like I wanted to. I still felt sad, maybe because I know Josh isn’t awake. I hoped this would be the right thing to do, but I’m still searching for answers. I guess I just need to be Josh, and when he wakes up I’ll feel relief and closure.

Screenshot-23All I know, is that I need someone sleeping beside me soon. I barely fall asleep at night now since I don’t like sleeping alone. I’m scared to fall asleep alone. I feel like Dan is going to come find me and hurt me like he used to at night. I lie awake, thinking about Josh. Thinking about what he might be thinking, or if he is thinking. Whether is about me, or if he’s asking himself why him? I miss him. No, I need him. 

(POV is being shifted to Josh’s POV, also he’s not awake just yet. These next events are just illusions he’s seeing while being unconscious)


Diary Entry #33:

*yawns* “Wait…what? What’s going on?”

I woke up and everything seemed brighter, and everything was white. I was confused. I was alone, sleeping in a single bed that isn’t my own? Did something happen?


“White chairs? Flowers?…Where am I?”

Am I in a hospital? Why? What happened to me?…I had so many questions and no one was answering them because I had no one to ask. Am I dead? I hope not. No. I can’t be. This isn’t how my life was supposed to be lived! I’m not done living yet! 

Right when I was fighting tears and raging out on what was going on I heard someone crying.



I looked over and it was Nadine. She wasn’t there a minute ago though? Why was she crying? Is it because I’m really dead. No. I can’t die now. I need to be with her! I need her to know how much I love her! What the hell is going on?!

“Oh Josh, I’m sorry for everything. I don’t deserve you, and I’m sorry for ruining your life like this. I’m sorry you met me and took me in. I blame myself because if you didn’t know me this wouldn’t of happened. I love you, I know I didn’t say it to you when you wanted me to. I’m sorry for that. I was going to tell you that before Dan shot you. I only wish you could say it back right now.” she cried

No, this isn’t a mistake. We’re not a mistake! Why would she say that? Everything has happened to us for a reason. I deeply care about her and she needs to know that! I would be nothing if I hadn’t met her! Why is she saying these things?



I got up from the bed, even though my body felt heavy. I could barely keep my stance but I managed to stand up and face her. I was looking right into her eyes, but I felt like she wasn’t really looking at me. Its like she was looking down at my chest. It was weird, couldn’t she see me?

“Nadine?….Nadine, I’m here for you?”

She didn’t say anything. She just stared straight ahead. She looked as if she was in a trance. Did I not exist on the physical world anymore? No, that wasn’t it. I didn’t feel dead. Plus, where’s my dead body? I must still be alive. Plus, I can hear and almost touch her. 

“Nadine, sweetie, I’m here for you.”

I tried again, still nothing. I had to try something else.



I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. She felt so real, I pressed my body against hers. She felt so warm and loving. I wanted to kiss her, but when I opened my eyes she was gone. I held my hand out and all that was there, was the air. Was I dreaming maybe? No. That’s not it. 

Maybe I really was dead…..



“Josh? Look at you. I need you to wake up. You need to be here with us, your family. Your parents are really worried and need you. ” she whispered

There it was again! I could hear here, but this time I couldn’t see her like before. I don’t know what was going on, but it felt like torture. I needed to talk to her, feel her. Wherever she was, I wanted to be there. That’s when I felt weird. I still couldn’t see anything, everything was black. 


All of a sudden I felt the urge to move. I cold move my arms and legs, but I was just moving them? I was so confused. But, I opened my eyes and I was in the same room I just envisioned. I started to move to get up, and I saw Nadine at the end of the bed. As I moved, my body ached. Did I have surgery? I looked down and there were sutures and a bandage. Then I remembered what happened. I was shot, but I don’t remember by who. I started to get up, I didn’t care about the pain I needed to talk to Nadine. But, she beat me to the punch.


“JOSH?!” she screamed

She screamed my name and ran over by me and practically jumped into my arms. I almost missed her leaping and would of dropped her. I lifted her up and smiled. 

“I missed you.” I whsipered

“Josh, you have no idea how happy I am. I was starting to get worried!”

“I’m here love, you don’t have to worry. I’ve missed you.”

” I’ve missed you more.” she whispered back

Everything almost felt surreal, did I have an out-of-body experience when I was unconscious? No, that wasn’t it. It was something else that I can’t really explain. All I knew is that I’m glad I could hold her in my arms again. 



My arms were going to give out if I held onto any longer, I’m still pretty week, but I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her, long and deep. She kissed me back, we stood there lost in each other’s kiss. She was so warm, just like the dream. I didn’t want to let go, and neither did she. That was the best kiss in my life. I loved her so much, and I could tell she loved me. I heard her say it in my dream, so I know she must of really said it as she came and visited me in my comatose state. Eventually we needed to stop kissing and stop for air. She smiled at me, and I smiled back. I wrapped her in a hug and told her I didn’t want her to think this was all a mistake.

“What are you talking about?” she asked

“I had a dream and you were blaming yourself for this and saying how things would be better if I didn’t know you. That’s not true. I would be nothing if I didn’t have you. I need you in my life. Who would come visit me if I didn’t have you?” I told her

“Josh that wasn’t a dream, you just heard me talking.”

“Well, I don’t want you talking like that ever again.You, me this is right. I know you second guess it, but its true. We were meant together.”

“I know. I needed to hear you say that. I don’t know why I felt so guilty. I just needed you to tell me it wasn’t my fault. I love you Josh. I really do.” she started to cry

“I know, and I’m happy to hear you say those words.” I kissed her forehead

“Ohmygosh we need to call in your parents! Beth! Adan!” she shouted



Uh-oh here we go. My mother  is going to have a heart attack if she hasn’t already. Of course my mother came running in and hugged me as tightly as she could.

“Josh I swear this better not happen EVER, and I mean EVER again.” she was crying, but yet lecturing

“Its good to see you awake son.” adan smiled

“Thanks dad, I’m sorry I’ve worried you this much. I wish I could of woken up earlier.” I half-smiled

I looked over at Nadine and she just smiled with joy. I’m sure she felt really guilty seeing my parents a total wreck when they know how did the shooting. But, I’m glad I could bring peace to everyone’s mind. Let’s just hope this is the only thing they have to worry about from now on. I don’t like scaring them like this. I’m just happy to see my family and to see Nadine’s beautiful face. 

Alright that’s Part Two 🙂 I know its really late, but I needed to finish this while it was in my mind. Again, Nadine is available for download and keep your eyes peeled for 2.8! Again, this is going to be a long generation probably, so be prepared for that.

The Kirk Legacy 2.4B

Okay 🙂 I’m  back from my parents, and sadly its my last day of Spring Break 😦

We’re going to celebrate with Part Two of 2.4 though! Yayyyy its finally here! I hope you enjoy it, and as I mentioned it is a little bit longer than Part One.

NOTE: Strong Language May Be Used. Use to your own Discretion.

Screenshot-123Screenshot-42Screenshot-43Diary Entry #19:

After the park outing with Nadine, I did some thinking. Well, actually a lot of thinking. But, I’m not sure if I’m in the right state of mind about what I want to do, and I thought I’d call Dave and see what he thinks. I’ve been so busy in my personal life, the only time I ever see him is at work now. It will be nice to see him outside of work, and we can catch up. Scratch that, I know Dave doesn’t have anything happening. All he does is fuck any chick he sees and then finds another one. So, he’s going to hear about my life mainly.

“Hey Davey! What’s up man?” I over-exaggerated my voice


“We’re going to make that nickname work somehow haha even if you don’t like it. Anyway, I thought we should catch up since its been awhile, and I wanted your opinion on something.”


“Alright, great! See you in a few.” I ended

Screenshot-47Screenshot-46It didn’t take him long to get over, I suggested we go somewhere but he said nahh its fine. I think he secretly loves my mom or something. I think he likes that she’s cheery and nice, because he seems to like to come over here. When he came through the door it was weird not seeing him in a uniform. That’s how accustomed we’ve become to our friendship.

Screenshot-48“So what’s up?” he asked

Screenshot-49“Oh not too much, just thought its been awhile since we actually done something outside of work, you know?” I admitted

“Oh I know right? I almost forgot how homey it feels here haha.”

Screenshot-50Screenshot-52“No, you just love my mom and her cooking haha.”

“Hey now! Its not my fault she’s a great person and makes amazing dishes that any man would love! Don’t be hatin’.” he defended

Screenshot-56Screenshot-57“Haha sure, sure. Whatever you say.” I chuckled

“Its true!”

“I believe you, but I really just wanted your thoughts….or rather advice on something since I’m a little unsure about the whole thing.”

“Oh? You want advice from me? That’s new.” smirked

“I’m being serious.” my face stayed emotinonless

Screenshot-58Screenshot-59“Oh sorry man. Just thought I’d lighten up the mood.”

“I was thinking…no. I really want to…want to take Nadine out.” I slowly said, feeling my face start to flush

“Out as in….a date?” he asked with an unsure expression

“Uhh…well, yeah.”

“Josh! Are you crazy!? You can’t do that!”

“I can’t?” I asked

“NO! She is a victim that you happened to help by housing her here, and helping her move on in her life…doesn’t that seem a little wrong?” he explained

Screenshot-60Screenshot-61“Err…well I sorta thought about that.”

“Oh did you now? Because it doesn’t sound like it. I don’t know how you exactly feel about her, but it doesn’t seem like the best road to take.”

“Yeah, I thought that but, if you don’t do take a chance you’ll never know. Besides I’ve gotten to really know here these past few months since she’s lived here, and I just developed feelings for her.” I shyly admitted

“Oh. I can’t stop you if you do, but I honestly don’t think its a good idea. This is going to sound bad, but I think she has a lot of baggage you still don’t know about, and what you do know about, might come back to haunt you. I don’t want you to deal with any bullshit.” he said

I could tell he meant it sincerely, and is concerned about the whole situation. But, I really do disagree with what he thinks. I’m not sure why, its probably because my ego and personality is getting in the way of rational thinking.

Screenshot-62“Hmm, you may have a point. I won’t lie. But, I still don’t think its all that bad of an idea. I guess only time will tell. “

“Yeah, true. I mean, ultimately its your choice, but I’m glad you asked for advice. Just do what you think is best for you and her.”

“Alright. Thanks for the advice. I’m still unsure about it, but I really like her you know? I don’t know why. I’m sure you’ll get an update on the whole thing eventually haha.” I laughed

“Haha probably, Just don’t do anything stupid.” he winked

“I think you need that advice more than I do. “

“Probably. Ha.”

Screenshot-65Diary Entry #20:

Hi again. Wow, you can already tell how nervous I am just by my writing. Great. Well, tonight is the night. I’m going to ask her out, I’m not going to mention I want it as a date because that feels too over-bearing. But, I’m going to tell her somewhere nice..hopefully. We’ll see. I’m not the best with these things. I try though. I’m a little nervous. More than a little actually. I’ve been pacing my bedroom, and holding my side as if I have an ache. I keep telling myself I can do it, but the self-affirmations aren’t cutting it tonight. I guess we’ll see how it goes?

Screenshot-67Screenshot-68I wasn’t really sure how to ask her, so I thought I’d just be direct. The worst that can happen is she says no, and then I find some convincing way to change her mind right? I finally built up the balls, and walked across the hall to her room. I knocked on the door, she said come in, and that’s when awkwardness sets in.

Screenshot-66Screenshot-69She was reading when I entered. She wasn’t expecting the visitor to be me either. Her eyes shot up from the page she was reading in surprise. She quickly finished the sentence, and slammed book closed. Oh boy, here goes nothing right?

“So, what’s up?” she asked seriously

Screenshot-70Screenshot-71“Huh?” I totally spaced while waiting for her to say something


“Ugh, Josh. I asked what do you want?”

Screenshot-72She was on a short circuit tonight, even better.

“Oh, well I sorta…had a question. I guess you could say.”

After I answered I didn’t know if I should just come out with it, or wait for her to respond. That wasn’t a good idea, because after that there was a long pause, and she was starting to lose patience.

Screenshot-73“Are you going to tell me what it is?” her eyes darted to me

“Oh, right haha. Sorry.” I nervously laughed


“Alright, here goes. I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me tomorrow night, or whenever I guess.”

Screenshot-74Screenshot-76“Oh, um…well I don’t know.” she jumped between thoughts

Guess I feel better now that I’m not the only one that made this conversation awkward haha.

“Well, are you sure you want that? I mean I don’t really think you do.”

Screenshot-77Screenshot-79“Awe, what? Of course I want to!” i smiled

“I don’t know about this Josh.” she sighed

“I’ll be fun! I promise!”

Screenshot-80Screenshot-81“Oh alright then. Tomorrow night then?” she finally accepted

“Sure, tomorrow works for me.” I agreed

“Just don’t expect me to wear a dress.”

“Wear whatever you want. But, make sure its something nice. Its appropriate to where we’ll be going.”

Screenshot-83Screenshot-84Diary Entry #21:

Alright made it past twenty entries? Wow…I’m pretty sure, since flipping through my mom’s part, she wrote way more then me in a short time. Oh well, she’s one of those people who has a lot to say. I’m working on this at least. Anyway, its date night! Yes, I said date night. I’m hoping we have fun, and I can impress her. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong.

Screenshot-86Screenshot-87Screenshot-89I was waiting by the front door. I know it sounds clique, but technically this is my first date.Yeah, yeah I know. I can’t say girls weren’t on my mind in high school, its just the ones I went to school with were self-centered and fake. Not my type. Plus, this is much different than being a teenager and going on a date. Way different. I’m still nervous, but there are more options for date ideas.

Nadine eventually came out, toting Robbie with her. He was a little confused as to what was going on haha. He knew his mom was going somewhere, didn’t understand why she was dressed so nice haha. He was skeptic I think about where I was taking his mom. After all, he’s her man haha.

“Mommy will be back later. Alright sweetie?” Nadine snuggled Robbie close

“Mommy go bye-bye?” he asked

“Yes, but she’ll be back. Don’t worry buddy.” I answered with a smile

Screenshot-90Screenshot-91I was a little unsure about where to take here. I’m not a creative person by all means, and I don’t know if Nadine has been out on the town at night, so I figured we go to the small club. Twinbrook isn’t very big, so I figure there won’t be too many people. Plus its a Thursday. Besides she looked great to me. Classy, but nice. I think Nadine was a little unsure about the place. I guess she had some other ideal place. Getting off to a great start. Not.

Screenshot-92Screenshot-93Screenshot-95I was wrong when we got there. It was congested. Everything was not going the way I wanted it to. I just wanted to have a nice night with here, without any worries. There were a lot of people, and drinks were flowing. People were loud and obnoxious. I thought this was a small, quiet club. Guess not, good to know now. We sat down at a little, round table and just shut my eyes and couldn’t believe how this was not what I pictured, and this is not a good way to impress her. It didn’t help that Nadine could tell  I was disappointed, and  I know that’s how she feels. She tried to make conversation. But, she didn’t make things better.

“This isn’t really the best date place you know.” she complained

“Yeah I see that now, sorry.” I apologized with a frown

“Just making sure you know, because this date doesn’t look like it has a bright future.”

I didn’t say anything back since obviously knew that. I don’t know why she was being so grouchy. I mean if she didn’t want to come, then she should of just said no instead of complaining on how shitty it is. Ugh, I feel bad enough on how horrible it was.

Screenshot-96Screenshot-97I couldn’t help frown and look at her in shame. Didn’t help that she was putting me and the whole date down. Its not like I didn’t put any effort into this date.I spent the whole day thinking what would be creative, but a good place to go. Sorry my intuition  failed me? I wanted to say sorry again, but that would just get annoying so I just frowned and looked at the all the other people having a great time. Except us. Here we are sitting in complete silence, while everyone else is having fun around us. Just perfect.

After scanning the room, I turned back to look at her and her lips turned into a somewhat frown. I think she realized how bad I felt for how horrible this was going. I think she realized how mean and hurtful she was too. Its one thing to not like the date, but to complain? To my face no less?

Screenshot-98The silence was becoming unbearable and soon enough she couldn’t handle it anymore. She tried to make conversation again. I was amused to what she had to say next.

“Listen, I’m sorry I overreacted. I should be grateful you wanted to take me out and its really not that bad.” she smiled

I was a little surprised she apologized. It takes awhile for her to admit defeat, but it was nice of her. I appreciated it, and still do. Like I said. I’m trying haha.

“Thanks, sorry for the quality of these date. I pictured it much differently.” I smiled

Screenshot-100Screenshot-101I couldn’t help but smile at her. She makes me smile without even trying. Or I’m just a smiley man haha. Plus the thought of seeing how she dances made me chuckle.

“Did you want to dance?” I chuckled

“Haha what? You dance?” she laughed

“Not regularly, but its not like I don’t know how to.”

“I have to see this.”

We got up from the table, and I started to get into the song that was playing, and so did she. Apparently its very funny when I dance too, she immediately bursts out laughing.

Screenshot-102Screenshot-103“Haha, you’re not too bad. I was expecting something else that’s for sure!” she giggled over the music

“Oh really? I bet you weren’t expecting this move.” I smiled back at her giggling face

I couldn’t help but exaggerate my moves just to lighten the mood and make her smile and laugh. I can be silly when I want to. Plus, I think its funny myself. We finally started having fun, and can’t remember how long we continued dancing.

Screenshot-104Screenshot-105We ordered some drinks to cool ourselves down after awhile, and tried to catch our breath. You definitely work up a sweat when you dance. But, I didn’t care she was having fun, and so was I. We both let go of any inhibitions we had before, and just without using any words I think we got to know each other even more. Plus, she looked great when she dances and its only fair to tell her? Yes, I might of did some flirting, but it wasn’t overkill.

“You looked great out there!” I raised my voice over the music and people

“Awe thanks Josh! Hehe I only try!” she giggled

Screenshot-107After a long night being at the club, and pounds of sweat later I told her we should probably get going so we can get a decent amount of sleep. She agreed because she was going to have to wake up with Robbie and that was going to be in a couple hours.We caught a taxi home, and joked about everything on the ride home. It was one of the best car rides I’ve ever had.

When we walked through the door we had to be quiet because Robbie sleeps downstairs, and try to reframe from giggling too loud haha. I don’t know if she was a little buzzed but, she seemed to think everything that came out of my mouth was funny. Once we reached the kitchen, we both looked at each other and were hungry. She offered to make pancakes and I told her that’s fine with me. Early morning breakfast is perfect way to end the night.

Screenshot-108Screenshot-109I think she was a little buzzed because she started talking about her fallen marriage and regrets.

“You know? I don’t know why I ever got married. Dan was definitely not right for me. I should of listened to the signs from the beginning.”


“Yeah, a woman knows if a man is marriage-worthy from the very beginning of the relationship. Like you for example.” she pointed out

“What about me?” I asked with curiosity

“You are perfect marriage material, every girl would die to have you as a husband, or as a significant other. You know what not to do, and what to do.”

“Well I don’t know about that. I just really try to do what’s best.”

“That’s the thing though. You actually think before you act. Most men don’t even know what the hell that means.” she started talking with her fork

“Yeah, I guess. I wouldn’t say I’m perfect though.” I could feel my face start to blush

She went on and on about other people she knew from high school and how she was in school. It was nice to see a different side of her. I seem to always say that don’t I? She’s a person who has many layers I’ve concluded. We finished our pancake dinner and headed towards our rooms.

Screenshot-111Screenshot-113Screenshot-114We were talking, and drawing the date to its end when we reached the little room that separated our rooms. Let’s just hope I don’t make it an awkward closing.

“Thanks for such a good time.” she whispered, pulling me into a hug

“Hey, anytime. Sometimes you have to get out and have fun.” I smiled

“So true. Well, goodnight Josh.”

“Night Nadine.”

She smiled at me and turned towards her door, and shut it quietly trying to wake Robbie. I just stood there dumbfounded at myself. I should of least kissed her cheek right? Or maybe more? I don’t know. I felt like I missed something when she closed her door. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should of kissed her. I really want to, not going to lie.That’s how much I like her.

Screenshot-115Screenshot-116Screenshot-118After standing there in my own self doubt, I went into my room and changed into my pjs. I still didn’t feel better. I should of kissed her, the thought kept rushing back to my mind. What do I do though? I asked myself. Do I just waltz right into there and plant one on her? That’s exactly what I talked myself into doing. Crazy I know, but she deserves to know how I feel. I went right up to her door and whispered her name to see if she was up still.

“Nadine? Are you up still?” I asked softly

“Yes, you can come in.” she replied

Screenshot-121When I entered she was getting ready for bed, just as I was. She looked beautiful without any make-up on. Flawless. I was memorized at how she looked. There’s something about women when they don’t wear make-up. I don’t know what it is, its almost like a vulnerability. I quickly snapped out of the trance I was falling into by the sound of her voice.

“Did you need something?” she asked

“Yes I did. I forgot something.” I smiled

“Uh, what? You didn’t give me anything last time I checked.

Screenshot-122In the moment of her trying to remember what I could of possibly forgot, I walked up to her and cupped her face in my hands. I kissed her softly, our lips barely touching, but long enough to enjoy the sweetness. She didn’t resist, her lips pressed against mine by choice. It was a great first kiss, I wouldn’t of wanted it any other way. I could feel a smile coming across both of our faces. It was a great date.

Finally done 🙂 Part Two is done, and I hope you enjoy it! I don’t know when the next update will be because I’m rotating to another project, but I hope not too long!


The Kirk Legacy 2.2B

Part Two is finally here! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed Part one, and you didn’t have to wait long! Also, another update might not be for awhile, its a busy semester, and Friday-Sunday are the only time I really have to sim! Plus, I have other projects I work and I do it rotation. But, I’m glad this generation is moving along nicely.

NOTE: Obscene Language will be used, and Adult Themes are present (violence). Also, any actions that are presented in this chapter do not reflect my views on anything. I do not condone violence against anyone. Read at your own discretion as well.

Screenshot-056ScreenshotDiary Entry #10:

Its almost been two weeks since that awful night with that woman. I can’t get her off my mind either. Her face and saddening words are burned into my brain. Even when I sleep I see her in my dreams as being this helpless woman calling out for help. I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. I even asked my superior for help, but he told me to forget about her because she’s a hopeless case. I don’t think that’s true. She wants help, but she’s probably too scared and doesn’t want to admit what her life is like to herself.  When I come into work all I can do is sit at my computer with a sad face showing full of confusion and wonderment.

Screenshot-2Screenshot-3Dave noticed I’ve been sulking in my feelings lately too. Him, being a man of not feelings really, he felt it was his job to help me get through this “nonsense” as he calls it. I told him nothing is going to work. I’ll be satisfied when I help her with all I got, whether she takes it or rejects it. I became a cop because I like to help people, in any situation. I want people to feel safe and not afraid in this town. That’s not how life should be. Anyone should have a sense of belonging and feel that their environment is a great one. Dave just wants to show he’s a tough guy and get a piece of ass more than one day of the night.

“Josh, man you need to stop being in this depressed state.” Dave coaxed

“Dave, you just don’t understand.” I sighed

“Well okay then, why don’t you explain it to me?”

I believe i have explained this kind of feeling before to him. I told him that in the beginning of this friendship. Ugh, Dave Hertz…he never seizes to amaze me with his horrible listening skills. He only understands physical movements and boobs. Oh well.

Screenshot-4“Look, I just can’t help but feel the need to help her in any way I can. Okay? You’re not going to change my mind by any means either.”

“Boy, you sure are a stubborn one.” he chuckled

“Yeah, I get it from my mom.” I laughed back

“She must be some woman then.”

“Yeah, you don’t want to cross her the wrong way haha. She’ll show no mercy.”

Screenshot-5Screenshot-6Diary Entry #11:

Sorry for the last one being so short, haven’t had much “inspiration” I guess to write and tell you about my day and feelings. Been caught up in my own thoughts I guess. But, I’m trying right? All you can do is try. I haven’t however, been forgetting about that woman. During work, as I’m writing up reports, I seem to find myself glancing at domestic abuse websites, how to prevent it, help someone realize it, and so much more. I even looked up help lines and thought about anonymously sending something to her, but she’d probably know who did it, and disregard it.

Screenshot-8Screenshot-9The other day I even found myself phoning the local women and children’s shelter in town to ask them questions. It’s almost as if I unconsciously called and am digging deeper into the issue.

“Hi there! Thanks for calling the women and children’s center of Twinbrook! How may I help you?” A cheery voice came over the line

“Uh, hi there. I was calling because I had some questions, er…or am asking for advice.” I stammered

“Oh, okay, I’m here to help then! What are you inquiring about?”

“Uhhh…well, let’s say I have this friend whom I just met and I have noticed she is in an abusive relationship. There also is a young child involved. What’s the best course of action to take?”

Screenshot-10“A friend? Or do you know her more than that?” she was suspicous

“Well, is this a private conversation?” I whispered

“Yes sir, it is.”

“Well I’m a police officer and we had a domestic case, and I want to help this woman somehow..even though it probably isn’t my place to.”

Screenshot-11“Hmm well I would just let her know about the options that are available without forcing her to choose the path you want. You can’t force her.” she explained

“Yeah, I know. But, I just feel a need to help her you know? Its hard to see someone suffer so much without helping themself.” I frowned

During my private conversation on the phone, apparently Dave walked in at some point and overheard the whole thing. “Great” I thought. Another lecture was coming my way. He just stood there with his arms folded with a disapproving look. The look upon his face said it all. He was telling me to give it up and move on. I wanted to tell him its as if I don’t know what I’m doing, I just do it.

Screenshot-12Screenshot-13Diary Entry #12:

It was another normal day as usual. Wake up, eat, dick around until work comes around. My days seem to be blurred all of a sudden. I really need some change, or a woman as Dave wants to call it. She’ll come when its time I think. You can’t force love or companionship. It just happens. But, anyway back to the main topic of the day. Finally got to work, and surprisingly was slowly starting to forget about that one night, (and I mean slowly). But, of course that didn’t last too long. Dave got a call and it sounded serious, like last time.

“Hello, this is Officer Hertz speaking?”


“Oh is that so? We’ll be on our way.” Dave said seriously

Screenshot-16A dreadful feeling came over me with the seriousness in Dave’s voice and the words he said over the phone. It wasn’t much, but I had a bad feeling. Then I wondered if it was the same man and woman? What if it was? How will I react, or will it change my feelings? So many thoughts came over me and I was worried what would become of the answers to them. Today was not one I wished to come.

Screenshot-17Screenshot-18Dave drove there since we actually had to use the lights this time. Guess this is a high priority at the moment and needs attention quickly. This made me realize its probably the same couple from two weeks ago. Great, facing them two again. I don’t know if I can bare it. I almost lost it last time. Or what if we get hurt? I thought of this the whole ride there, and mind you it was short, so these thoughts were more like impulses. Right away we parked, and bolted out of the car, running up the same, gloomy house as before. We hurts shouts and screaming once again. Wasn’t as shocking a second time around.

“Jesus fuck Dan! You are pushing me to my breaking limit!” the woman groweled

Screenshot-23“Oh really? What is little, helpless Nadine going to do?” he mocked

By this time Dave signaled to just move in since he knew the likelihood of them letting us in was never. When we came through the door and Dave was announcing who we were and such ( following procedure) we were witnessing another of their ugly fights, and it looks like it didn’t start too long ago.

“Nadine, you better watch what the hell you say to me. Remember where you stand!”

Screenshot-24Screenshot-26“Dan, don’t you dare talk down to me! You have no right to!”

“Oh the fuck I don’t. I am the man of this house, and what I say goes!” he declared

“Oh is that so? Well you can consider yourself out of this fucking out, and be gone.” she warned

Screenshot-25I wasn’t sure why we weren’t interfering right away. In fact, I’m not sure if they even knew we were there again. Dave just stared at them, as I was trying to read his face. I think he was waiting for the right moment to stop this hostile argument. When  I looked back at the two, I noticed there was another wound on her face. The other was was starting to heal. She can’t deny this any longer. How can she lie to herself when that’s what she’s in the mirror everyday? Or if she goes out, or if she’s even allowed to? This is even more disgusting than before.

Screenshot-27Screenshot-28“Kicking me out of the house? Yeah, quit dreaming.”

“I’m not dreaming, I see my future and you’re not in it anymore! Get the hell out Dan.”

Screenshot-29Watching his was horrible, she was trying so hard to stay strong and keep her stance. But, she was slowly starting to crumble with every word he said. She was being put down to her last breath it almost looked like. Her husband, well maybe ex-husband now, its like he knew how to drain the life and energy right out of her. She started to slouch, and he limps looked like they were becoming too heavy for her to hold up. It was a terrible sight.

Screenshot-32Screenshot-33After arguing and yelling, the next thing we know he tackles her! I couldn’t believe that his guy just assaulted her in front of us?! It was horrific scene. I only wanted it to end. That’s when I realized, why the hell are we just standing here and watching? I told Dave we need to intervene, its like we both woke up for a second and realized this is not good.

Screenshot-34Screenshot-35Eventually we tried to break it up so we can get this asshole arrested, but he realized what we were doing and pushed her as hard as he could. She went falling to the ground, with a hard fall. Dave instantly had him on the ground in cuffs. He tried resisting, but Dave just told him we saw you assault your wife, there are three witnesses, don’t even try to talk your way out of this. I went over the woman, and helped her. She has the most depressing look on her face.

Screenshot-36She couldn’t help it, her eyes started to swell up and she let out a hurtful cry just like the night before. She wailed and tried to talk herself down, but she was too worked up for word to come out clearly. It was only closing up her throat, I told her we should for surely go to the station this time because of what we actually saw. She only nodded, I was just hoping she didn’t pull a fast one on me like last time.

Screenshot-38We arrived back down at the station in no time. Once again, everything was a blur. How did we end up in this same room again with her? Well, not literally…but you know what I mean. What if she denied everything we just saw once again? Is she really that stupid? Or will she comply this time since we watched with our own eyes. I just hope things go differently this time.

Screenshot-39Screenshot-40While running that all that through my head and mapping out possible outcomes to be prepared for, I noticed she was acting a little stranger than last time. She was very neurotic, looking all around the room, her eyes bolting everywhere. She was confused as to her surrounding, and very taken off guard about everything. She almost looked like a drug addict. I guess this is what you have to expect from her being beaten and treated like a punching bag for the past years of her life.

Screenshot-41Screenshot-42Screenshot-44“Why don’t you tell me what happened tonight before we arrived? Or if you want to start from the very beginning when your relationship turned into abusive that would be great help for me to understand. Also, I know that seems difficult in your condition, but if you don’t tell us we can’t help you. You need to help yourself so we can help you. Do you understand?” I explained

Screenshot-45Screenshot-46I tried to sound compassionate, but I needed her to know that she needs to help herself during this process too. That’s when tears started to fall from her eyes, and felt bad. I wonder if I was too hard on her? Or was insensitive. Great Josh, way to make her feel bad.

“Oh I know I need to help myself. Its just hard to do when you live out of constant fear.” she cried

“Yeah, I can see that’s it hard. But, after what we just saw I don’t think your husband will be able to hurt you for awhile.”

“I sure hope so.”

Screenshot-47Screenshot-48“You want to tell me what made him this way?” I asked quietly

She looked at me with discerning eyes, but gave me a half smile still.

“I can see if I can try.” she answered quietly

Screenshot-49Screenshot-50“We met in high school, I was a junior and he was almost twenty. I tended to like older guys when I was younger. I didn’t have the greatest home life either. My dad left and mother was too heartbroken over him, that she sought me as more of a sister than daughter.”

I hate to say so stereotypical, but this is how most battered wives start off. They don’t have a great family life, and seek out attention and love. This poor girl.

“When we first started dating, it was like the honeymoon stage. You know? We were perfect and inseparable. We were young and in love. I came to the conclusion that all I needed was him. He gave me undeniable love, and I gave it back to him.” she smiled as she the memories came flushing back to her

“After about a year of dating, and being so in love, I become pregnant. Of course I was delighted because we’d have a mini us, and we’d be a happy family. My mother of course didn’t care, and Dan was happy too. Of course that all changed. I had to drop out of school due to the pregnancy since I would give birth during the school year, and I would have no one to babysit during the day. Dan offered to have me move in him, and I did.”

She seemed so happy when she started describing the earlier days of their relationship, and how happy she was. Its sad to see that she was such a happy teenager, and then it turned into motherhood and a rough marriage. I was glad she was telling me though. It was nice to know what happened, and to know she was a different person before.

“After I moved in, I was already heavily pregnant and close to my due date. We found out it was a boy, and we were both thrilled, especially Dan. He couldn’t wait to have a look-alike son and be a role model. But, that all changed. I gave birth, and the expenses were hard to come to terms with. Dan started working more, and was away from home more and more. After work, he didn’t want to come home to a crying baby, so he started going to the bar and drinking. A lot. Eventually he was hooked, and became an alcoholic. He started treating me horribly, but never laid a hand on me. He was less connected with Robbie too. I tried to approach him about it, but that’s when he hit me the first time. I didn’t know what to do, so I shook it off. I wasn’t sure what to say or do. I figured no one would believe me if I did tell him due to my background. So I gave up and toughened up for my own good. I realize now that it wasn’t the best thing to do.” she started to grow quiet as she moved farther into the story

She seemed to smile as she remembered the happy memories before her marriage turned ugly and abusive. It was nice to see this woman smile for once. I don’t think she’s ever smiled unless she talks about her son.

Screenshot-51“As for tonight, I didn’t really do anything. He was just drunk and enraged, so he took it out on me. Plus he didn’t have that bond with Robbie, so he doesn’t really feel himself as a father figure, so he always complains about Robbie. Its normal.”

Screenshot-52Screenshot-53” I see.” I said sternly

I was really sure what to say next, but she did sorta give me a statement, so I figured I’d make sure it was an actual consensually statement, and offer her some advice. That’s painless right? Plus, she seems to be cooperating his time around.

“So is that the statement you’re giving me? We can take legal action against him? You are saying he did hurt you, because of his drunkenness?”

“Yes. That was the hardest confession I’ve ever had to make.” she sighed

Screenshot-54“I’m not totally sure if we can keep him here, so I suggest not going back home with your son, until he is for surely convicted. Do you have any friends or other relatives you can live with? Or you can try the Twinbrook Women’s shelter, it doesn’t sound pleasant, but it is a great facility.” I smiled with the hope of her stepping into a better future

Screenshot-55“Omg what? No. No, I can’t go to a shelter! Dan would find me easily then!” she gasped

Screenshot-56Screenshot-57“Oh…well, I don’t know anywhere else you can go.”

“Oh…well that’s okay. I guess I can take my chances.”

Screenshot-59Screenshot-60She really knows how to make you feel bad when you can’t solve her problems. Ugh, great. I honestly had no other place to think of for her to go. That was when the idea popped in my head. Ask her to live with me and my parents…but is that a question of ethics? I’m not really sure that would be ethical. What if she would take it the wrong way? I’m just being nice, kind gesture. She needs help, and I would like to give it to her. I’m so torn.

“Welllllll, you can live with my family? My parents wouldn’t mind I’m sure. They’re nice people.” I offered

Screenshot-61Screenshot-62“Wait, what?! No, no. I don’t want to impose on you or your family.” she rejected

“You won’t impose, I promise. Its only until you get back on your feet and find a place of your own. Honestly.”

Screenshot-65Screenshot-66Screenshot-68“Sooo are you okay with that?”

“Ummm..hmmm? I guess so. Thank you for the offer.”

Screenshot-69Screenshot-71“You’re welcome, I’m just trying to help. Its my job too, well and in my nature.” I smiled

“Haha, I can definitely see why you chose this field. I’m sure it won’t be for long, and you guys have baby stuff for Robbie?” she asked

“Oh yeah, my mom had three kids, you think she’d get rid of that stuff?”

“Wow, three? Your mom must be a hardass.”

“Oh no, she’s kind at heart. But, I wouldn’t cross her. My dad has definitely found that out.” I chuckled

“Haha, well thank you for offering as I said.” she laughed

“No problem. You know, I don’t really even know your name? Or you know mine. I’m Josh Shallow.”

“Yeah, you are right about that. That’s usually good to know if you’re going to live with someone haha. Nice to “officially” meet you Josh, I’m Nadine Sanford, and that’s Robbie, well Robert…Sanford.”

Finally done! Yay! You have no idea how long I had half of his update written. Been so busy with school and finally finished this! I personally do like this update 🙂 I hope you do too!

The Kirk Legacy 1.10B

Hello again! Back with Part Two 🙂 Why so quick you ask? Because this is the last chapter of Generation One….yes last chapter. This means an heir poll will be up shortly after posting this. I have to wait for the last child to become a teenager, but it shouldn’t take long. I hope you guys vote! I’ll be posting polls on here, boolprop forum, sims 3 website/forum, and my tumblr. So virtually you can vote more than once, if you really want to. The more votes the better 🙂

Also…this update is kinda long…sorry.

Diary Entry #55:

Its a sad day. My oldest baby girl is starting High School tomorrow. She’s a teenager, can you believe that? I feel so old. I have a teenaged daughter, wow.

It was quite a party I must say. Its good to see your children get older, but still sad. At least Adan made it too. He’s never missed a birthday, and I give him props for that. We had lots of cake, and modeling from the clothes she got for her birthday.

She turned out to be a lovely, young woman. Adan told her she has her momma’s good looks and beautiful eyes, but his awesome hair. I will admit I did laugh to that, because Delia’s face of being mortified was just too hard to pass up haha. But he’s right, she’s a splitting image of me. She told me she  can’t wait for her first day. I just hope the other kids are nice, you know how being a Freshmen is.

Diary Entry #56:

Oh boy, its been awhile. Terribly sorry. Been busy, very busy. But, I have things to write and share 🙂 Taryn celebrated her birthday! She’s a walking, talking toddler now.  She’s adorable too.

She’s another Blondie haha but, with a twist. She has her daddy’s lovely green eyes 🙂 Finally I love his eyes, and I wanted at least one to have them. Taryn is our lucky candidate. She looks a lot like Josh I think, so I’m assuming she looks more like her dad.

She may be cute, but boy does that girl have a set of lungs on her. Out of all the kids, she’s the most difficult and temperamental. She doesn’t have any patience, and is a bossy toddler haha.

Besides those not so great qualities, she’s like any toddler. Likes to be tickled, cuddled and paid attention to. So glad I’m done having kids, almost forgot how much work having a toddler is haha.

Delia has been settling into teenage life just dandy. She helps out with Taryn a lot since I’m finally going back to work, and I’m trying to get myself back into the groove. She also helps with housework, without being told, may I remind you haha. She just does it. She just likes to help out though. Helping out is something she feels strongly about.

She’s even gotten an afterschool job for a few hours everyday. Can you believe she took that initiative? Its not like she has enough schoolwork and housework to do, but on top of that, she got a job. She helps out at the library. One of her favorite places to go because of its seclusion. She does her homework there, and she loves reading. I’m really proud of the way she’s turned out.

She’s even started helping Josh with his homework and future in schooling. She’s such a good, big sister I swear. Josh isn’t too fond of doing homework, but Delia told him why its good to do it.

“This homework is stupid, I don’t want to do it.” he complained

“Stick with it buddy.” Adan chimed in

“Josh, its really not that bad. Its good for you.” Delia soothed

“I don’t care. I quit!”

“What? No Josh. If you start that now, you won’t make it to High School, and believe me you want to graduate right?”

“Maybeeeeee.” Josh tried to slip by the question

“Well, if you’re going to be a cop, you have to graduate.” she told him

“What? No way!”

“Yes way. So do your homework so you can reach my level.”

Diary Entry #57:

Things still have been awkward with Adan. All we do is basically sleep in the same bed now. We don’t talk to each other, or even make eye contact. For instance, one day we were both home during the day, and Taryn was napping. We had lunch together…in silence. You could of heard a pin drop. I wanted to eat as fast as I could because it was so uncomfortable. What married couple doesn’t communicate among each other? We then got up, washed our dishes and did our own thing. Something has to change, as I said before. I’m not hiding my feelings any longer. I don’t know when, but he has to change.

Diary Entry #58:

Today, Adan was blabbing about the band’s plans while we were eating lunch, just the two of us. You have no idea how bad I wanted to just scream shut-up, but I kept my composure for that part. Today, I finally snapped on him. I don’t know if that’s exactly how I wanted it to that way, but it happened.

“Guess what? The band just scored the biggest gig of the year!” he smiled big

“Oh?……just great.” I said under my breath

“Yeah, they’re gonna with the Simming Freaks! We’re going out to Twinbrook.”

“Where’s that?”

“Oh, its out past Bridgeport. We’re going to be around that area for about a month.” he cheered

“Wow.” I mumbled

“What ya think Beth? Isn’t that great?”

This is where I snapped. He had the audacity to ask me what I think? He doesn’t know by now? Seriously? I didn’t show any excitement about the idea at all, and he had to ask!? What the hell Adan?

Those exact thoughts were running through my head. I got up from the table, and just stood there looking at him in disbelief. That’s when my emotions took over.

“What do I think? You really have to ask?” I raised my voice

“….What?” he said in confusion

“Really Adan? I think its a load of bullshit, and I hate your job, and the band. Everything you do!”
This is when he got up, in a state of shock that I just told him how I really feel. He didn’t like that all. But, it had to be said. I can’t keep it in any longer. This isn’t what I want our life together to be like.

“Excuse me?” he asked, trying to stay calm

“You heard me. I don’t like what your life has become. You’re never here! The kids don’t even think of you as their dad!” I started listing my reasons

“Beth!  The reason I have job is to support this family!”

“Oh no, the reason you have that job is because you want to hold on to your dream still! Just give it up. Its a lost cause Adan, you’re never going to be that “rockstar” you want to be. Be a dad…a husband.” I had to bring him to reality

“What? Now you don’t want me to have dreams? What about your dreams? I gave life to them didn’t I? But, you can’t support me with mine?” his breathing picked up, as he became more furious

“Am not supportive? I was in the beginning because I knew it was something you were passionate about. But, now you have other priorities. You have a wife, and three kids. We want you to be here more, not at your job. They need a father figure! And quite frankly, you aren’t doing a good job at it.”

“Ugh! Dammit Beth. How can say that? I’m doing the best I can.”

“No you’re not. You’re doing what you want, you don’t even think of us in your choices.” I whispered

“Oh really? Then what do you suggest I do?” he snapped back

“Either leave or change. I can’t handle having this awkward relationship between us or with the kids. Its like we’re not even married. We’re just housemates. To be honest I’d rather have a husband with no job, then an absent one.”

He didn’t say anything after that. He just stared away from me at the wall. I could tell he wanted to say something, but was holding back so he didn’t say something regretful. I couldn’t handle all the emotions hanging in the air, so I ran upstairs to get some fresh air.

All I heard when I went upstairs was him sit at the kitchen table. I’m guessing he couldn’t believe what just happened and that I really feel that way. Or his contemplating whether to leave me or change, as I suggested. I thought of that, and just starting crying. I felt like such a bad person, or wife for yelling and blaming him like that. But, I really needed to let me know how I felt all these years. The worst part was not knowing what might happen. That made me cry even more. I was a mess. But, I calmed down after while, the older kids weren’t home, and I didn’t want them to know that we had a major fight.

Diary Entry #59:

A week has passed since our fight. Still not talking, which is understandable. But, its been hard to bear. But, the waiting game is how it goes. If it doesn’t talk to me about what we should do, I’ll have to approach him. IT won’t be pretty but, its going to have to happen.

I have noticed though, that’s he’s been conversing with the kids more often. Just the other day, he didn’t let Taryn out of his arms reach. He’s been talking with Delia about her after High School plans, and he took Josh out to a game of baseball. I don’t know if that’s his way of showing me he’s changing or he’s testing out what I said is true or not? I don’t know. But, I have taken notice.

Diary Entry #60:

Today I was helping Taryn learn some more words, because she’s very stubborn, and she’s going to soon be attending school, and speech is sorta a requirement haha. But, she’s like her mom and doesn’t take orders from anyone. That’ when I noticed Adan walk down the stairs, and give me that look. The look that he wanted to tell me something. He’s been home more too, so I’m sure he’s been thinking about our whole situation all of that time he’s been home.

“Beth, can we talk?” he asked softly

“Sure. Taryn, me and daddy are going to have a little chat. You go play, okay?” I said as I got up

“So, what’s up?”

“Well…I wanted to say sorry. I haven’t been the ideal husband, or dad.” he looked down at the floor

“I’ve been lousy at the two most important jobs I’ve had the longest. I shouldn’t of sacrificed what will be here longer. All this I remembered that I told you I wouldn’t become that person, and I didn’t stay true to it. I feel awful for all the things I’ve missed in our family. I’m so sorry Beth.”

“Oh Adan, its not all your fault. I should of said something sooner, or told you how I really felt. But, I thought that would be selfish of me. I still feel selfish for saying what I did the other day. I feel like a horrible person for pointing you out on everything. Its not all your fault. ” I frowned

“No no, don’t try to defend me. You were right. That’s why I’m going to quit.” he confessed

“What? No. You don’t have to quit. You’re going to make feel like….”

“Beth, I made this choice. Not you. Plus, its that time. I’m getting too old for this field, they’re were going to get rid of me sometime if you really think about it. I’m just doing it for them.”

At first I just started at him, taking the last two things he said. He’s actually going to quit his job? What? That’s not like him. This is what kept running through my mind as I looked at him, he was trying to hard to fight back tears. I felt so bad for him. I hugged him. I knew this was all my fault, and I wasn’t so sure if it was for the better or not.

“I’m sorry Adan. I didn’t want to drive you to the edge so you’d quite your job.” I whined

“Beth, I told you its not your fault. What you said the other day really made me think about this. I don’t want to leave you or the kids. I’m too in love with you to do that to you.” he whispered

“Are you sure? What are you going to do for work then?”

“Ha, I have a cool idea.”

“Oh?…and what is that?” I couldn’t’ help but chuckle with him.

“That my pretty lady friend is, teaching kids, or well anyone to wants to, to play the guitar. So guitar lessons. I would love to do that.” he smiled big at me

I was so glad that we’ve reached an understanding, and our finally becoming ourelves again. He actually made me laugh! Do you have any idea how long its been since I’ve laughed because of him, or even laughed? A long time. I’m glad we’re starting over.

“What do you think of that Mrs. Shallow? Having your hot husband teaching?”

“Haha, sounds good. I might have to take lessons then.”

“Ha, maybe you should. Or we could do something else.” he flirtatiously suggested

“And what’s that?” I smiled

“When was the last time I kissed you?”

“Um….a long time. A very long time.”

He still knows how to make me blush I swear. Right when he asked me, I felt my face reddening. You have no idea how much I’ve missed him. We’re a real couple again. It may be a little late, but better than never. I guess suggesting a divorce really got to him. I’m just happy to have him back. Plus, it’ll be cute to see him teaching, haha. Mr. Shallow the teacher.

“Boy, I’ve sure missed that.” he winked after kissing me

“You just want to keep making me blush don’t you?” I playfully joked

“I thought we were past that in our relationship. Guess not. Hehe, good to know.”

“Shut up, its not funny!”

“Haha yes it is. My wife still blushes after how many years of being married. Quite a few? Means I’m doing my job right.” he smiled

“I suppose it does mean that.” I smiled back at him

Diary Entry #61:

Whoa! Has it really been a few months since I last wrote in here? So sorry. Well lots have been happening since our reunited conversation. Adan has in fact, been teaching people to play guitar. Before work he always plays a few cords…in his pjs, don’t’ ask me why he can’t be dressed and do it. He mainly gets teenage guys who are really serious about learning guitar, some older men, and a few young girls. He teaches down at the theater in town. I didn’t want random people in my house when I’m not there I guess.

Josh celebrated a birthday recently as well. Yes, that makes two teenagers in the house. Thank God, its not a total nightmare. He was pretty excited to get to high school. I think its because of all the girls he’ll be able to see. You know how puberty is…we won’t get into depth with that. But, only time will tell.

He was pretty excited, all day he just kept telling us how he wanted cake haha. But, when we started cheering his excitement went away. Apparently we were embarrassing him. But, he doesn’t know what its like to be embarrassed…at least not yet. He doesn’t know what his mother is capable of I guess.

Josh turned out to look just like his father. Its uncanny. He’s definitely a splitting image of Adan, just with blonde hair and blue eyes. But, its what I expected from having one son.

Just like his sister, Josh also got a job. But, this is before and after school and no pay. He ovolunteered to be a crossing guard for the elementary schoolkids. He’s such a nice boy. I swear, not many guys his age would do that. But, he has this protective need for some reason. He wants to make sure people are safe. Maybe its because he’s a mama’s boy? Ha, I don’t say that in a mean way, but he really is. I don’t know, just me suggesting.

Taryn also had a birthday recently. She’s in her last years of being in elementary school. Hard to believe in no time I’ll have three teenagers, and one that’s almost a legal adult. Scary. But, this is what happens when you become a parent, the kids become older and so do you.

Along with a birthday, she’s also developed a new phase, well I hope its one. She’s declared now that she’s a Vegetarian. I hope its not because she’s a little bit bigger in weight then her sister. But, who knows. Girls are confusing to understand. She’s also developed her mother’s eyesight. I still think she might be a mix of me and Adan or just looks like her dad. Hard to tell still.

Taryn is very much in her artistic abilities. She particularly loves painting. We bought an easel for her, and she’s screamed like you wouldn’t believe it. She’s a bit of a loner too. She likes to keep to herself. Which there is nothing wrong with that, but I hope she becomes somewhat sociable when she gets older. Maybe I’m just being that overprotective mom, and think something’s wrong. She’ll probably grow out of it.

I’ve decided to stick a family photo in here, since I’ve only been giving descriptions. This is our family. Me and Adan in the back, and from left to right..Taryn, Josh and Delia. We’re a happy family, and can’t wait to see where the next generation’s life will take them. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, I tired to stay true and show what my life is like.

Alright, there’s the last chapter of Generation One. I hope you enjoyed the founding legacy founder and her life 🙂 I enjoyed writing and planning her chapters. I’m ready to move onto a new heir, and the poll will up later today. As I mentioned, it will be posted at four different places. So this is your chance to finally vote more than once for something! I’m being generous.

Have a great day 🙂